Pros and Cons of Vaccinations - immune system damage, chronic disease, "damage from a distance" and retro-viral infections

The mainstream media has done a bang-up job presenting the 'pros' of vaccines but not the 'cons'. Their funding / advertising depends on getting the 'pro' point of view out strongly - not just via the major television networks' advertising slots and concommitant content bias, but also by way of interview choices, slanted and biased interviews (remember Anderson Cooper attacking Dr Wakefield in the first 10 seconds)? and one-sided news writing / creation, magazine article content and advertorials, professional publications content editting (doctors' journals, health-providers' unions, billboards) and any companies and sources of influence that BigPharma and it's friends can arm twist, buy-off or manipulate... ... serious adeptness at dis-information in every medium.
We can all help a tad by leveling the playing field of very needed REAL information. Here follows a few of my thoughts and then a lot of others'. 

The claim is that vaccines are saving millions of lives. That would be wonderful to believe if our vaccines were safe. There should be a regulatory agency that is unbiased, state-of-the-art, completely transparent and with robust research to deal with vaccines. The vaccine division of the CDC is a cess pool of corruption - that's not a shocking thing to write or read because over the years the overwhelming conflicts of interests by the upper echelons of the employees, scientists and committees there have been unearthed, exposed and yet allowed to continue their deceitful practices and even ramped them up further... Their propoganda machine is amazing - a study in how to mess and massage public belief and behaviour just right.

Here is an updated list of content (at least what we are allowed to know) of the vaccines that have been rolled out prior to COVID19:

I am not against 'clean' vaccines. I do not agree with detrimental vaccine practices by non-transparent, for-profit government agency oversight and shareholder-power driven pharmaceutical companies and their associated and co-owned media agencies and university controlled/manipulated labs. Vaccines at present can lead to many imbalances and diseases.
Who benefits from detrimental reactions? You guessed it: the same pharmaceutical companies who make money on selling drugs to control the symptoms. A very clever way to make life long drug buying clients. 

For example, it is an un-refuted scientific fact that there are fetal DNA contaminants in the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine, which must be made known to lawmakers and the public. Anyone who says that the fetal DNA contaminating our vaccines is harmless is not telling the truth. The fetal DNA contaminants in vaccines are not in low innocuous amounts. These are a very strong pro-inflammatory trigger, especially in those children and people who are fragile and compromised from other challenges or vaccines.

Mercury poisoning in our waterways and resultant fish poisoning due to coal-burning power plants throughout the USA has been well documented. This is one reason the EPA started to look into mercury poisoning. The EPA had discovered that all US fresh fish had high mercury levels and one out of 6 US pregnant women (and fetus) had dangerously high levels of mercury in their blood. The EPA wanted some of the CDC's mercury science to look at. Afterall mercury is in many vaccine perservatives called thimerosal.

The CDC can be likened to the tobacco industry science… the latter has no intention of letting anyone look at their "science" or will share ANY of their data.
The all powerful CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices - is made up of people from the vaccine industry (yes, that makes them experts, but there are many more experts than these folks who own or are a proxy for a piece of the vaccinne lucrative action…). This CDC section has the authority to add new vaccines to it's roster of "suggestions". This is the list that ALL doctors are "advised" to follow.
50 years ago I received 3 vaccines in school - no questions asked; 30 years ago the number was up to 5 different vaccines. By 1989 that had changed to 69 vaccines of 17 differing items - the Gateway Year. That could also be considered the Gateway Year for autism (inspite of a narrowing of the definition of autism to reduce the numbers reported in by doctors) and was the year that autism rates doubled.
By 1989 mercury by way of the perservative thimerosal, was in most vaccines, so the exposure went from 70 mcg to 570 mcg per standard child. 1989 was also the year that the diagnoses of diseases we now associate with the mercury in vaccines reached a high enough number to become over-the-top alarming and the vaccine content and schedule became suspect.

So one would think that the science behind the development of all of this could sort things out pronto. However the "science" is a many layered and teetering complex pile up of lies, tampered data and manipulated legislation.
For example, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) needed mercury toxiceity info but wasn’t allowed to look at it’s thimerosal science. Any official hearings would result in the Emperor walking around BIFF NAKED... and with many lackies trailing along..

Peer reviewed thimerosal studies have been culled and combed from EVERYWHERE possible by Robert Kennedy Jr and his top notch scientific crew and they gathered 500 studies and 1400 references and NO STUDY showed that it was safe and many hundreds showed that it was a devastating neurotoxin. The peer-reviewed studies pointed or connected in some way to lowered IQ, elevated ADD and ADHD, CPD, food allergies and delayed speech disorders, etc.

So where is the science that is so strongly voiced when the vaccination debate heats up? What’s wrong when ALL studies have shown thimerosal's failure and health damages. Propaganda is not science - yet that is all there is. Safety testing was never done! UNIMAGINABLE! The only test was in 1932 on 22 meningitis patients (poor guinea pigs who all died) by Eli Lilly in a Minneapolis clinic.

Well, actually some scientists at the CDC WERE testing and making discoveries... Science teacher and attorney Kent Heckenlively, a founding editor of Age of Autism wrote an indepth book on the work of the brilliant, intrepid Judy Mikovits, who earned her PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and studied immunology, virology, and drug development over 35 years. They shared their scientific revelations that a retrovirus called XMRV is linked to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), prostate cancer, lymphoma, and YES, even autism. More at:

In 2009, Dr. Mikovits presented her discoveries to leading scientists and colleagues at the National Institutes of Health. However, in the ensuing years, she was drummed and manipulated out of her field due to various controversies, and the first one was when the CDC doubted, then lost and later sabotaged her and her findings (including imprisonment).
Heckenlively noted the possible connection between vaccinations (which sometimes have embedded retroviruses) and the development of autism and explains this in a way that the layperson can understand. His book on this is called PLAGUE.

In 1987 - to be safe - congress gave the vaccine industry conglomerates complete blank immunity …. no matter how reckless the results or how grievous the injury or how poisonous the product and dire the results…
Congress drowns in BigPharma lobby money. The members take in double from BigPharma than what it takes from the oil and gas lobby and four times the amount from defence and aerospace industry… so congress is, in actual fact, a PR sales subsidiary of the BigPharma industry. Even though, there are still numerous, quietly settled, 100 million dollar lawsuits. What would the amount be if the US congress had not protected their industry?

So the courts are essentially out of the scientific picture (no document searches needed, no depositions taken, no discoveries made, no uncovering of the truth) and ALL safeguards are quietly evaporated between a rapacious industry and our defenseless children). As Robert Kennedy Jr put it recently: "The CDC is a sock puppet for the Pharmaceutical industry".

The Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices is made up of vaccine industry insiders and receive direct financial rewards for voting their own vaccines onto the schedule. The example that snuck out and made the news was the one that favoured Paul Offit - author of the rotavirus vaccine. He was on the committee, of course, that adjudicates and his vaccine was required for all children. That vaccine patent became immensely valuable and he sold it for $186 million and shared this with Children's Hospital in Philadelphia - his business partners… this one peaked through the opaque vaccination coverlet surface and the alternative world created a huge hue and outcry and eventually this transaction was investigated. It was seen as possibly unethical yet legal. But the vaccination remained on the list... and some donations were made to charity... what the inspector general DID see was that 97% of the committee had similar ties, cnnection and stakes in the industry. So this was NOT a committee powered by people with public health concerns but conflicted personal concerns.

The press - the major sources - ALSO receives the BIGPharma moneys that most of congress wallows in. Any hosts or announcers are fired if a question, comment or interviewer looses his/her source, station or newspaper an advertiser from that industry… And it is clear that any adverse comment will cause the cancellation of advertising. Now no editorials or articles or research or data findings are reporting vaccine damage and doubts.
The alternative press is also not being critical of the CDC - Mother Jones, Huffington Post, etc - all are afraid to be seen feeding an anti-vaccine movement and incurring the well-orchestrated wrath of vaccine land... and also want the ads that are indirectly or directly connected to their existences.

Only 1% of the public takes the philosophical exemption - such as the Amish,  some of the Quakers and Mennonite Brethern. Another 1% has an aternative approach worked out as they understand alternative health methods (such as yours truely spending countless hours on this article). Another 1% just won't take a forced innoculation because this is the land of the free and home of the brave and no one makes decisions unilaterally for others! The last 5% are the people who have had first hand experience of it's evil... children or loved ones have been damaged / affected as does the small percentage of health care workers who have seen the damage and have done the sleuthing homework to see through the curtains….

Thimerisol was removed at once when the very first reports came out linking it to severe neural toxicities in the 1980's. It seems we can make the vaccines without it as long as it is a single dose vaccination (cost 70 cents more per vial). When you are marketing dozens and dozens of different vaccines then the logisitics of single vaccine doses becomes unwieldy - it's assumed you want the whole shooting match at once - less likely to backfire - less lack of compliance - no fuss / no muss!!!
Thimerisol is the 50% ethyl mercury component in the multi-dose vaccines - and this is extremely toxic to the brain - 50% more toxic as than the mercury in fish or fillings, which is heavily regulated.
More than 10 years ago, when thimerosal was removed from the single dose jabs, due to public pressure, it ws added to the flu vaccines and made mandatory on the children’s schedule AND in even higher amounts - 25 mcg per shot. AND this flu jab is given every year - starting at 6 months - resulting in an ever greater amount as when they "appeared" to be paring down the amount of this unnecessary poison… Now it is mandatory for pregnant women, too, as per the CDC schedule, and that over top of the ruckus made by the FDA (hard to imagine that agency as our heroes - but it’s all relative!).

In the olden days of my youth vaccines were a public service that didn’t make a lot of money for the BigPharma industry but by 1989 due to congress' actions and enacted laws, the US federal government, by way of the "trustworthy" and "impartial" CDC was ordering people to take the vaccinations via their doctors who were led with clear vaccination marketing programs, kits, posters and campaign slogans and thus funnelling profits straight to the major BigParma corporations (without any fear of repraisals or killer-law suits) resulting in overwhelming obscene profits so that congress could contiue ot be fed.

There's another section at the CDC in charge of how things work - Division of Immunization Vaccine Safety Office:
Their science is deemed chronically cooked and crooked - and in regards to thimerosal they refused to do and/or share their studies except for six epidemiological studies which researchers know are easy to do and easy to manipulate… The CDC stopped the FDA from doing their own (yes, even the FDA!) These epidemiological studies can be “fixed” to reflect the outcome wished for. You can get the study to show whatever you want - by intentional exclusions - to get the desired outcomes. The people employed in these few thimerosal studies were either employed by the pharmaceutical industry, retired from this industry or with ties to the CDC or employed by them in the past. The populations that were excluded were amongst others children with low IQ's, children with autism and neurological diagnoses, older children and immunologically challenged children. This must be above the press’ pay grade to understand!

The senior scientist of this division was a Dr  William Thompson, who organized 3 of these studies, was told to lie, dispose of unfavourable data, manipulate the numbers and produce science that thimerosal was safe for injection!
Dr Thompson is protected by whistleblower status, is still working at the CDC, and doesn’t want to be loosing his job. Dr. Thompson has an autistic child. He has turned over all the documents he could to the US congress’ committees that are convened to protect the public's heath. Say a prayer for Dr Thompson... often...

Is the cause genetic, toxic or mercury based - that is the question:
Genetics do not cause epidemics - they CAN provide vulnerability but you also need an environmental toxin - as proven by research that Robert Kenndedy Jr DID find (which means that the CDC has this information, too). Doctors who do chelation therapy to remove heavy metals as well as high doasage ALA use (both highly chastised by mainstream medicine) see the autism fall away. "Trace Amounts", a great movie by Gladen Eric , shows the mercury link, the autism link and the benefits of chelation for suffering children.
When people don’t produce their own glutathione - an enzyme produced in our bodies, then the excretion of heavy metals is hampered and then the heavy metals continue to circulate and never comes out (sweat, sauna, etc) and mercury could move over thru into the blood brain barrier (metabolises into organic mercury).
The other risk factor is high testosterone - boys have higher autistic diagnoses than girls). Elevated levels of testosterone in some girls is also a factor and the relative percentage of estrogens is less and therefore the ability of the estrogen to prophylactically wrap up the mercury is not there.
Mitochondrial malfunctions (which can be due to mercury) may also be the cause… more research required to see if it is the chicken or the egg for this co-factor.
In 1998, the FDA recommended to remove all over-the-counter items with mercury in them (that’s where the FDA has it’s powers - not prescriptions, which lies with the CDC). Remember mercurochrome and murine? Umbilical cords washed with mercurochrome! In Canada we follow the recommendation by the CDC, the FDA and most other American agencies with names made from alphabet soup rather blindly...
Will new leaders help uncover the opaque film that cover sthe diabolical lenses that the industry looks through and REALLY legislate to protect us?

And here is a great intro overview by Robert F Kennedy -

See also a conpendium of articles on vaccinations at:


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