An Article Collection on Vaccinations

This is a Collection of Good Sources on Questions and Insights Regarding Vaccinations
Below is a list of some fine and mostly scientific views / reports / /case studies that are skeptical of the today's vaccine industry - great YouTube lectures, website links, articles, forums, research etc. 
Personally, I feel this debate has become WAY too politically polarized. Trust and blindfaith ARE NOW REQUIRED by corporations that are endemnified! The corporate stakeholders - have gone crazy - there's more than just follow the money.
I support ANY movement that will work towards demanding and achieving clear, transparent, scientific, honest replicatable studies.
I hope responsible parties - different than the present corporate / government / pharma propagandists, can work on creating and testing vaccines to protect life-threatening and preventable illnesses. I also hope we can make destinctions between vaccines and undisclosed (as to ingredients) injections.




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