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SEE YOURSELF UP CLOSE! Sugars - the good and the bad and the poisonous; Live Blood Analysis,

Hello Wonderful Folks,

I'm focusing on sugars for a while - still so much mis-information and wishful thinking out there...

Vaccination Source Info; Reiki Level One Weekend June 13,

Reiki Level One Weekend Workshop - new date - June 13, 14 -


Heart Health - some basic questions and supplements; Clutter Clearing - the Focused Work

Hi Everyone...
*  Heart Health and questions we should be asking and supplements we should be taking
*  Clutter Clearing - the Focused Work


CSA with goat milk - right in the city! Still has shares available

Hi Everyone,

I’m so excited. Some wonderful progress!
Common Ground Community Farm - is run by an affable local fellow, Dave Carlson. He has a few very pregnant goats for raw milk products (nubian dairy goats - attachment) and a lot of fertile land and all this right in the city – Burnaby!

See Yourself Up Close and Get the Most Glutathione in Your meals

Get your glutathione from struggling to flying


SEE YOURSELF UP CLOSE! Sugars - the good, the bad and the ugly

Hello Wonderful Folks,

I'm focussing on sugars for a while - still so much mis-information and wishful thinking out there...
In this newsletter and the next few, the problem(s) - the bad and the ugly. Then the solutions - the good.

SEE YOURSELF UP CLOSE! ...cleaner and leaner

COME and DETOXIFY at the cellular level. Gently and easily burn some calories and leave some toxins behind at each session.

SEE YOURSELF UP CLOSE! Toxic Plants for Pets


June 2016 newsletter

Hope you've all had good health experiences.
Here are some answers to clients' questions that I’m hoping to respond to in “group” form below:

a) in regards to removing mercury (aka silver) fillings - and the best way to do that:
 12 Points on Mercury Amalgam Removal Protocol
b) daily dental care concepts / truths:
 Pearls of Wisdom for Pearly Whites

BOUGHT the movie; The Greater Good; Vaccine Nation; Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - must see movies; Reiki Exchange for Practitioners; Reiki Level One Weekend Class; 30% Reduction on ozone/Oxygen Sessions;

Hello everyone,
Spring is so-oooo close - so tantalizing - hope you are enjoying the first blooms and blossoms. And feel free to look around and like at Facebook.
1. must see movies
2. Reiki Exchange for Practitioners - Febr 25 - 6:30pm
3. Level One REIKI Weekend Certification Class - March 14, 15
4. Spring Cleaning: ozone/oxygen sessions - 30% reduction

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Your work, thoroughness, follow-up, and willingness to be available define you as the generous caring woman that you are. As I opened my reports and started to print them, I marveled at their intelligence. I know I will refer to them frequently to see if I've been on track with their analysis and recommendations.

Linda D.

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