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next Reiki Exchange; energy work classes; Reiki Wednesdays; Live Blood Analysis SPECIAL; glutathione; ver-rrrrry original Lord's Prayer; Peace Train

1  next Reiki Exchange
2  energy work classes
3  Reiki Wednesdays
4  a special Live Blood Analysis SPECIAL


Hi Everyone...
1  next Reiki Exchange
2  upcoming energy work classes
3  Reiki Wednesdays

Reiki II Weekend Workshop June 21, 22; Nutrition Tips; Glutathione;Reiki Intro Sessions June 18, 25, July 2; next Reiki Practitioner Exchange June 29; EFT Group Tapping July 3

Hello wonderful people, hope you are ALL really well and getting all that wonderful Vitamin D.
1 Reiki Level II Weekend Workshop - June 21, 22

Quick reminder - Reiki Exchange - this Tuesday evening 6:30pm - my place - Vancouver BC

Come and Participate with other Reiki Practitioners of diverse Reiki backgrounds.

Alpha Lipoic Acid - LIFE SAVER; CERTIFICATION - what does that REALLY mean? EMFs and our Health

Happy Spirited Spring!

1  Alpha Lipoic Acid - LIFE SAVER
2  CERTIFICATION - what does that REALLY mean?
3  EMFs and our Health

Alpha Lipoic Acid - LIFE SAVER

Certification - What Does that Mean? Electromagnetic Frequencies and Their Damage - Bad EMFs

Happy Spirited Spring!

Certification what does that really mean?
People often want to know if they are taking courses that will lead to certification. This is a very valid question. But certification has various meanings and can be misleading.

Happy Spring; Happy Emotional Health

Health Canada’s serious agendas!
How do we safeguard ourselves?

I hear so many people talking about their anti-depressants as if it is normal to get to a point in life that they are “needed”, natural and a staple and without much thought as for how long. A whole year? A whole decade? Forever?

Natural Strong Anti-depressants; Gregg Braden's Energy Medicine's Bladder Tumor Vanishing Video Clip; "Botox" at Home

1. Natural Strong Anti-depressants
2. ChiLel Bladder Tumor video - gone in 2 minutes
3Using B12 to see how a supplement company stacks up.

Beware of Health Canada's shenanigans and mental health

Health Canada’s got some serious hidden agendas!
How do we safeguard ourselves.

Hello Everyone,
The year is Coming to an End!
As we approach the holiday season and everyone becomes busier, I wanted to take a moment to thank my incredible clients and you, my newsletter readers.

See Yourself Up Close! Some Q & A's - grean tea, wrinkles, B12, coffee, folic acid, selenium, fluoride in your tea

It's been awhile. Hope you are all well and enjoying this mild autumn weather. Questions and newsletter ideas have mounted up.
If you could ask me one question, what would it be?

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Merrie explains why she makes each recommendation and why certain foods or supplements are recommended. No blind faith required. This is empowering for me. You are not “talked at”, either. You explore and come to conclusions. She also has a sense of humor and the time flies by.

Jill L.

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