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Reiki Exchange this Sunday; Reiki introductory Wednesdays continue; Recap of Health / Healing Articles

Just a quick note and reminder for those of you who are reiki practitioners that we’re having our Practitioners' REIKI Exchange - this Sunday - November 8th @ my place in Vancouver BC at 3pm - hope you can make it.

Our offer of introductory Reiki Wednesdays - $30 for an hour of lovely soothing Reiki continues till end of year.

Just give me a call for questions and directions.
Merrie B

a beautiful interactive body atlas; upcoming events healing workshops / events; check your cereals; Biology of Belief and The HoneyMoon Effect; your glutathione from struggling to flying

Well, this has been quite a summer! Now that it's about to end, we can be  excited about the approach of the fall season.
Personally, I'll be tweaking my health and stepping up to the plate and learning more about the latest in on-line publishing!


Just for JULY - ALL Reiki and Reflexology $30; Reiki Level One Weekend Workshop July 18, 19;Q & A’s - Coca Cola, help the bees, mineral baths, banish dark circles; more Bruce Lipton discussions; The New Food Order with Dr. Stephanie Seneff; 78 FoolProof

Hello everybody... so good to see blue skies and have normal weather back again. Keep well.
1) Upcoming
2) Q & A from clients

3) more Bruce Lipton discussions
4) The New Food Order

1) Upcoming

Making panic-free, happy food choices; Super Vaccination Info Sources; next Reiki Level I and II classes; Practioner Exchange

Hello everyone... hope this weather is trulu uplifting for you... can't enough of this wonderful light! A fe dates changes below... HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON.

a) classes and practitioner Reiki Exchange
b) articles:
- HELP! Pulling your hair out? Don't know what to eat anymore!
- A video by Dove - the soap folks - One Beautiful Thought
- an Article Compilation on Vaccinations

Ozone/oxygen Detox Sessions- 35% discounts thru May 29th; Reiki Wednesdays - $30; Reiki Level One Weekend June 13,

Ozone/oxygen sessions - 35% discount good thru Friday, May 29th - relaxing, detoxifying, GOOD FOR YOU! Benefits and details described at in Kerrisdale, Vancouver BC

Reiki Level One Weekend Workshop - new date - June 13, 14 -

next one day Chakra Rebalancing class May 17; next Reiki class: May 23, 24; Healing Eyes; the Healing Power of Butter

Hello Everyone,

a) Pacific Holistic Schedule of Courses

b) article: Healing Eyes (...with more than a few carrots)

c) article: The Healing Power of Butter

Courses and Sessions; 50% OFF reflexology sessions EXTENDED till April 30; list of articles

Hello Everyone,

Another beautiful day… and a quick update:
a) Pacific Holistic - schedule of great and very reasonably priced healing Courses and Sessions
b) HOT SALE - 50% OFF reflexology sessions EXTENDED till April 30th (takes the misery out of doing taxes…)
c) list of recent healthy articles at Pacific Holistic

Have a wonderful spring week! ...and call Merrie for more details 604-261-7742 or email at and


Everything You Wanted to Know about SALT...; Reiki Level II date change - this weekend; Reflexology SPECIAL 50%OFF Rates; Reiki Wednesdays as usual

See Yourself Up Close: Anxiety May Be Triggered by Something in Your Body, Not Your Head;

Hello All, Enjoying these tantilizing beginnings of Spring?

I've added another article at my blog at Pacific Holistic -, by Sharon Heller, MS, PhD, a developmental psychologist and author of :
Your Anxiety May Be Triggered by Something in Your Body, Not Your Head. Have you been diagnosed with anxiety or depression? If so, do any of the following scenarios, based on actual people sound familiar?

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This is where research money should go! My longstanding dysbiosis – leaky gut syndrome, which was shown to me on Merrie’s microscope and was not found on my trips to my doctor and others. Two months and I’m my old self. And a few bonuses – more energy and better skin. I’ve made sure the rest of my family was given a “look-see”, too.

Gertrude F.

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