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A Great Head of Hair - to Have or Not to Have ... and Baldness

There are so many suggestions as to what will help to bring about a good head of hair that one wonders why the advice is so divergent. Why can’t there be a simple eat this and do that kind of advice!

Ozone/Oxygen Sessions at Still at Reduced Rates till August 31st

1  Ozone/Oxygen therapy 30% reduced rates
2  Upcoming Reiki Classes - all levels


SEE YOURSELF UP CLOSE! A little cleaner and leaner!

Oops, previous email was a technical mess - sorry. Upcoming Energy Work Classes; Reiki Wednesdays; from next newsletter - Heart Health questions & supplements; Clutter Clearing

Hi Everyone... I think my computer experienced sunstroke yesterday - sent one new heading with the body of words from an old newsletter - so sorry - here is the healthy version

1  upcoming energy work classes

next Reiki Exchange; energy work classes; Reiki Wednesdays; Live Blood Analysis SPECIAL; glutathione; ver-rrrrry original Lord's Prayer; Peace Train

1  next Reiki Exchange
2  energy work classes
3  Reiki Wednesdays
4  a special Live Blood Analysis SPECIAL

next Reiki Exchange - this Sunday, 27th, 3pm; Heart Health - some basic questions and supplements; Clutter Clearing - the Focused Work; upcoming energy work classes in August

Hi Everyone...
1  next Reiki Exchange
2  upcoming energy work classes
 Reiki Wednesdays

Reiki II Weekend Workshop June 21, 22; Nutrition Tips; Glutathione;Reiki Intro Sessions June 18, 25, July 2; next Reiki Practitioner Exchange June 29; EFT Group Tapping July 3

Hello wonderful people, hope you are ALL really well and getting all that wonderful Vitamin D.
1 Reiki Level II Weekend Workshop - June 21, 22

Quick reminder - Reiki Exchange - this Tuesday evening 6:30pm - my place - Vancouver BC

Come and Participate with other Reiki Practitioners of diverse Reiki backgrounds.

Alpha Lipoic Acid - LIFE SAVER; CERTIFICATION - what does that REALLY mean? EMFs and our Health

Happy Spirited Spring!

1  Alpha Lipoic Acid - LIFE SAVER
2  CERTIFICATION - what does that REALLY mean?
3  EMFs and our Health

Alpha Lipoic Acid - LIFE SAVER

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I’ve been a fitness coach and health fanatic all my life. Not feeling well for a prolonged period of time had me baffled. My lifestyle is strict and I only eat organic and wholesome foods. I follow a very healthy regimen and eat according to my blood type. Seeing my blood really took me aback. We were able to pinpoint my challenges. Got around the “shoulds and ought to”’s. I realize now that health guidelines are fine for general suggestions, but that every”body” has different requirements and needs personalized tweaking. Ms. Bakker conveys information in a straightforward manner – nothing mysterious, complicated or highbrow.

Frances L.

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