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Omega 3 oils 

Fish oils, omega 3's from fish and crustaceans - useful details... and what to substitute when these sources are toxic...

Ahhh! My favorite food... fish... I used to say.
Then in recent years I backed off and ate only fish or seafood that was wild and rarely in a restaurant... as I understand they have a sharp eye on their bottomline and now I pass on eating fish altogether...
It’s taken me a while to pull my head out of the sand in regards to this toxic source of protein because I so love salmon, mackerel, mussels and oysters... I grew up on raw herring – many happy memories with my Dad at the raw herring stands in our hometown in Holland.
But alas... so sad.
About 3/4 of male fish caught, these days, are developing some forms of female sexual organs including having premature eggs in their bodies – abnormalities not seen in the past and too creepy to eat. Labs have found a protein in the blood of male fish that used to only be found in spawning female fish... what have we done! What have we allowed our polliticians to do!
Is the female-isation of fish caused by the toxic stew they are now living in? Was this a harbinger of the outrageous #metoo campaign? Joking.

We know that water now contains trace amounts of anti-depressants, birth control, viagara, all sorts of hormones, anti-biotics... all of our collective pee-ed out meds, etc. And all the fish need to shift their bodily mechanics are trace amounts - to have a subtle but cumulative effect on the fish - and I used to joke that the fish got all of this without a medical plan to pay into!

We are all on these meds – simply by drinking some tap water and by eating fish. These residues (meds as well as gross toxicity) are in their bodies and ours... Even for those of us who are lucky and receiving drinking water from mountainous reservoirs, our flushed water goes back out to sea. The sea evaporates it’s water and the humid air rises and incoming humidity in the air rises against the mountains and drops it’s contents as rain ... and my neighbor’s steroids end up raining on the ground and well-water intake areas further afield! And on it goes.

Non-farmed-fish or wild fish have other, well-reported abnormalities, as well as lesions and other toxicities on board. (We don’t even want to talk about the farmed stuff – nor the farms’ inpacts on surrounding 'wild' fish stock). So it’s no longer about which sources to avoid and other sources to purchase from - we're past that point.
This dilemma is across the world... Fish in rivers and streams - wild and farmed – and especially near to areas where the penned pigs, caged chickens and captive cows are “grown” and hence where the ground and river waters are insanely polluted. Where there is an over-the-top amount of concentrated industrialization - bunched together in toxic zoning areas such as along Ontario’s Lake Erie shores - there the same dilemma occurs. 

We can thank the documentary makers of the award winning RIVER BLUE to show us what is happening in parts of the world we are not familiar with day-to-day... such an eye-opener and the reason I now write this article! Great information and viewing -
Filthy polluted compromised waters especially, but all waters in general today, offer up a host of toxins and now also our endocrine disrupters from meds. The whole works is being returned to us... in a subtle form... via rainy airmail and now also via our fish and fish oil supplements. This intra-sexualization found in fish is the most recent addition.

​AND this reflects on which fish oils to avoid. 
Reproductive challenges such as reduced male sperm count are suspected to be linked to this, too. The jury is certainly out (conveniently) on the secondary links to these nasty and growing problems that all reflect back to contamination. Arctic animals that eat fish have very high levels of mercury AND toxins AND female-isation.

Years ago, krill oil and high arctic fish oils seemed exempt enough from this pollution complaint -  and got us excited that we still had a good source of Omega3 supplementation... but not these days. I used to think that checking the Arctic for our pollution levels, was a bit fishy. But it’s where we can double check the extent of our polluting deeds. Some toxins are lifted into the air and come back down again, going through some scrubbing by nature and dropped back down in different places and these toxins can be “harvested” for very insightful research!

We want to eat fish for the highly beneficial Omega 3’s – one of the essential fats. Fish consume algae and this is the food that contains the O3 that make fish high in O3 and beneficial to us. The ALA (alpha linoleic acid) then, can convert into DHA and EPA by our body as it needs it. Our body figures it out (nothing for us to add).

LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL - there's one salmon source I trust - northern Vancouver Island and I buy salmon that hales from that source - and it's the only one I know of - Kuterra farms. This is completely clean, scientifically farmed salmon... done in the most gentle, clean, natural and healthy manner. No need to fear the waters these fish spawned and grew up in.

And we know it’s a very important oil, esp. for the nervous system, inflammation abatement, hormone balancing, good skin, nails and hair, all tissue (such as heart and arteries) and so forth. So, chia seeds, pumpkin seeds, ground flax seeds, almonds and walnuts and organic Omega 3 eggs to the rescue. I always go to to check things out – please don’t take my word for this blindly. Nutritional benefits of purchasing fish oil supplements is so hyped now that it can soon take a back seat to the old margarine hype (lies) (if you are old enough to remember that far back) or the unfermented soy ‘research’ claims (more lies). Let's just stick to the perfectly fine vegetarian variety of Omega3's.

A further heads-up!
Lipid peroxidation.
Once oil is squeezed from it’s source, be it a seed, nut, fish, vegetable, it becomes unstable and goes rancid – quickly - some oils sooner and some later. As soon as oil is squeezed from a fish (even when it is a little krill fish) stabilizers such as Vitamin E, and sometimes chemicals and/or anti-oxidants are added to keep that oil from spoiling.
For example, the very moment flax is squeezed out from the seed, the oil begins to break down. In a very light and temperature controlled processing environment, this breakdown may be slowed down, but even if it is smartly and swiftly bottled with nitrogen, it will have begun to start to commence to become rancid and by the time you take it off the shelf in the store, it could not be edible if no stabilizers had been added. Stabilizers stop this oxidization problem, so that there is an actual shelf life. This is just an example.
Fish oil does not like being exposed to oxygen either.
So, smart processing and packaging of fish oil would have it that it is stabilized / preserved and then put into a gel cap so that you cannot smell / taste it, but sometimes the taste DOES comes back... Like fish gone bad!

If you have some in the fridge, humor me and open one of the gel capsules, and if it smells putrid, then give the remainder to someone you really don’t like. There’s a lot of sly marketing that we don’t readily observe. A lot of health magazines thrive or survive on claims, anecdotes and stories.
Reader beware!

“An enormous amount of poorly conducted studies in the research journals have conclusions that cannot be relied on and are misleading physicians and researchers worldwide...” by Prof Brian Peskin on Why Fish Oils Fail: a 21st Century lipids based physiologic analysis Studies prior to 2007 cannot be relied on to be factual or correct or non-advertorial!
Fish oil supplement failures are downplayed and successes are highlighted. (Claims that include that inflammation may cause cancer and therefore fish oils will prevent this are the worst offenders in my humble opinion - fear and BS combined).
OR when you read ANY ‘true’ research that lays out claims that something such as rancid O3 causes increased cancer or miscarriages, just know that your being fooled in the other direction, too...
And, as a benefit of the doubt, it may have been legitimate only for the research done on rats or maybe so stacked so that you’ll conclude that it makes more sense to either buy more seafood (the fish lobby) or to not buy sea-food (the what-ever lobby).

Bon Appetit,

Merrie Bakker

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