Sleeplessness - off to the land of nod - NOT!

Remember, you are spiritually recharged during sleep, and adequate sleep is essential to produce joy and vitality in life. - Joseph Murphy

Some sleep inducing suggestions that you not have yet tried and are not chemical in nature:

Supplements: melatonin - some of my clients have taken 20mg daily for many years with no side effects but awesome results! Always purchase a good brand (and please read my disclaimer at the bottom of the home page).

Reflexology: look up a reputable foot chart and massage or thumb walk the neck areas - C1 to C7 - as well as the inside of the heels near the back (disregard the rest of the spine). Then take the end of a pencil or small rounded object and massage an area the size of a lentil in the centre of the heel and 3/4 of an inch from the bottom - the insomniac point!

Hot Baths: Skip the candles and rose petals, but a soothing soak really can help. Relaxing in the tub will raise your body temperature slightly and when you get out, the rapid cool-down will mimic the natural temperature drop the brain triggers when you shift from sympathetic to parasympathetic nervous systems... as your body prepares for sleep.

Cannabis: an indica )sedating and relaxing) such as silver or pink kush

Herbs: blue vervain - tincture or tea

Jin Shin Jyutsu: this is so much more fun than counting sheep...
Take the first three fingers tips (thumb, index and middle) of the right hand and place them - like a tripod - tips together - on the top and centre of the head roughly where the crown chakra is - or the soft spot in new-borns. The three fingers of your left hand are placed between the brows. this is not tapping - just let then rest lightly on these spots.
Keep your right hand where it is and then place your left hand finger tips - all 3 - under the nose for a while and then move them eventually to under the lips and leave there for a while.
If you are still awake, then move your right hand finger tips to the centre of the sternum... sort of above the top of the bra area. Then move the three fingers to the bottom of the sternum or bottom of the bra area and all the while leaving the right hand at top of the head..

Still, with the right hand on top of your head, place the three left hand finger tips on the top of your pubic bone... and then move the right hand down to your tail bone and lie on them, while leaving your left hand on top of your pubic bone.
This will make the central and governing meridians very happy and rebalnces the enegies and zz... zzzzz...zzzzZZZ..zzzz.ZZZZZZZZ

B6 Toxicity (pyridoxine) - a long shot
This water soluable vitamin cannot normally be toxic (and very necessary for abating inflammation AND dances with magnesium) if it is consumed through food sources, then we naturally pee out the excess. However when too many supplements with B6 are taken in a very short period of time, then metabolizing this overload of B6 may become difficult. A few individuals have a very hard time metabolizing B6, let alone an accumulation. The signs of toxicity are headaches, sleeplessness, listlessness, limb-tingling, pins-and-needles, feeling of burning mouth tissue, blurred vision and more. If this seems to apply, then back off the B6 supplements (included in a multi-vitamin, a multi-B vitamin and other combinations such as those espousing stress relief, sleeping support, adrenal support, etc. This toxicity is called and may be due to something as simple as a systemic inflammation (see naturopath and/or holistic dentist) or you may want your doctor / GP to test for reasons (could be simply an interference with birth control pills, tuberculosis and seizure meds, and other very specific anti-inflammatory drugs). The test is called pyridoxal 5'-phosphare test (PLP).

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Making an appointment with Merrie, was going to be my last attempt to become healthier. I read she didn’t sell supplements and I could be sure that the recommendations would be sincere. I'm glad I did!
I had my live blood analysis done twice in the past. Once in a health food store by a traveling microscopist and once at a Health Show.
The first time I was told I was in very BAD shape and was so scared that I bought a humongous amount of supplements that I was told I really needed to have that were right there in the store (surprise, surprise), which was a financial strain.
The Health Show “quickie” was also an attempt to sell me supplements and join an MLM company. After the first fiasco it was easy to say no to the second “offer”.
I highly recommend a well trained and integrous microscopist who doesn’t have a conflict of interest. I have recommended a few relatives to go and see Merrie and we are all happy with her service.

George M.

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