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SEE YOURSELF UPCLOSE ~ live blood analysis details

This type of examination of the freshly taken 'one drop of live blood' is one of the most important examinations at Pacific Holistic. A session gives you in-depth insights - from nutritional imbalances to chronic health challenges . Know which supplements to purchase and which to throw out. Buy foods just right for you. Be wise with your food and lifestyle choices – a few right, small changes can make a large impact.
Save a lot of money on future purchases, therapies and tests. Receive a clear set of “to do’s”.

SEE where you are doing well. And begin to heal not just the symptoms, but also the actual underlying state that causes the symptoms

Your red blood cells are like lorries - they distribute nutrients, O2, toxins and CO2 to their destinations. Your veins and arteries are like the highways and byways these metabolic items travel on. Do the red cells travel in armada type formations - in large groups, stuck together and not able to make it thru the very small arteries and veins and  capillaries to nurture all your tissue or are they separated from each other and is the zeta potential correct?

Is your pH just right?

Are all red cells uniform in size? Are they round or oval? Are they also lemon shaped or tear drop shaped?
Are they lumpy and bumpy around the edges and how much unwanted heavy metals do you have on board - mercury, a lifetime oif pancake make-up, dental mercury fillings/metal amalgams, environmental issues?How is your B12, iron and folic acid?

How long do your red cells take to become misshapen and disintegrate - 4 hours or 2 days?

crystaline debris - recreational drugs?Your white cells come in various varieties - each type with it’s own job description - what are they gobbling up?
Do you have an infection? Or inflammation?

Do you have parasites?
Do you have allergies?Does toxin removal from your red cells receive adequate support? Do you need antioxidants?lymphatic congestionInflammatory Bowel, IBS, toxic colon, anti-biotic use
Are critical minerals missing? 

How are your hormones, your thyroid and adrenals?

pain, myositosis, sclerosis


Then there are

some dysbiosis, leaky gut syndrominteresting shapes doing the back-stroke in between those red and white cells.

Do you have a happy liver without it showing on your blood tests?
Do your fats digest well - are they the best ones for you?
Do you have blood sugar imbalances?
Is your pH in need of tweaking - or in need of an overhaul?
Is your lymphatic system working at optimum or overworked?

Several days ago a leading BC radio interviewer at CKNW allowed some seriously derogatory comments on the concept of supplementation and naturopathy by a specialist and someone who "appeared" to be well-educated. It became apparent that there are still many people who are "thick as two planks" on this topic in the public realm.

Modern allopathic / pharmaceutical medicine has not found the cure for any chronic disease in the last 110 years of it's existence. They have done very well at crisis medicine and infectious diseases. Chronic disease they have failed - the diseases that are maintained, curtailed and suppressed by cheicals but not cured. Years ago I became very frustrated by my personal health journey, and then even more so with my late husband's.

Big Pharma, which sponsors most of the medical journal content with their research, ads and articles, is not interested in curing anything. They make money on disease and not on health - why on earth find a cure when the disease is so-ooo lucrative, keeps the pot boiling and makes the shareholders happy! We live in a controlled system - from authoritarian medical education, to deep political lobbying, to narrow research, implementation and practice, to manipulated public perception and subtley induced consumption. And any medical doctor - high or low in the medical hierarchy - who ventures out of this box, is attacked and persecuted by this system.

The wholistic approach looks at the body's terrain. It works with the body's innate ability to activate it's own inner physician. The goal of the physician should be to cure, connect the dots, tweak, educate and not keep the patient shackled to medications for the rest of their life and that is presently removed from a doctor's abilities - even if a doctor wished to practice with this premise / approach in mind.

The obvious goal of any health provider should be to make the client better, not dependant.

Merrie Bakker

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I was very skeptical before the first session. It was a pleasure to have you take a close look at my “chemistry” and have another follow-up session with you and after following your advice from what you suggested in our 1st session many months ago, I was pleased to see evidence that my basic health is improved and only needs some more tweaking. I am so very grateful for your service, your kind heart, your vast knowledge and wisdom that you freely share.

Carolyn T

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