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SEE YOURSELF UPCLOSE ~ live blood analysis details

A session gives you in-depth insights - a nutritional imbalances and challenges snap-shot. Know which supplements to purchase and which to throw out. Buy foods just right for you. Be wise with your food and lifestyle – a few right, small changes can make a large impact.
Save a lot of money on future purchases, therapies and tests. Receive a clear set of “to do’s”.
See areas for improving, that need your priority attention and what to do.

SEE where you are doing well.

Your red blood cells are like lorries - they distribute nutrients, O2, toxins and CO2 to their destinations. Your veins and arteries are like the highways and byways these metabolic items travel on. Do the red cells travel in armada type formations - in large groups, stuck together and not able to make it thru the very small arteries and veins and  capillaries to nurture all your tissue or are they separated from each other and is the zeta potential correct?

Is your pH just right?

Are all red cells uniform in size? Are they round or oval? Are they also lemon shaped or tear drop shaped?
Are they lumpy and bumpy around the edges and how much unwanted heavy metals do you have on board - mercury, a lifetime oif pancake make-up, dental mercury fillings/metal amalgams, environmental issues?How is your B12, iron and folic acid?

How long do your red cells take to become misshapen and disintegrate - 4 hours or 2 days?

crystaline debris - recreational drugs?

Your white cells come in various varieties - each type with it’s own job description - what are they gobbling up?
Do you have an infection? Or inflammation?

Do you have parasites?
Do you have allergies?Does toxin
  removal from your red cells receive adequate support?
Do you need antioxidants?lymphatic congestionInflammatory Bowel, IBS, toxic colon, anti-biotic use
Are critical minerals missing? 


How are your hormones, your thyroid and adrenals?

Then there are some interesting shapes doing the back-stroke in between those red and white cells.

pain, myositosis, sclerosisdysbiosis, leaky gut syndrom





Do you have a happy liver?
Do your fats digest well?
Do you have blood sugar imbalances?
Is your pH in need of tweaking?
Is your lymphatic system working at optimum?

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This is where research money should go! My longstanding dysbiosis – leaky gut syndrome, which was shown to me on Merrie’s microscope and was not found on my trips to my doctor and others. Two months and I’m my old self. And a few bonuses – more energy and better skin. I’ve made sure the rest of my family was given a “look-see”, too.

Gertrude F.

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