Bye, bye Parasites

Years ago I had parasites. My trips to a GP were irritating. The signs and symptoms are vast and overlap with many other health challenges - so my own notion of parasites was not taken seriously - in fact a trip to the psychologist was suggested...

Having parasites on board can mimick health challenges due to lack of the right or sufficient enzymes; too many inflammatory factors; allergies and rampant histamines; not enough HCL; insufficient good sodium, and more.

My visits with the parasitology department at my local hospital was also unhelpful. I had the fish tapeworm, strongyloides and the ubiquitos entamoeba histolytica and giardia lamblia. Even though I had taken polaroid shots of the first two types of parasites as well as eggs and larvae at 9000X magnification (it pays to have chop sticks, an inquisitive mind and a microscope!) the parasitology lab lost the pictures and was adamant that I only had the latter two!
Parasite selfies don't lie!
It also doesn't help trusting patients when their stool samples sit in a fridge for three weeks before being tested in some labs.

So, as a non-doctor, I had to deal with these little critters myself. Back in the olden days I ordered Dr Hulda Clark’s amazing trio of herbal products. Dr Clark passed away in 2009 and her son sold her herbal and teaching business. It’s hard to tell how perfect the products are, that are now being made with her name attached – could be up to the old rigorous Clark stipulations and of top notch quality or entirely made by the seat–of-the-pants. I now order these rare herbs from another company.

I admired Hanna Kroeger immensely. When she died in 1998, we had an unspeakable loss. Some years ago her daughters brought her herbal component of her company back to life:
This address can be a good source for anti-parisiticals and where I order mine. (Interestingly, Hulda Clark PhD and Hanna Kroeger knew each other and spoke frequently!) I personally order the cloves, wormwood and Rascal at the Herbal Combinations page. I order the green tincture of the black walnut at the New Dimensions Tinctures page – and more is better :-)

I’m not allowed to diagnose or treat as I am not a medical doctor, so this is a nutritional discussion about how I personally dealt with my parasites! This is the way I took them - more or less according to the Hulda Regehr Clark protocol suggestions:

Green Tincture of Black Walnut:
Day 1 - one drop four times the first day in some water on an empty stomach. Timing is not key. Four hours apart if you start in the morning, an hour apart if you strat at 6:00pm
Day 2 - two drops four times per day
Day 3 - three drops four times per day
Day 4 - four drops four times per day and so on.
I continue increasing until I am taking 21 drops - 4x per day. After this I continue these 21 drops once a day until I reach the three month mark.
If interrupted I don't begin again, I just continue, but don't get interrupted before day 6, because then it's best to start again.

Wormwood Artemisia Capsules:
Day 1 - 1 capsule with water before supper
Day 2 - 2 capsules before supper
Day 3 - 3 capsules before supper
Day 4 - thru 14 - I continue with the same increases – and I continue increasing the amount until day 14 - all 14 capsules in a single dose, a few at a time until all of the bottle is finished. Then I contimue taking 14 capsules every other day for a few more weeks or until the bottle is finished - whichever comes first.

Day 1 - 1 capsule - 3x a day just before meals.
Day 2 - 2 caps 3x a day
Days 3 thru 10 - 3 caps 3x a day.
After day 10, I go back to 3 caps - one time per day – until 3 months have passed - my least favorite herb!

These three above herbs and the combinations in the Hanna Kroeger supplement called Rascal is what I used. A bare minimum. No nausea, headaches or pain - just a lot of sleeping while healing. 



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