How is your pH? - two easy tests you can do yourself

Are you sometimes asked if you are Alkaline or Acid?
Two easy pH tests to try 
at home.

Sometimes a client will want to know their pH. There may be a belief that we have just one pH at any given time and we would like that to be optimum and hopefully it is not too acidic...

Actually our body has as many optimal pH’s as we have organs and tissues and fluids - all varying and all dancing together brilliantly to keep all of those unique pH's at their optimum functionality and especially one fluid in particular - your blood - which all systems of your body are in support of - keeping your blood pH just right - or as close to optimal as they possibly can. The range is 7.35 to 7.55 (both numbers are alkaline). The closer to the first number the healthier you are - generally speaking.

There are two tests we can do at home that can help show us where we are at.
One easy to do pH test is the saliva test - it shows us if we have enough electrolytes and that’s a good general indicator.
You must do this test several hours after a meal. Thoroughly wet the end of a pH paper with your saliva, compare the colour with the pH dispenser and then record it.
At a pH of 6.0 or less you have a serious depletion of electrolytes and you’ll want to be careful not to exercise, fast or cleanse too rigourously until your reserves are replenished, pronto.
At 6.1 - 6.3 you can be considered depleted and still you’ll need to support an improvement.
At 6.4 - 6.8 you are good to go.
Over 6.9 or higher - you’ll want to do this test again - excited? stressed? and it means that something may have interfered affecting your saliva (or parasites, infections, drugs, etc.).

So after you’ve taken the first part of the test - above - you’ll squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon into two ounces of water and drink this (without sweeteners of course). Swish the lemon juice in your mouth, too, before swallowing it. Wait one minute and then take six saliva readings - one after the other.
A 8.0 pH or higher means you passed! Your liver’s stored electrolytes were able to buffer the acids in your mouth from the lemon juice.
7.5 - 8.0 - could be better and your electrolytes should be increased.
7.0 - 7.4 - indicates that you have a tad of electrolyte reserve that really needs beefing up.
Increase your minerals with your food choices such as serious home made bone broths; herbal teas; vegetable smoothies.
Test again after a few days.
6.9 or less - some outside help might be useful! and take fasting and cleansing slowly and delicately after the rebuilding of your electrolyte supply.
An easy urine test - that requires a day of alkalinizing: only vegetables and their juices (no grains, nuts, coffee, regular teas, meat, dairy, fruit) and only a bit of gentle exercise. Then, the next morning, wet your pH paper midstream.
7.0 or above - flying colours!
6.5 - 7.0 - some depletion of electrolytes.
5.6 - 6.4 - acid accumulation is greater than the electrolyte reserves. Focusing on replenishing is really important and healing will improve
below 5.6 - do not attempt any fasts or cleanses and focus on alkalinizing foods and healing momentum will increase and ailments will heal more
And just to complicate matters - your truer readings are when you do these tests before you start a fast or cleanse. Once you are in a deep, serious cleansing mode and removing old stored acids and mucus membrane, your true electrolyte status will be off and inaccurate.

Rebuilding These Alkaline Reserves:

* eliminate all acid-forming foods and consume alkaline foods
* eat the above organically - as commercially grown produce is deficient in minerals and other nutrients
* overindulge in freshly squeezed vegetable juices (if juice is store bought then it is pasteurized = heat treated which kills all the natural enzymes on board as well as most of the vitamins (and they all need each other to work together leaving merely the minerals and that’s a waste of a good veggie); if fresh unpasteurized juice is squeezed in advance then light and time break down the enzymes, too)
* drink vegetable broth made from the pulp that is left over from juicing to extract the last of the life-giving minerals (or if you are creative in the kitchen, then you can make veggie crackers from the pulp)
* supplement with electrolytes
* indulge in lots of home made bone broth (see article)

Give it a try - you have nothing to loose!

Merrie Bakker,

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or text me.
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I’ve been a fitness coach and health fanatic all my life. Not feeling well for a prolonged period of time had me baffled as my lifestyle is strict and I only eat organic and wholesome foods. I follow a very healthy regimen and eat according to my blood type.
Seeing my blood on screen and 9000X enlarged really took me aback. We were able to pinpoint my problems.
I realize more than ever now that health guidelines are fine for general suggestions, but that every”body” has different requirements and personalized needs. Ms. Bakker conveys information in a straightforward manner – nothing mysterious, complicated or highbrow.

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