One Drop of Blood!

So what can one drop of blood possibly show me?

* sluggishness of the immune system components
* liver, heart, gallbladder and pancreas stress
* lacking vitamins and minerals
* hormonal imbalances
* fungal conditions / possible parasites / candida
* digestive issues
* blood sugat imbalances
* intestinal bacteria overgrowth / leaky gut syndrome
* atherosclerotic predisposition
* toxicity - mineral and chemical
* pH imbalances
* sluggish lymphatics
* predisposition to chronic and degenerative disease - hints on the horizon

One drop gives a snapshot of your health!
When you first see your live blood sample on a monitor you see a multitude of living, moving shapes - red and white cells and more - a complete microcosm. Schools of subtly moving red cells! How they wear their information on their exteriors! These little flexible 7.2 micron discs, that look like frisbees, are always uniform in size and shape in a healthy person. But when we see irregularities, we can also see where the imbalances are. For example, a dark internal ring in the centre of the red cells means the microscope’s light is refracting differently and indicating a thinner and too shallow a centre - compromised - often they have a shorter shelf life. This structural defect is an iron deficiency - lack of rebar! Then there are red blood cells that are larger than the norm and we know they are missing B12 and/or folic acid - an essential requirement for each cell in our bodies - a serious requirement in order to replicate DNA properly in each new cell our bodies make. We make new cells by the hundreds of thousands per minute. With this deficiency the nucleus in the forming new red cell, in the bone marrow, grows more slowly.

The rest of the cell surrounding the nucleus does not and so when the nucleus is finally mature and the red cell is released to do business, the rest of the cell is extra mature and larger and differing in size. First, you feel tired and if enough of this hanky panky is going on you could acquire peripheral nerve pain. And all just because of a lack of B12 or Folic acid. Your B12 can be stored in yourliver - a year’s supply, in fact. Your folic acid is available in foliage. To eat foliage is one thing, but to convert greens to Folic acid at the cellular level is another, even if we eat enough greens. There are several key chemical reactions that have to take place from when you make your salad to having the best growth factors in your busy bone marrow and 20% of us have a folate activation challenge! Good to know and see. And very inexpensive to remedy.

White cells... they are interesting creations!
We all have six plus different kinds on board and each has it’s own form and functions! When you watch them go about their business you can only marvel at the honorable display of workaholic behavior and after a few moments of raptured viewing, these infinitesimally small bits of life, which can be seen at 9000X magnification, seem to behave like beings on their own - in pursuit of their targets, changing shape and shifting contents in a steady unfaltering way, weaving in and amongst the red cells and being in service. Some white cells are in the majority - neutrophils. Some white cell types only show up when your body is focused on allergies or parasites. Some white cells are spectacularly bright and beautiful and some appear dull and boring. Some look like modest wall-flowers and become powerhouses when necessary.

Each red cell has a positive charge and requires to be in a negatively charged surrounding - much like fridge magnets orepelling each other gently when they are of the same polarity. When this is beautifully balanced then the zeta potential is correct. When this charge is faulty, the red cells are not repelling each other, nor staying separated. When this sort of “hugging” goes on, often in neat and tidy rolls of discs (below), then we have lots more information!
We know that red cells need to be like Lone Rangers and travel on their own. When they are rolled up together and when these rolls are even sometimes rolled up against each other, aw well, then it’s more like a huge posse of eager cowboys trying to ride on one horse. One little flexible red cell can just barely roll itself up to make it through the capillaries to travel to every corner in your body. A party of discs stuck together doesn’t stand a chance of going through these narrow spaces = circulatory problems.

Why don’t I have this evaluation done at my G.P’s office?
Live Blood Analysis is used almost exclusively by alternative health advisors. The reason is not that the required microscopes are exotic - they are standard equipment employed in high-end micro-biology laboratories. With their unique benefits, then, why is live blood analysis not used by primary care physicians? Few doctors have the time to look for themselves at each patient’s blood, let alone show patients what they see and explain what it all means. Neither does microscopy work into the modern medical paradigm of one disease, one drug, one outcome, one quick visit.

Live blood analysis shows the complexity and variability of the entire blood ecology. Preventative use, before any serious symptoms appear, is educational and also very time consuming - but obviously essential, if you care about providing health care. According to present standards of practice, that relegates microscopy to the sidelines...

Edgar Cayce, the seer of Virginia Beach, predicted in the 1930’s that in the future, a person’s state of health would be determined by the evaluation of one drop of blood. This time has arrived!

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I feel like a new woman again! That is for sure. I went and purchased all the things you suggested and am taking them diligently. Merrie, keep doing what you are doing 'cause you do it so well and you are so valuable and needed in this world!

Carol T

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