Oil Pulling

As there is no industry or lucrative sales connected to "oil pulling" and as I cannot see anybody making big dollars from this simple health remedy, apart from sounding sensible and simple, I decided to try it. The theory is that our body expels toxins through the surface of our tongue (think of all the diagnoses in TCM that the tongue provides), which is most noticeable in the mornings after waking. Oil pulling is part of ancient Ayurvedic medicine and is known as Kavala Graham. The tongue seems easily coated with a white film (and in the case of some illnesses with a yellow coat), which can also be accompanied by a bitter taste and bad breath. This theory was not difficult to verify.

The oil pulling theory is that by taking a tablespoon full of organic sesame or organic sunflower oil right after getting up in the morning on an empty stomach (before even brushing your teeth) and swishing it around in your mouth for about 15 minutes before spitting it out (definitely not swallowing it!), the oil assimilates and removes many of the toxins from your tongue.

I decided to buy organic sunflower oil and found out, by the way, that there can be substantial differences in the taste of organic sunflower oils from different manufacturers. But independent of the manufacturer, I was able to substantiate that after 15 minutes of swishing it around in my mouth, the originally golden looking oil is totally white and my tongue much more pinkish.

I don't believe all the claims that one can find on the internet about "oil pulling" - from healing cancer to correcting hangnails... but some claims in regard to toxin removal I believe are true. I cannot see any harm being done by this procedure and therefore I have integrated it into my daily routine, to help my body detoxify.

Another thing I do - apart from trying to avoid toxins in the first place, is, after the completion of the oil pulling procedure, I drink a large lukewarm glass of “clean” water every morning and wait at least half an hour, before going on to eat or drink anything else, allowing the water to cleanse my digestive system.
A very graphic and straightforward example oil-pulling video at: http://oilpulling.com/oilpullingvideos.htm.
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