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Practical Nutritional Health Articles - live blood analysis / MICROSCOPY - healing your inner terrain

Your body is an amazing eco-system of intricate, interdependently functioning systems - physically, emotionally and energetically.
We work with your imbalances. We look at indications as to why your inner terrain is functioning the way it does and how it can be improved. We gather information through microscopy to understand the underlying reasons that you have symptoms and analyze the cause(s). 

We view your possible deficiencies and dys-regulation (the milieu / terrain, in pleomorphism) with darkfield, brightfield and phase contrast lenses.

Your body:

  • is an energetically open system that is brilliantly capable of self repair when given the right support, effecting all cells and the nervous system
  • is often dealing brilliantly in spite of man-made factors that can have a negative effect, reducing the matrix’s self-healing ability due to:
    1. chemicals and toxins
    2. accidents
    3. e-smog and geopathic stresses
    4. lifestyle and diet deficiencies
    5. psychological / emotional shocks, unresolved long-standing deep conflicts and emotional disturbances

“If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat - diseased tissue that needs healing - rather than being blamed and the cause of the diseased tissue itself; eg. mosquitoes seek stagnant water, but do not cause the water to become stagnant”
                                   ~ Dr. Rudolph Virchow (Father of Pathology)

Did you know?

  • red blood cells turn over every 120 days or so and the majority of the white cells - neutrophils - are replaced every seven days
  • skin cells slough off every 7 days
  • GI cells replace themselves every 5 - 7 days
  • some fatty tissue cells replace themselves every 3 weeks
  • 600 billion cells die and replace themselves daily and without a thing we can do about it but cheer them on and support them in their brilliant work so as little as possible goes off the rails!

Get visual clues and insightful health nuggets - step by step.


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Only medical doctors are legally allowed to diagnose and treat any named diseases but with live blood analysis and no-guessing nutrition, we may be able to help alleviate or shed light on many of the related underlying reasons for symptoms and find root causes.  We have 23 years of experience in nutritional microscopy and it's interpretation with dark field, brightfield and phase contrast.

In regards to the articles below: they are intended as educational tools and please seek the colaboration of your trusted health-care professional before trying any new substance or therapy..


        HEALTH Articles by Merrie Bakker

Nightshades - feeling cranky - sore joints - inflammation everywhere - can be 'bad actors' teamed up with lectins - give these foods a rest
Nicotine / Solanine / Tomatine – acetylcholinesterase inhibitors - in the nightshade vegetable family. Solanine is a glycoalkoid poison found in the leaves, fruits, berries and roots or tubers of potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants - and other foods. It is one of these plants' natural defences - not so great for our joints! continued at

An oxalate free eating approach that may cure aches and pains!
Oxalates in your food, also called oxalic acids are organic compounds found in many plant sources. Some of us can experience a lot of stealthful health problems when we consume oxalate rich foods excessively.
The oxalates our body makes is normal, but when we also consume oxalate rich foods, in excess, we can experience many problems. The major one we rarely think about is that these foods bind to minerals forming nasty crystalline compounds such as calcium oxalate and iron oxalate. Similar to fibromyalgia, the specific pain from these crystalline compounds can be debilitating muscle pain and so much more, stealfully.... The discomfort they can create should be handled by pushing them off your plate or pouring them out of your juicer or smoothie.
Continued at


Do you realize that 90 years is merely 4680 weeks! Before you know it ...
As you probably know, there are different forms of sugars and these sugars become glycogen in the liver and glucose in the blood.
Sugars are wonderfully swift performing fuels. All food - from simple sugars, simple carbs, complex carbs and proteins - eventually turns to glycogen... all food types except for fats.

Hormones age us and some hormones youth us - depending on which ones are circulating. HGH can make us younger; help with repair; and allow us to feel perkier, etc. The opposite type of hormone is insulin and although very essential, it is released to help rebalance bloodsugar and usher it into all our cells for fuel, when we eat almost everything except pure fat. Continued at

Fifty five years of slick advertorial bombardment...
From holistic doctors, to nutritionists, to researchers – many people have tried to present the truth about the diabolical effects of artificial sweeteners. This article is not a rant about eating in a hyper-natural way, but rather a small light on what is corrupted and what is not.
The FDA and Health Canada, in their 'protection' of us, the unwashed public, has only seen fit to allow ever more new chemical sweeteners onto the market and into our bodies. 

About fifty five years of aspartame has dominated the sweetener market (NutraSweet®, Equal®, and Canderel®). Continued at


Brilliant Benefits of Oxygen / Ozone Therapy for Everyone, Athletes and especially Diabetics and people with HIV / Aids!
.. an unusually wonderful, graceful, un-intrusive detoxification method.
 A therapy with the gentle escape route for your toxins! Unlike Infrared Sauna, it is beneficial (AND even, if you still have your mercury (silver) fillings).
   *  destroys harmful bacteria and virus', hepatitis, candidiasis (yeast overgrowth), parasitic infections, mycotoxicosis, etc; stimulates the immune system / rheumatoid arthritis; improves blood circulation to the capillaries / decreases viscosity / separates the red blood cells / supports peripheral vascular diseases, arrhythmia
    *  can improve lung function / improves the ability of red blood cells to pass on oxygen to other tissue / emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis etc.
    *  promotes anti-aging / rejuvenation by increasing oxygen delivery to cells, tissue and organs
    *  decreases inflammation, pain, relaxes tired muscles / fibromyalgia, relieves stress and "burnout"; nerves are calmed; speeds up the metabolic process (Improves circulation and nutrient delivery within the body) and results in a loss of 200 - 250 calories per session); reverses hypoxia (lack of oxygen) in the tissues - gangrene, diabetic infections, AIDS / HIV, etc; detoxifies - reduces environmental toxic load such as glyphosates; and is esp. helpful with environmental hypersensitivity.
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LECTINS and INFLAMMATION - nasty, natural little poisons causing “auto-immune” challenges 
There are lots of ways in which inflammation is created in our bodies - unwittingly; there are lots of ways we can eliminate inflammation from our bodies - mindfully.
Normally we know inflammation to be a temporary, healthy, 'heads-up" in regards to the healing of an injury, an infection or an illness. When the inflammation is a chronic, un-ending cascade of flare-ups, then a wholistic approach needs to be embraced - rheumatism, colitis, arthritis (and actually - all the 'itis's), aching joints, swollen tissue, non-stop drippy sinus', overly dry sinus', etc.
There are lots of ways inflammation mimics other disease symptoms that receive many labels; lots of ways inflammation stealthfully triggers other health issues ...
continued at


Loving your Gut - Repairing Intestinal Damage by Glyphosate
First - our Challenged and Often Maligned Gut Bacteria: Glyphosates, pesticides, herbicides and fungicides (and God knows what else we don’t know about) are a permanent addition to our daily food, water and air consumption, that the powers-that-be allow / approve AND done with “scientific backing”. These toxic poisons (would you add a few drops to your drinking water?) and their multitudinous ingredients are real crowd manipulation (not tested by the accepted double-blind cross-over and reproducible and repeatable methods). They are bio-cides. If these poisons kill bugs or weevils in nature, will they just smile and sooth us in our stomach and intestines?
continued at


Obtain your vital major and trace minerals - get your electrolytes from fresh, natural foods - lots of variety (cover all your bases)
 Eating gently cooked vegetables helps break down the fiber in these foods, releasing the minerals and allowing better utilization of them. Minerals do not disintegrate from heat such as some vitamins and some enzymes (for example B12 does not disintegrate when you cook red meat but Vit C does!). Cooking vegetables has an added side-effect - it removes some lectins from vegetables - seriously important for people suffering from inflammation.


Surviving Chemo and Radiation. Now how do I fix myself?
“What is the VERY Least I Can Suggest to a Loved-one After Surviving Chemo?”
Clients will ask “what can I do for my Mom or partner or loved-one who is dead-set on following the ONLY options provided by their doctor(s) and now are suffering the consequences of harsh side-effects. (Chemo, surgery and radiation are still the only 'approved' methods to ‘combat’ cancers.)
There are debilitating side-effects that come with that type of “choice” that we have assumed to be the only possibility. Because I’m used to not guessing, but looking thru my microscope for answers, including to see what’s a clear physical reality, I never really say / give / pass along too much advice about someone else’s state of health and how to help others out who are not present – just isn’t right to do so... BUT, here are some suggestions that are a bare minimum that will be a very welcome respite for a damaged body - at

live blood analysis - healing physical, emotional and energetic imbalances and your inner terrain


bye, bye, Parasites
Years ago I had parasites. My trips to a GP were irritating. The signs and symptoms are vast and overlap with many other health challenges - so my own notion of parasites was not taken seriously - in fact a trip to the psychologist was suggested... yet there are brilliant herbs that can slay these dragons...
continues at

Tips to Boost Mood Swings and Subtle Depression​
Add an instant lift; Add a nut; Add a drop of LUGOL’S iodine; Add Molybdenum, Lithium and Manganese; Allergies - insidious evil; Dr Coca Pulse test; B12 deficiency Methylcobalamine; ADD ozone / oxygen therapy
the forgotten gut; Tissue Transglutaminase Antibodies blood test (tTG-IgA); ADD MAGNESIUM; Ortho-Molecular Smarts; Ortho-Molecular Smarts in a different and complete form - full details and suggestion at

JUST WHY would I want to use IODINE? 
There are differing types of iodine – and all are inexpensive and therefore not sold by the big pharma industry and therefore not focused on or worse, not known / respected by your GP.
continued at

Sleeplessness - off to the land of nod - NOT!
Some sleep inducing suggestions that are not chemical: melatonin, Reflexology, Hot Bath, Cannabis, Herbs, Jin Shin Jyutsu, B6 Toxicity (pyridoxine)

DR Gold's Thorough Review of Hydrazine Sulphate - a credible cancer therapy
On February 21, 2008, I placed a blog on MedTruth, "A Dog Has a Better Chance of Recovering from Cancer Than You Do," in which I attempted to show, in dramatic fashion, that the public is being "hoodwinked" from using hydrazine sulphate for human cancer, principally by the U.S. National Cancer Institute... continued at

Mistletoe Cancer Therapy
There are many profound and fascinating theories at the heart of anthroposophy. Anthroposophical medicine is a complex system - an art and a science of living and healing - that includes the integration of spiritual, emotional and physical components. It was founded again in the present day by the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner (an Austrian Swiss physician, metaphysical pioneer and healer (1861-1925)) in the early 20th century... continues at


PROS AND CONS OF VACCINATIONS - immune system damage, chronic disease, "damage from a distance" and retro-viral infections
The mainstream media has done a bang-up job presenting the 'pros' of vaccines but not the 'cons'. Their funding / advertising depends on getting the 'pro' point of view out strongly - not just via the major television networks' advertising slots and concommitant content bias, but also by way of interview choices, slanted and biased interviews (remember Anderson Cooper attacking Dr Wakefield in the first 10 seconds)? and one-sided news writing / creation, magazine article content and advertorials, professional publications content editting (doctors' journals, health-providers' unions, billboards) and any companies and sources of influence that BigPharma and it's friends can arm twist, buy-off or manipulate... ... serious adeptness at dis-information in every medium.
We can all help a tad by leveling the playing field of very needed REAL information. Here follows a few of my thoughts and then a lot of others'. Con'd at


fact and fiction - cerebral palsy
When we are intensely threatened and seriously cornered we can become frozen and unable to move or even loose consciousness. Even animals suffer these motor conflicts such as, during an overwhelming attack from another animal or when they are trapped, “pinned down” in a kennel, tied to a chain, held down by a vet during an intense examination / treatment.
If we live to talk about it... if we survive the threat... we are greatful and all is well... not so fast
continued at

This is a Collection of Good Sources on sceptical Questions and Insights Regarding Vaccinations
Below is a list of some fine and mostly scientific views/reports/descriptions/case studies that are skeptical of the today's vaccine industry - great YouTube lectures, website links, articles, forums, research etc. 
Personally, I feel this debate has become WAY too politically polarized and based on 'trust and blindfaith in our caretakers - but just follow the money.
I support ANY movement that will work towards demanding and achieving clean, transparent, scientific, replicatable studies. The financially and politically powered uber-sources that are stealthfully and calously holding themselves above the law and all of our well-being are hopefully running out of steam and will question the longevity of the blind faith that is required from most of the population to swallow what we've been fed. And that goes for the media specifically, who are only pro-vaccine and very happy to ridicule questioning and call this kind of thinking conspiracy and worthy of carefully orchestrated derision...
I hope responsible parties - different than the present corporate/government/pharma purveyors, can work on creating and testing vaccines to protect life-threatening and preventable illnesses.
I support finding tests for all children, so vulnerable ones can be removed from the one-size-fits-all programs that they are subjected to, at the moment.
Double check this list tosee what's in them before you exercise 'blind' faith' and then ask your doctor to tell you and confirm she/he knows it too:​
Continued at


The Cellulite Conundrum and dealing with it
We either have it already or really hope we’ll never get it. I’ve read so much on this topic - - lots of great creative writing. Lots of science fiction has come and gone... Yet the orange peel remains undefeated...

The therapies and suggestions of present day cellulite banishing has greatly improved over the decades. And here are some all-round, wholesome, easy, inexpensive, at-home remedies... cont'd at

Pulling your hair out? Don't know what to eat anymore!

- go paleo or go home
- only raw vegans will save the world
- soy is a highly beneficial health food
- soy is not for human consumption
- (for those over 60) margarine is good for you
- saturated fats are bad for you
- carbs are bad
- we all need carbs
- drink 8 glasses of water per day
Make sense of your food choices smoothly and with joy... con'd at

TURN ON your Natural GLUTATHIONE ... go from from struggling to flying People who wish to detox gently; people who wish to increase their healing potential (folks with Aids, or people with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, bowel inflammations, etc); people who wish to boost their metabolism; and people who wish to create more energy, may want to double check their food choices so as to generate the most glutathione naturally... Glutathione plays a major role in de-activating toxic substances, as your body “handcuffs” toxins to a glutathione “chaperone” to help lead them to the exits — usually via the kidneys and urine and sometimes via the liver and bowel movements. Glutathione plays a major functional role in rebuilding (DNA synthesis and repair - protein, enzyme and prostaglandin synthesis, activation and transport). Glutathione is a serious cellular antioxidant, neutralizing free radicals and reactive oxygen compounds.
continued at

Dentistry Update ~ Oral Dental Fact & Fiction
FACT: “Silver” or amalgam dental fillings contain from 48-55 percent mercury, 33-35 percent silver, and various amounts of copper, tin, zinc, and other metals. Since mercury is the major component of the material, any representation of the material should include the word “mercury” - a powerful poison. Published research has shown that mercury is more toxic than lead, cadmium, and even arsenic. Furthermore... continued at

Insights into Cholesterol Meds and Excellent Alternatives
You’ve heard and seen the ads many times: simvastatin, statins, statin drugs, cholesterol lowering drugs, good HDL, bad LDL, sore muscles, and then the many, many, serious dangerous side effects... Statins have been known to cause muscle pain, weakness and atrophy. Yet, this information did not lead to further research, more medical scrutiny, more government oversight or any type of hue and outcry... Until now.
continued at

Something Really Fishy Going On!
Omega 3 oils, Fish oils, omega 3's from fish and crustaceans - useful details...and what to substitute when these sources are toxic...

Ahhh! My favourite food... fish... I used to say.
Then in recent years I backed off and ate only fish or seafood that was wild and rarely in a restaurant... as I understand they have a sharp eye on their bottom line and now I pass on eating fish altogether...
It’s taken me a while to pull my head out of the sand in regards to this toxic source of protein because I so love salmon, mackerel, mussels and oysters... I grew up on raw herring – many happy memories with my Dad at the raw herring stands in our hometown in Holland.
But alas... so sad.
About 3/4 of male fish caught, these days, are developing some forms of female sexual organs including having premature eggs in their bodies – abnormalities not seen in the past and too creepy to eat. Labs have found a protein in the blood of male fish that used to only be found in spawning female fish... what have we done! What have we allowed our politicians to do!
Is the female-isation of fish caused by the toxic stew they are now living in? Was this a harbinger of the outrageous #metoo campaign? Joking
continued at

It's not the Gluten... Some scientists sure have our backs with eager, honest knowledge and bounding enthusiasm and they indulge us to think in a fresh way. Put an hour or two aside; grab some organic popcorn and a glass of wine and have a fine evening.
* A brilliant thinker and someone who can explain the scientific details and pitfalls of what we are eating and make it seem simple: Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Ph.D., in a great interview: The New Food Order: How Glyphosate, Herbicides & GMO’s Are Shaping Our Future

Imagine putting together a really healthy meal - organic / slow cooked / lots of raw / maybe some gluten free options for a particular friend / no soy / all good fats... and THEN the spoiler! BAD SALT!
ALL salts, before we refine/process/torture them, pack a powerful punch. There can be up to 80 trace minerals and elements found in most salt (sulphates, magnesium, calcium, potassium, sodium, chloride, borate, strontium and iodine and so on). So why all the fuss about which salt is better?  
It’s in the processing! Extremely high heat processing (much higher temperatures than ordinary cooking temperatures), is the biggest culprit in regards to the healthfulness of salt - any salt from anywhere and any colour! This article continues at

The Healing Power of Butter
Even though butter has been somewhat repatriated after we realized the margarine lobby had been less than honest and vert stealthful with us in regards to butter’s greatness in the past, many people still have a fear that there’s something significant to those “thou shalt not’s” of yesteryear.
One hundred years ago the consumption of butter was much higher than now and there was virtually no cardiovascular disease.
... continued at

Why We MUST Have COMPLETE Proteins to Stay Alive and Healthy
A protein is a very, very long and complex chain of a collection of very many smaller amino acids - smaller, complex molecules, that, combined with nitrogen, other elements and comprise the building blocks of the varied types of proteins we MUST have - building blocks of hormones and enzymes.
Our bodies are about 20-percent protein by weight and about 60-percent by water. Most of the rest of our body is composed of minerals such as calcium (esp. in your bones).
continued at

How is your pH? - two easy tests you can do yourself at home

Health Canada’s PHARMACEUTICAL AGENDAS for us! How do we safeguard ourselves? We hear so many people talking about their anti-depressants as if it is normal to get to a point in life that they are “needed”, natural and a staple and without much thought as for how long. A whole year? A whole decade? Forever? Two tests we can do at home can help show us where we are at.
continued at

Supporting your Pancreas - Blood Sugar Imbalances - Diabetes and Hypoglycemia
If you’ve had your live blood analysis done, you would have looked at many aspects of your blood - red cells, white cells, and all sorts of interesting shapes in between doing the backstroke. You may have addressed a blood sugar imbalance - you would have seen a strangely shaped item - a very subtle shape (like lumpy angel-wings - an oligio-saccharide around a minute nasty protein speck - much smaller than a platelet and a white roundish shape nearby. This grouping of elements is called a pteroharpen. Such a unique name for a nasty little item!
continued at

IT'S THE EMOTIONS ...and the famous cellular biologist, Dr Bruce Lipton, who just keeps on passing on wisdom - easily comprehended and vital to our basic outlook on how things (molecules, DNA, genes and emotions) work together and cause awesome or poor health - The Biology of Perception - a sequel...
continued at

The Joy of Broth

3 Alternative Cancer Therapies - that can be used simultaneously: Mistletoe, Ozone & Essiac
MISTLETOE (Viscum album) ~ Anthroposophical medicine is a complex system - an art and a science of healing that includes the integration of the spiritual and the physical. It was founded by Rudolf Steiner in the early 20th century.
continued at

B3 - Niacin - using it uniquely for deep sixing the blues
One of my heroes is Dr. Abram Hoffer.
He was a gifted dynamic honest reasearcher and pioneer pioneer in the mental health field and gave us ortho-molecular Medicine.

Abraham Hoffer
He used a few supplements uniquely and very SUCCESSFULLY to treat depression, bi-polar disorder, shizophrenia and other mental health challenges. The main vitamin that he recognized and gave a whole new meaning to the use of vitamin B3 / niacin. After his overwhelming successes there should have been monuments to the man and Nobel prizes by the dozens... but instead the rise of psycho-drugs, pharma $$s, government covert programs, etc, got in the way of rational thinking and proper research. B3 cannot be patented now, so there's no money to be made here and even the FDA and Health Canada got everyone to move along - - nothing to be had here! The official daily minimum requirement, RDA, is a joke at 18 mg. Continued at


The #1 Vitamin Deficiency Damaging Our Brain - It's Many Masks, Poor Quality Supplements and Useless Tests and some Self-Help Details
You can begin enjoying a really sharp mind in only a few days!...
I see so much vitamin B12 lacking - deficiency in almost everyone I see for Live Blood Analysis - not all for the same reasons. As more and more (young) people switch to eating vegetarian and vegan - for whatever reasons - environmental, spiritual or financial - and often doing it on the advice of advertorials in dastardly "health" magazines that are covertly plugging products such as unfermented soy, spirulina, etc, and more deficiency mounts up.... so unnecessary.
continued at

A Great Head of Hair - to Have or Not to Have...
There are so many suggestions as to what will help to bring about a good head of hair that one wonders why the advice is so divergent. Why can’t there be a simple eat this and do that kind of advice!
If you consider that one square inch of your scalp skin contains 65 hairs, 100 sebaceous glands, 650 sweat glands, 78 heat sensors, 13 cold sensors, 1300 nerve endings, 9500 cells, 19 yards of blood vessels and lymph capillaries and 78 yards of nerves, then it does make sense that there is a multitude of possibilities for lack of hair and suggestions that flow from that.
Here are the most logical ones:
continued at

Hormone Replacement Therapy - Suggestions for pre-HRT or NO HRT
Hormone Replacement Therapy is based on the premise that your body is incapable of producing the RIGHT amount of hormones as we age at the right time. Hormone production alters as we pass through life’s stages and adjusts along with us. Hormone PROBLEMS are a function of how healthy or imbalanced we are with this - severe stress, PTSD, etc are examples. All these Hornymones work together!
continued at

12 Hacks to Make Your Weight Loss Easier
Many of us are dieting – and some of us are always being careful and we’d all like weight-loss to be easy!
With mountains of conflicting weight loss advice and internet ‘wisdom’, advertorials and BS, where does one start ...or stop?

Just a few Benefits of Invincible Oxygen / Ozone Therapy for EVERYONE and Diabetes and AIDS/HIV
Ozone / Oxygen therapy is an unusually graceful, un-intrusive detoxification method. This is the therapy with the gentle escape route for your toxins! Unlike Infrared Sauna, it is beneficial in many ways (AND even, if you still have your mercury / silver fillings).
continued at

Radiation Emergency Dietary Backup
This article is a nutritional heads-up as nuclear fallout from Japan is coming our way. TEPCO finally has admitted Fukushima suffered a nuclear meltdown on day one of the catastrophe at reactor one! And it wasn't just one meltdown - there were several. How to stay health now that we know nuclear contamination will probably affect us in north America, too. Of the six reactors in Japan that have constantly been in the news, three or four are now almost under control. But some of the fuel rods have melted down to a blob and at best a mini-Chernobyl is in progress. Mitigating and en-tombing the damage is now beginning but the falsely reported fallout into water, earth and air cannot be reversed.
continued at

Oil Pulling
As there is no industry or lucrative sales connected to "oil pulling" and as I cannot see anybody making big dollars from this simple health remedy, apart from sounding sensible and simple, I decided to try it. The theory is that our body expels toxins through the surface of our tongue (think of all the diagnoses in TCM that the tongue provides), which is most noticeable in the mornings after waking.
continued at

Eating According to the Glycemic Index
Not All Carbs are Created Equal
The index was initially designed for people with Hypoglycemia and Diabetes. This simple-to-understand index is a measuring system to show how fast a carbohydrate triggers a rise in blood sugar - the higher the number, the faster and higher the blood sugar response is. The higher the blood sugar rises, the faster and more insulin is triggered as a response!
continued at

Castor Oil Packs
"The Palma Christi" have been used therapeutically in ancient India, China, Persia, Egypt, Africa, Greece, Rome, the Americas and 17th century Europe. Castor oil applied externally in the form of "packs" is again very popular with natural health practitioners. 
In the Edgar Cayce Readings castor oil packs are often mentioned and people were instructed to use them to improve detoxification, elimination, circulation and stimulation of the lymph system.
continued at

Molybdenum, (good) Lithium and Manganese - Mining for Good Mental Health and Feeling Better
Mining for Excellent Mental Health - eating your MOLYBDENUM, LITHIUM, MANGANESE - and a grocery shopping list at the end of this article. Without minerals - all the major ones AND all the minor ones - we do not have good health - we do not have the ability to create the reactions, co-factors, precursors to hormones and catalysts for the thousands upon thousands of intricate, wondrous and complicated chemical transactions that comprise our body's functioning.
Molybdenum, manganese and lithium are three often neglected trace minerals. They are crucial and essential.
continued at

Herpes - a bit of dietary support
Here are some subtle dietary tips to nudge (not cure) a common (no, not everyone tells you they have it!) little skin interuption. These tips work differently for each person.
Arginine tends to aggravate while lysine tends to abate. continues at


Synthetic versus Natural Vitamins - KNOW YOUR OPTIONS
How do I know if the vitamins I'm buying are synthetic or natural? The Organic Consumers Association has published an ingredient chart to help consumers identify natural vs. synthetic vitamins. Many vitamin producers want you to believe that you are getting a "natural product" because it seems more wholesome to take "natural" vitamins. Unfortunately, vitamins can be labeled as natural if they contain as little as 10% - continued at

Ug99 Spreads - Scientists Scurrying to Secure new Safe Strains
Fungus Ug99 has the potential to distort our future food prices and even lead to the rationing of many types of grains…. It sounds as if wheat has caught the flu! A worst case scenario has it that 80% of the world’s wheat crops could be wiped out as this ‘stem rust’ fungus spreads beyond Eastern Africa (Uganda and Kenya is where it started). Experts say it is now poised to spread past Iran and to enter the breadbasket of northern India and Pakistan, and the wind will inevitably carry it to all areas of the Northern Hemisphere.
continued at

non-pharmaceutical PainKillers - from subtle to strong
* the homeopathic Arnica - from your homeopath, naturopath or health supplement store
* birch and clove essential oils - from an aroma therapist, quality aromatherapy store or quality health supplement store
* Proteolytic or Protease enzymes – enzymes that are designed to ONLY work with the digestion of proteins – and/or bromelain...
continued at

There are many profound and fascinating theories at the heart of anthroposophy. Anthroposophical medicine is a complex system - an art and a science of living and healing - that includes the integration of spiritual, emotional and physical components. It was founded again in the present day by the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner (an Austrian Swiss physician, metaphysical pioneer and healer (1861-1925)) in the early 20th century.
continued at

DMSO 'a Little dab Will Do Ya'
DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) is derived from lignin, a binding substance of trees. The Crown Zellerbach Corporation, a mammoth lumber company, holds the patents on DMSO for use as an industrial solvent AND as a liniment for treating pain in horses. Crown Zellerbach licenses DMSO exclusively to Research Industries for marketing as a drug - the pure variety is called Rimso-50. Topically applied, DMSO has the unusual ability to act as a "chemical hypodermic needle", which is to say that it is rapidly absorbed through the skin and can take with it other substances that ordinarily would not cross the skin's barrier. (A health professional always needs to be consulted - no self-doctoring here!)
continued at

When you are diagnosed with cancer, you would have a plethora of questions concerning every aspect of your condition. Why me when I have been so careful all my life? How come others with toxic lifestyles can get away with a clean slate? Why didn't I know sooner? Now what should I do - who should I trust? Why is there so much contradiction - orthodox and alternative folks alike? Which cures, therapies, options should I choose or do I even get to choose, do I have the right to choose? Which doctors are telling me I don't have time to think and what is their motive? Does leaving thorough research to family members make me feel secure? etc...
continued at

A Tribute to Dr. Virginia C. Livingston
Looking Back at How She Saw the Future
THEN: “We are at the same point today (1987) as we were when bone marrow transplants were unheard of or scoffed at, 20 years ago. Now our lack of credibility in our work centers around immunotherapy, autogenous vaccines and the understanding of hCG (also known as the pregnancy hormone and officially known as the human chorionic gonadotropin) molecule. We seem to be at that same point today.”
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Simple, Effective, Band-aid Remedies for Geopathic Stress Faults
We hear a lot about excessive unhealthy EMF's, geo-pathic stresses, radiation from the earth and on planes, etc. ... forces affecting our health: "radiation" from smart meters, cell phones, microwave towers, a neighbour's satellite dish, even our kitchen appliances, etc, as well as solar flares, the shifting magnetic North, geo-pathic stress faults below us, underground water pathways and disrupted energy lines from grids such as the Hartman grid.
Head spinning yet?
Let's divide them between those emanating from (and through) the earth and all the man-made frequencies and radiations. 
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Magnesium - a strong anti-depression mineral
When someone was treatment-resistant to something, we used to think that a doctor or specialist just had not found the right medication or chemical for that particular disease or person. Then, over time, we came to see that in some cases, medications are trial and error.
Thinking more holistically led to scrutinizing imbalances rather than assuming that someone was pharmaceutically lacking. The obvious need to address the underlying cause(s) and imbalance(s), rather than trotting out chemical band-aids became recognized. An example of addressing serious nutritional imbalances, would be Dr. Abram Hoffer's great ortho-molecular work in regards to depression, bi-polar, shizophrenia, etc. His work never received it's deserved due and is thoroughly discussed at 
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Liver Disease: The Shameful Culmination Of Allopathic Therapy
Alpha Lipoic Acid is an enormously powerful antioxidant - naturally occurring - and protects most of the body’s trillions of cells from free radical attacks (as it is soluble in fat and water). Alpha Lipoic Acid supplements assist the cells in converting glucose into useful energy (and stabilizes blood sugar levels), promote natural anti-inflammatory processes, support subtle detoxification and a lot more. ALA is a good Samaritan and assists other antioxidants by participating in their recycling processes (e.g. naturally supports healthy levels of glutathione, Vitamin C and Vitamin E).
Oxidative stress / damage to cells is natural to some degree in the wear and tear of life and aging. It has also been implicated in the negative side effects of damaged nervous, cardiovascular and immune systems, and thus includes the brain, arteries, vital organs and skin layers. Oxidative stress is part of the damage that occurs when symptoms such as poor memory, fluctuating blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol abnormalities, vision problems, skin issues, etc show up.
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Clutter Clearing - The Focused Work ~ lining up your ducks
Our thoughts create a large part of our reality and set the tone for our emotions and the calibre of our feelings. What we think; what nuances our thinking; what massages our thought outcomes; what emotions well up or prevail; and how we deal, modulate and embrace them are constant activities that we are engaged in - consciously and often not so consciously.
There is no better place to begin to creatively exert some control of this process than at home - starting with crossing the threshold - new opportunities to support or shift personal patterns and conditions. Your home - its contents, the state it is in and how you live in it - reflects you - all about you - your innermost state of your feelings - and then, it in turn, affects you. Successful, inviting, gracious, flowing and open - or limiting, closed, frustrating, stuck and shut down?
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I’ve been a fitness coach and health fanatic all my life. Not feeling well for a prolonged period of time had me baffled as my lifestyle is strict and I only eat organic and wholesome foods. I follow a very healthy regimen and eat according to my blood type.
Seeing my blood on screen and 9000X enlarged really took me aback. We were able to pinpoint my problems.
I realize more than ever now that health guidelines are fine for general suggestions, but that every”body” has different requirements and personalized needs. Ms. Bakker conveys information in a straightforward manner – nothing mysterious, complicated or highbrow.

Frances L.

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