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Hello Everyone.

This month our Pacific Holistic newsletter is giving a last look at the CovID disease - with links to some of the wisest minds on the subject. These are educated voices you'll NOT have heard on the mainstream easy-sell newsfeeds.
Future newsletters will be focussed on how to remain in even better health and how to examine the vaccines and injections that are planned.

I truly hope you've all been well - or well enoough in these rough times, in spite of curtailed freedoms. We're a tough lot - and hopefully Saturday, August 27th will be a day to mark in history as the widespread, all round beginning to the international populace push-back.

If the test works – then why the insanely high (90%) False Positives that in any other disease would be deemed intolerabel - and would be completely demolished by the media??? If the Masks work - why the six feet in North America and 4.5  feet in Britain and three feet in the rest of Europe? Did the 'virus' have a workout at the gym and make stronger jumping muscles here in Canada? 
If our six feet distancing works (or why else would we be doing it?) then why the massively unhealthy mask directives? If both work – then why the lockdowns?

Follow the money.
Follow the power agendas.
Follow the real science!
Follow real data (sorry Neil Ferguson - hope you were well paid!).
Find people whose insights are LOGICAL and pure and credible.


They lied about tobacco's toxins - and it was good for business!
They lied about mercury fillings - and still putting those poisons into our mouths!
They lied about opioids - and now my city has a ho-hum attitude for the 500 plus deaths per month it causes!
They laughed at aluminium introduced into deodorants - They couldn't find anything else? Follow the molecules - into white cells and into the brain and into the healing glial cells (that are more than dumb space-taking real estate).
They lied about talcum powder and let the purveyors of baby powder three years to clear the product off the shelves (and then they forgot alln about it until the campaign had to be redone)!
Fluoride into water sanitation and toothpaste - good for you! Who needs a high IQ anyway!
Pesticides, GMOs - necessary, safe and will solve world hunger!
Natural medicines are bad for you...
Artificial sweeteners - so good! The neural system can't get enough of them!
Cholesterol - realllllly bad - HDL versus LDL - get your tests - get your meds! Screw your hormones!

But they’re telling the truth about COVID19?

and from a seperate source with another perspective (in case you don't like mone)...​


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In this newsletter:
I dusted off some of the PH articles and updated them - listed below
details about Live Blood Analysis
upcoming classes and workshops - Reiki, dowsing, clearing and reflexology


A Updated articles

1. Keeping an open mind, common sense, respect for REAL science and a sense of humour and compassion

Just when we thought we had 'leveled the curve' on the incessant charts of the supposed nasty corona particles, it flares up again... or not... so this is yet another update, the fifth since March - and the dynamics change as soon as I have updated my newsletters. It is interesting that this round two or three of this 'outbreak' was already subtly alluded to at the outset, then introduced into our minds more forcefully by the media and WH pressers, Bill Gates and other geniuses and mentioned within many public, well-honed political dialogues... the politicians seem ot get what they wish for...

This thorough, detailed, hyperlinked and factually documaented article continues at


2. HEALTH News and Reports - aggregated snippets that the mainstream media won't be reporting

This Pacific Holistic page posts articles gleaned from REAL sources and researchers that I have followed for a long time in regards to Health, Healing, Nutrition and Health Politics.

We’re conditioned to the nasty fact that if we pay scientists, doctors and pharmacists enough, they will produce the studies, outcomes and results that favour the corporations paying them - leading to successful promotions of dubious drugs, vaccines, narcotic pain killers, etc.
There is a BIG purpose: $elling billion$ of dollar$ of product per day. 

It's not just the ploy of the pharma-thugs... this and many health news insights from around the world and on many vital topics not in the mainstream news are aggregated here that affect us all directly or indirectly continues at



alternative cancer therapY VIDEOS at the Youtube playlist:

View a line-up of cancer survivors who used alternatives - describing various therapies, approaches and clinics at



Nightshades - feeling cranky - sore joints - inflammation everywhere - can be 'bad actors' teamed up with lectins - give these foods a rest
Nicotine / Solanine / Tomatine – acetylcholinesterase inhibitors - in the nightshade vegetable family. Solanine is a glycoalkoid poison found in the leaves, fruits, berries and roots or tubers of potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants - and other foods. It is one of these plants' natural defences - not so great for our joints! continued at

An oxalate free eating approach that may cure aches and pains!
Oxalates in your food, also called oxalic acids are organic compounds found in many plant sources. Some of us can experience a lot of stealthful health problems when we consume oxalate rich foods excessively.... The discomfort they can create should be handled by pushing them off your plate or pouring them out of your juicer or smoothie.
Continued at

Brilliant Benefits of Oxygen / Ozone Therapy for Everyone, Athletes and especially Diabetics and people with HIV / Aids!
.. an unusually wonderful, graceful, un-intrusive detoxification method.
 A therapy with the gentle escape route for your toxins! Unlike Infrared Sauna, it is beneficial (AND even, if you still have your mercury (silver) fillings).
   *  destroys harmful bacteria and virus', hepatitis, candidiasis (yeast overgrowth), parasitic infections, mycotoxicosis, etc; stimulates the immune system / rheumatoid arthritis; improves blood circulation to the capillaries / decreases viscosity / separates the red blood cells / supports peripheral vascular diseases, arrhythmia
    *  can improve lung function / improves the ability of red blood cells to pass on oxygen to other tissue / emphysema, asthma, chronic bronchitis etc.
    *  promotes anti-aging / rejuvenation by increasing oxygen delivery to cells, tissue and organs
    *  decreases inflammation, pain, relaxes tired muscles / fibromyalgia, relieves stress and "burnout"; nerves are calmed; speeds up the metabolic processes. Continues at

LECTINS and INFLAMMATION - nasty, natural little poisons causing “auto-immune” challenges 
There are lots of ways in which inflammation is created in our bodies - unwittingly; there are lots of ways we can eliminate inflammation from our bodies - mindfully.
Normally we know inflammation to be a temporary, healthy, 'heads-up" in regards to the healing of an injury, an infection or an illness. When the inflammation is a chronic, un-ending cascade of flare-ups, then a wholistic approach needs to be embraced - rheumatism, colitis, arthritis (and actually - all the 'itis's), aching joints, swollen tissue, non-stop drippy sinus', overly dry sinus', etc.
There are lots of ways inflammation mimics other disease symptoms that receive many labels; lots of ways inflammation stealthfully triggers other health issues ...
continued at

Surviving Chemo and Radiation. Now how do I fix myself?
“What is the VERY Least I Can Suggest to a Loved-one After Surviving Chemo?”
Clients will ask “what can I do for my Mom or partner or loved-one who is dead-set on following the ONLY options provided by their doctor(s) and now are suffering the consequences of harsh side-effects. (Chemo, surgery and radiation are still the only 'approved' methods to ‘combat’ cancers.)
There are debilitating side-effects that come with that type of “choice” that we have assumed to be the only possibility. Because I’m used to not guessing, but looking thru my microscope for answers, including to see what’s a clear physical reality, I never really say / give / pass along too much advice about someone else’s state of health and how to help others out who are not present – just isn’t right to do so... BUT, here are some suggestions that are a bare minimum that will be a very welcome respite for a damaged body - at

live blood analysis - healing physical, emotional and energetic imbalances and your inner terrain


bye, bye, Parasites
Years ago I had parasites. My trips to a GP were irritating. The signs and symptoms are vast and overlap with many other health challenges - so my own notion of parasites was not taken seriously - in fact a trip to the psychologist was suggested... yet there are brilliant herbs that can slay these dragons...
continues at

* 12 Tips to Boost Mood Swings and Subtle Depression​
Add an instant lift; Add a nut; Add a drop of LUGOL’S iodine; Add Molybdenum, Lithium and Manganese; Allergies - insidious evil; Dr Coca Pulse test; B12 deficiency Methylcobalamine; ADD ozone / oxygen therapy
the forgotten gut; Tissue Transglutaminase Antibodies blood test (tTG-IgA); ADD MAGNESIUM; Ortho-Molecular Smarts; Ortho-Molecular Smarts in a different and complete form - full details and suggestion at

JUST WHY would I want to use IODINE? 
There are differing types of iodine – and all are inexpensive and therefore not sold by the big pharma industry and therefore not focused on or worse, not known / respected by your GP.
continued at

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B Benefits from having a live blood analysis session ... when you are ...

... suffering from frequent bouts of fatigue and chronic tiredness?
... having constant food cravings such as for bread, alcohol and sugar
.... weight gain

... experiencing a lot of gas, bloating, burping, diarrhea, and acid reflex?
.... noticing occasional blood or mucus in your stool?
.. having congested sinus and nasal passages - all stuffed up;
... autoimmune disease?
... having skin issues such as hives, acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin rashes and rosacea?
... suffering from allergies, food intolerances, gastrointestinal issues?
... having a lot of aches and pains - arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue?
... suffering from hormonal imbalances? 
... experiencing brain fog, mood swings, confusion, lack of focus, depression?

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This analysis is invaluable – very dramatic to see your various cells so large and in detail. I recommend to anyone to take a few hours and get their health details sorted out – whether you are healthy or not – just remove the guess work and save money on buying the wrong supplements. I don’t recommend this to people who don’t want to know details as to “why” and who just want to be told what to do. Merrie is extremely thorough and knowledgeable and if she doesn’t know, she’ll let you know that, too. If you need a specialist, she’ll suggest that, too. This is my idea of health care versus health carelessness... But she’s also clear that you’re in your own driver’s seat.

Leopold Z.

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