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1 Metformin medications recall; the mighty virus updates
a call for alternative health information sites
3 Ozone Therapy knocks it out of the park for COVID 19 in Europe?

4 some quality time watching good stuff - even for youngsters


I’m very carefully and gingerly re-starting ozone/oxygen therapies and reflexology with existing clients only.
(You’ll have to bring your own drinking water.)
Ozone / Oxygen detox and re-oxygenation sessions are reduced for all of you by 30% - existing clients and newsletter subscribers.
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Newsletter subscriber rates:
$56 – for one session
$245 – for 5 sessions prepaid
$420 – for 10 sessions prepaid


There's a recall for some Metformin medications – details at to the home page at Pacific Holistic and scroll down to the list of newsletters and click onto the latest one that says ‘re-updated’.
The mighty virus updates are all there too – origins, what it is, what it isn’t, who benefits, who funds WHO? etc, as up-to-date as possible.

A call for alternative health information sites – as the mainstream news media is looking rather twisted and diabolical in these tough times, when we need to trust our news more than ever rather than less... I’ve had requests for suggestions for sharing my news sources that have kept me up-to-date with the rapid authoritarian changes stealthfully introduced. If that applies to you, then just send me an email with “news sources” and I’ll send you a list of my present and much appreciated information / health news sites.
Do you have any you would like to share? We'll share in the next newsletter.

Ozone Therapy used very successfully for the 'viral' Infections in Europe?

Ozone therapy is discussed more openly by the European press. In Spain and Italy doctors have been allowed to treat hospitalized patients without the press and authorities piling on with scathing insults and medieval pseudo-science and denounce what the industrial medical/pharma cartel wants to repress. The reported ozone therapy showed promising results in Italy and Spain..

The elderly population in Italy, which suffers from many co-morbidities, has thus far reported one of the highest death rates. And authorities in Italy have therefore shown to be more open towards unconventional treatments for them especially as intubation has such negative effects on the older the patient (including up to an 80% mortality rate from intubation the figures of elderly in Britain).

According to reports from the Italian Scientific Society of Ozone Therapy (SIOOT), 15 hospitals have started using Major Autohemotherapy (MAH) ozone treatments on patients with infections! On April 9th this Italian society offered an informal and preliminary tally. So far 46 patients had been treated with ozone therapies, of which 11 of them were intubated at the beginning of their therapy. After MERELY 5 ozone therapy treatments the following results were observed:
6 of the 11 intubated patients had been ex-tubated thus far (55%)
3 of the 11 were still intubated (27%)
28 of the 46 patients did not have to be intubated (61%)
4 of the 46 patients have passed away (9%)
5 of the 46 patients have recovered (11%)
2 of the 46 patients tested negative (4%)  

Although the results sound very uplifting, we don’t know how they compare to the general fatality and extubation rate for Italian Covid-19 patients of the area. Maybe soon.

A second association of ozone therapists, the Nuova Federazione Italiana di Ossigeno Ozono (NUOVA FIO), reports that an experimental trial has been approved by the La Sapienza University in Rome to treat Corona patients with ozone therapy. At the same time, the NUOVA FIO reports the successful treatment of 36 patients at the Santa Maria della Misericordia University Hospital in Udine. After the ozone treatments, only one of the 36 patients required intubation (3% as compared to 15%).

“Pianezza tests ozone therapy for Covid-19” was one recent news headline – Pianezza is an area within Turin.

Claudio Pedrazzini, the first member of the Italian parliament diagnosed with Covid-19, liberally shared on his FB page his enthusiasm for ozone/oxygen therapy for all in Italy.
And more goodness here:’ossigeno_ozono_sono_guarito?fbclid=IwAR2kvFf_3R89iGoncNgkt5wWrIgjxUoHrYPv2JflOsMF438cc6LT3iF48ac.

We don’t know yet how the results with ozone oxygen therapy compare to other treatments in critical Italian Coronavirus cases yet, but the fact that doctors are using it in hospitals at all is uplifting. Italian doctors will need as many favorable outcomes and endorsements as they can garner, since the legality is bound to be disputed by the ISS, Istituto Superiore di Sanita, a branch of the ultimate top-dog, the Italian Health Department with WHO connections.

Spain is also reporting unusually high infection and death rates from. A clinic on Ibiza has authorized the use of ozone therapy on Covid-19 patients and so far “the results have been spectacular” - and

A Spanish oncologist who has been vocal about ozone therapy, Dr. Olmedo, claims to have recovered from his own Coronvirus infection (fever of 104 F, tachycardia at times from 118 to 120 and low oxygen blood saturation) with the help of ozone therapy, which he calls “magical” and explains at his FB page: He alternated rectal insufflations, direct IVs, 10 pass, sublingual ozone and intramuscular injections, followed by a week of a total of 600,000 units of Vitamin D3 and as the good doctor writes: “anything that makes sense deserves openness"

Does the USA use ozone therapy...?

In the USA the FDA claims that ozone is a toxic gas and has no therapeutical properties. Period. Full stop. Bogus unfounded claims, etc. Nothing has changed. We,  in North America, are the laughing stock. Hospitals ARE WELL COMPENSATED - as it stands they receive $13,000 from the government per Covid-19 patient and $39,000 if the patient has been intubated. That explains such a HUGH demand for those ventilators and so much intubation! It’s not just about being labour intensive… it’s $$ intensive. Did you watch them all fight over those ventilators in media gatherings - and finger pointing from governors to mayors to authorities?
... ozone therapy usage has been given a very low incentive - verrrrrrrrry low.

There are a number of US doctors though who treat Coronavirus patients in their private practices with ozone therapy - quietly.
Among them is Dr. Rowen who was kicked out of Sierra Leone after showing how effective at curing EBOLA I ... And a Dr. Brownstein reports on his cases:

And in China ozone therapy is used but the information is not shared! Surprise!
China's ozone use is mentioned at Giuseppo Masiello’s FB page:

And some background:


4. watching something useful that's even enjoyable for youngsters / meaningful compliments of the wonderful folks at The Soleri Report - Food for the SOUL - Catherine Austin Fitts -


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