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1. RECALL UPDATED - over-the-counter Zantac / ranitidine / NDMA - Health Canada not very vocal! Recall of Metformin from some producers.

2. steam ozone/oxygen sauna versus infra-red sauna sessions

3. summer lectures and workshops

4. in the meantime


1. Health Canada is informing Canadians that it is aware that the toxin N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) has been detected in some ranitidine drugs. 

This 'probable' human carcinogen, (which means long-term exposure to levels above what is considered safe) could increase the risk of cancer. It's also in some meats, dairy products, processed vegetables and in some drinking water. Ranitidine is available over-the-counter in various forms - including the brand name Zantac and in generics and in some prescription (and their generics).
This ranitidine is approved to prevent and relieve heartburn associated with acid ingestion, sour stomach, ulcers of the stomach and intestines and gastroesophageal reflux 'disease' - GERD, etc... Health Canada may be waiting for the FDA to make a more aggressive statement... before it comes out more clearly to protect us Canadians.
In the meantime, any really good reflexologist will know how to find the hiatus hernia reflex point (left foot only) and work with it and show you how to do the same at home (or else change reflexologists). It will take you only one minute - three times per day - just pull your foot up (the left one) while drive, being on line or lingering after a meal...
Also, one can use the cell / tissue / Scheussler salts wisely - called Nat Phos - D6. Shake 3 or 4 little tabs into the cap, toss under the tongue without touching them, let them melt - and if it's a very acute situation - then five times per day; otherwise three times per day and then less and less as one recoups. This is very inexpensive, quick, non-toxic and empowering. The popular brand most available in Vancouver is Hyland's - at good/alternative health care stores. Never leave these little homeopathics to stand on a metal shelf.

ADDED: Certain Metformin diabetes drugs recalled due to the presence or possible presence of NDMA: JAMP Pharma Corporation, Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals Canada Inc., Apotex Inc.
Metformin is a prescription drug used to control high blood sugar in patients with type 2 diabetes.
Now might be a good time to see if including some alternative blood sugar control methods may be of help - including specific enzymes, specific trace minerals, diet review of good fats and proteins to include and the glycemic index revisted to remove inflammatory items, some useful homeopathics, some essential vitamins and lovely reflexology... can be done gracefully - and quickly.


2. The Power of Detoxifying with ozone and oxygen

Reducing our body’s burden of heavy metals, stored chemicals and all manner of toxins is a critically important factor in letting our bodies restore themselves - health and vitality for ALL OF US.
This is best when achieved in a gentle, non-invasive process – tht works WITH nature and is perfect for toxic individuals, people with chronic illnesses, people fighting serious diseases and all of us who wish to improve such important things as energy levels, brain clarity, longevity and with a serious eye on prevention.

Detoxification, using the steam heat sauna method, introduces heat UP TO the skin surface and this induces sweating. This has been used for centuries by many cultures to bring about improved health and relief from disease.
(This happens inadvertently all the time when one goes for a walk in the dessert!)

Naturally and automatically, our blood capillaries, as well as our tiny arteries and veins, come closer towards the skin’s surface to cool us. Our pores automatically open and let sweat out which also cools us and with that sweat, can let the toxins exit that are in our sweat. Our extra cellular matrix, the fluids between the ceels in our body has the job of picking up toxins and depositing them into the blood and/or lymph circulation. Now these can also exit through sweating! 
There are millions of sweat glands on our skin's surface – another clever physical mechanism we never think about. As our bodies work away at this elimination process, we are even expending energy while relaxing - it can’t get any better. (1) 

With a steam sauna, your head is not in the heat, you breathe normal room temperature air - no claustrophobia. There is ample space around your body and all you have to do is sit and relax and sip water. And, while your skin allows toxins to exit, there is a huge ULTIMATE bonus, absorbing O3/O2 transdermally as the pores are wide open and the blood circulation is near the surface - an optimum pick-up condition. The open pores allow the oxygen to naturally enter the epidermis, then the corium skin and then the extra-cellular matrix (the fluids carrying the toxins) and the the veins and arterial walls, naturally. THIS (not infra-red waves) allows the red cells to separate due to improved zeta potential, the pH to shift a bit, the white cells to re-energize, mold, amoebas, and the smallest parasites, etc to hop the twig... 

The steam heat doesn’t cause heat to travel INTO our bodies - just TO our body’s surface - creating an automatic natural detoxifying sweat response – as in nature. HOWEVER, infrared saunas, penetrate the heat INTO the body (penetrating from 3 cm to 4 inches depending on the literature and manufacturer's set-up), heating tissue abnormally inside our interior and in a manner never experienced in nature.

When individuals enjoy an infrared sauna, then heat waves penetrate everywhere including into the body’s natural cooling mechanism, too – the very thing that helps detoxify you! This intrusive heating also includes heating into some organs/tissues where we have NO cooling mechanisms such as our brain’s grey matter, eyeballs, etc.

The lymph capillaries, also nearer the surface naturally due to the increased surface heat in a steam sauna, are able to pick up some of the incoming oxygenation. The nodes in the lymph system (processing power houses full of white cells) benefit from some of this oxygenation, too, improving their work.  So, the oxygenation, can indirectly allow the whole lymphatic system better removal of large toxins, including acids, chemicals and heavy metals from our bodies.

Just as an example: in a steam sauna the fillings in the teeth (some people’s are still mercury laden) are not heated through as the head is outside of the steam cabinet. In an infrared sauna they are heated automatically by the various wavelengths that penetrate and I surely wouldn’t want my mercury heated up (similar to drinking extremely hot liquids non-stop for 1/2 hour. This would be diametrically opposite to detoxing. There is some sweating with the infra-red sauna, but certainly in a diminished level compared to natural steam sauna sweating (and no extra cell re-oxygenation).

Hyperthermia is an amazing branch of medical science whereby blood is carefully removed, anti-coagulents added and heated outside of the body and then reintroduced - called ‘induced hyperthermia’. This unique procedure artificially elevates the body’s temperature. Proper or REAL hyperthermia is performed sparingly and is done under general anesthetic, with attending physicians, monitoring and procedures lasting several hours with lab blood tests before and after. Only in recent years has science begun to seriously examine this specific technique. Take a serious look at REAL hypothermic therapy if you are fighting for your life. Several good research papers have now been published on how this therapy is used in some foreign countries to treat end-stage cancer.

Because the above form of heating the blood is seen as possibly life-saving, infrared sauna body heating may be labeled hyperthermic by some, but isn’t at all the same procedure, nor with the same ‘benefits’ as the one described above, even if the same words are used.

Infra-red saunas have been accorded the ability to increase oxygenation and through that many vital functions of the body’s basic functions such as improved leukocytes, improved terrain rebalancing, etc, is claimed to be achieved. NO oxygen is introduced into the process as with steam sauna sessions. The words are often borrowed from ozone/oxygen steam sauna therapy literature.

The steam sauna DOES NOT speed up metabolism (not rational) and but DOES actually gives the liver and pancreas a break. It DOES NOT increase the number of white cells as that is nature’s call and is organized via the signalling between bone marrow and spleen, which enjoys benefits indirectly . 

Please go to to see all the health benefits that introducing ozone/oxygen
offers. (2)

Detoxification effort - taking the time to thoroughly detoxify - can pay big dividends in health prevention, vitality and quality of life. And this is how the benefits translate:

* diminishes pain
* increases longevity
* decreases weight (1)
* stress taken off of the kidneys and liver for a brief period of time
* brings about a rise in the level of growth hormone
* helps to restore normal autonomic nervous system functioning (muscle tension, sweating, blood pressure, digestion and balance)
* mediates dilation of arteries (heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase, while diastolic blood pressure drops) (2)
* diminishes herpes
* eliminates excessive body odor
* reduces symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome
* alleviates mercury, lead and aluminum poisoning (and other heavy metals)

These sessions should be used after dental work in which mercury amalgams have been removed in the regular old-fashioned manner (as opposed to using a biological dentist) and as a gentle form of metal chelating treatment – without the introduction of toxic chelating chemicals.

If you include dietary changes, exercise and nutritional support, you are doing amazing pro-active work.

Normally we begin with a 30 minute session and gradually we work up to about 40 minutes - as our tolerances increase. A complete series of detoxification can normally range from 5 ozone steam sauna sessions to 20 sessions, depending on each of our unique needs and challenges. (3)

(1) As reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), August 7, 1981
“A moderately conditioned person can easily sweat off 500 gms. in a sauna, consuming nearly 300 kcal - the equivalent of running 2 - 3 miles. A heat-conditioned person can easily sweat off 600 - 800 kcal with no adverse effects. While the weight of the water loss can be regained by rehydration with water, the calories consumed will not be.” one gram of sweat requires 0.586 kcal.

(2) Only if one has a pacemaker, an unsteady heart, very low or high blood pressure, are there serious contraindications.

(3) Please email us for several dozen more peer reviewed scientific articles and references on detoxification and ozone/oxygen therapies.


3. summer lectures and workshops (in Kerrisdale), Vancouver BC 

1) REIKI - THE POWER TO HEAL - certification weekend classes - all levels - described below:

  • REIKI Mastery Level 1  Class - June 13, 14
  • REIKI Mastery Level 2 Class - June 27, 28
  • REIKI Level III / Teacher Master Class - starts in July
  • quarterly REIKI Practitioner healing exchange - June 28
  • Chakras Workshops for REIKI Practitioners of all levels - June 21

2) REFLEXOLOGY - 2 1/2 day - certification class

  • June 5 (eve), 6, 7

3) DOWSING basic introductory one day class

  • May 9 (maybe!)

4. In the meantime I will continue to teach classes one-on-one in Reiki, Reflexology and Dowsing.

I'm midway through the very large process of setting up the essentials for teaching Live Blood Analysis online - in webinar and DVD format with manual formats - and this will start in August.
That's also about the time I will start hosting evening sharing sessions in German New Medicine information. My FB page - Live Blood Analysis at Pacific Holistic - will list these events WITH DETAILS.

Thanks for taking the time to read all the way to the bottom!
Best qi,
Merrie Bakker
Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC, V6M 1Y9

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Making an appointment with Merrie, was going to be my last attempt to become healthier. I read she didn’t sell supplements and I could be sure that the recommendations would be sincere. I'm glad I did!
I had my live blood analysis done twice in the past. Once in a health food store by a traveling microscopist and once at a Health Show.
The first time I was told I was in very BAD shape and was so scared that I bought a humongous amount of supplements that I was told I really needed to have that were right there in the store (surprise, surprise), which was a financial strain.
The Health Show “quickie” was also an attempt to sell me supplements and join an MLM company. After the first fiasco it was easy to say no to the second “offer”.
I highly recommend a well trained and integrous microscopist who doesn’t have a conflict of interest. I have recommended a few relatives to go and see Merrie and we are all happy with her service.

George M.

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