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A Common Health Narrative: where did my magnesium go?
Does this sound familiar?

You’ve been under massive stress but managing to get by and slowly you are feeling understandably more tired, less joyful and more in need of bonding with the sofa and the TV.

You go to your doctor and he/she says: "Oh, you have elevated blood pressure - you must be under stress... we’ll keep our eye on it." (Meaning that we don’t know why this is occurring and hopefully it will go away on it’s own and there’ll be no need for a pharmaceutical intervention and that’s a nice doctor!)
Sometimes the prescription pad is at the ready - right away. Then a doctor will usually prescribe a diuretic - the most benign of the blood pressure prescriptions. Diuretics drain off minerals, including our best friend magnesium.
The blood pressure is still elevated over the months and so the doctor tells my client that it’s time for stronger intervention and a calcium blocker is prescribed. The magnesium deficiency is ever greater, especially if the original stress (mops up magnesium) is still there to contend with, too, or worse, if even more stress is added due to this new frightening health condition. Magnesium has an intertwined synergistic relationship with calcium and is an automatic calcium blocker but is now no longer functioning. My client also was given an ACE blocker prescription - more interference... for his own good, no doubt.
He now has three drugs that have various negative effects on making his blood’s natural zeta potential (the minuit electrical currents between each of the trillions of red blood cells and the blood serum fluids and artery, vein and capillary walls become imbalanced and the red cells begin to stick together and his entire blood flow is no longer efficient and smooth). Now, due to the latter, there is less detoxifying, less anti-inflammatory activities and less oxygenation and ph re-balancing abilities and less subtle repair is initiated. His chances to heal are diminishing.
Healing demands cholesterol… and yes! Another drug comes into play… Cholesterol is elevated for a reason - a symptom is a sign of activity - a good one in this case, and now the drug snuffs that activity. As time goes by, my tough athletic client manages to get by - although he gives up his running (feels like running through quick-sand he says) as it is too demanding and the feel-good effect is gone. 

All prescription meds have some form of irritation (all the way to the known and to unknown damage). Most prescription drugs have some negative effect on the pancreas and so now there are blood sugar issues to deal with - and ever more subtle internal inflammatory reactions and some digestion issues crop up… hmmmm.... must be old age! Damn... a little early! And so now a stool test is suggested which comes back negative and my client is grateful for small mercies.
“But at least they caught my high cholesterol and blood pressure and sugar! Wow! Thank God for modern medicine!

In the meantime, his wife who had multiple health issues and a serious disdain for meds accidentally infused her body quite smartly with a lot of viable absorbable magnesium and her stabbing heart pains were relieved. Intuitively, she repeated the same process of magnesium ingestion and her heart palpitations (especially after each meal) were relieved and there seemed to be a lot less muscle pains and less constipation. And the next round actually put paid to the fibromyalgia AND reduced the migraines by half. Serious pain had affected 5 joints for many years and had increased decade by decade. One shoulder joint had been a constant source of pain from age seven! Her other joints joined in one by one over the years.

The right form of magnesium is very important - there are many forms on the market. There are intravenous pushes (sometimes used in conjunction with IV’s), many forms of supplements, various bathing salts and transdermal spray-on versions.
There is citrate, sulphide, chloride, chlorate and magnesium oxide supplements and these all have varying levels of bio-availability. Some forms absorb beautifully when taken in a very specific manner and others cause detox reactions. It's a tad tricky and requires specific individual attention and more space than we have here.

Transdermal magnesium is straight-forward and best delivered as a chloride (not something you want to take internally but works brilliantly externally) - MgCl2. This is slow but miraculous. An underground source of MgCl2 that is relatively free from toxins is Zechstein magnesium water (a 250 million year old lake under Northern Europe). These magnesium salts are sold as flakes and liquid (usually called an oil). The Dead Sea also provides a good not-too-toxic source of magnesium (but the toxins may have been removed with high heat and that therefore changes the molecular structure of the sodium and the actual sodium in these Dead Sea salts will not be absorbed well… but no worries, it’s the magnesium we are looking for here).

Mainstream North American dietary research shows that 70% of tested individuals in the United States do not consume anywhere near the daily recommended amount of dietary magnesium (that is a group of folks who have access to clinics and hospitals). 20% of North Americans do not consume even half of the government’s recommended daily intake of magnesium. These government RDA statistics were calculated deceptively too low for our interests of today (based on a set of lab statistics required to make imperishable food rations for US soldiers during WWII so as to keep them functioning in the field).

Our world has become more toxic, so our need for magnesium has increased dramatically for merely that reason alone. Our lives have become much more stressed so there too, we require so much more for support. The amount supplied by our basic foods has decreased substantially, too, because of serious soil nutrient depletion and / or exhaustion, modern agricultural methods and food processing (glyphosate toxicity doesn't even begin to cover the whole polution gamit). Fertilizers consist mainly of nitrates, phosphates and potash. Occasionally calcium is added. The result is visually appealing crops, but with plants that are low in just about everything else but beauty. Seldom is magnesium is in the fertilizer picture.

In a study of 1033 hospital patients it was found that 54% of the patients had a serious magnesium deficiency and 90% of the doctors had not thought to ask for a magnesium test - just not on their minds.

A calcium deficiency is often a magnesium deficiency in disguise, too. In the paleolithic or caveman diet — the ancient diet that evolved with our bodies — the magnesium to calcium ratio was 1:1. Compare that with our 5:1, 15:1 or even a 100:1 ratios in present-day diets. With an average of ten times more calcium than magnesium in our current diet, there is no doubt about magnesium’s deficiency and calcium’s confusion - high levels of calcium in the blood with nowhere to go and calcium creating deposits ON bone rather than IN bone.

Magnesium is involved in hundreds of bodily functions. The list of diseases associated with magnesium deficiency is inexhaustible, because like air and water, magnesium is a basic element to life. Magnesium deficiency is one of a core of instigators leading to pathology. 

And magnesium needs to dance with other nutrients. Vitamin B6, vitamin E, selenium, zinc and the heat-sensitive vitamin B1, for example, need to hang around for magnesium to be powerful. According to the brilliant Dr Sircus:
“If you do not have sufficient amounts of magnesium, your body cannot make or utilize protein. Similarly if you don’t have adequate amounts of magnesium, the vitamin C and E that you consume cannot be used.”

                      (dysbiosis in peripheral blood analysis)

Magnesium can be seen as a universal medicine and is something strong enough to use in dramatic life-threatening instances during emergency treatments. It is nothing short of a miracle mineral in its healing effect on a wide range of health problems - some not even related - some without overlapping symptoms. Magnesium has the propensity to rejuvenate our aging bodies and a remarkable infection / inflammation fighter. Magnesium is the most useful basic ‘medicine’ for the majority of clients as a foundational support and for many other therapeutic and non-pharmaceutical interventions. 

Most people who are aware of the need for magnesium supplementation take their magnesium in an oral form, but many things affect magnesium absorption via the gut - pH in the stomach; pH in the intestines; the salt the magnesium is connected to; how much is already in the intestine and how much is not being eliminated due to accumulated gut catarrh and the medications a person may be on (gastrointestinal disorders that impair absorption such as Crohn's disease can limit the body's ability to absorb magnesium). The most limiting factor to adequate magnesium absorption by oral supplementation is diarrhea and the sad needless elimination of good gut bacteria.
In Holy Water, Sacred Oil; The Fountain of Youth, Dr Norman Shealy adds that the dilemma with oral magnesium compounds are that they have a laxative effect. He also states that there is reliable evidence that magnesium absorption relies upon the mineral’s staying power in the intestine.

And in general, if more minerals are used up than we supply, then some of the fluids and organs, at some point become way too over acidified. Drinking alkaline water will not fix this. If the minerals are not supplied (sufficiently with our food, IVs, sprays, etc) then our bodies use the reserves such as our bones, teeth, connective tissues, scalp and other non-life-threatening places to Ronb Peter to pay Paul.

Then the consequences are predictable: failing energy, lack of resistance, brittle bones, tooth decay, joint diseases, systemic inflammation, failing digestion, etc. Neutralized acids from these fluids and tissues are normally excreted. But if our eliminating organs are also involved, then they may be stored in connective or even joint tissues and fluids - somewhat out of harms way… fans over time, when not elevated, we start to hear the words: metabolic disorders, autoimmune disease, rheumatic complaints and meds to the rescue.

A total of at least 150 diseases are associated with chronic hyper-acidity due to mineral deficiency. The next newsletter has more on de-acidification and good aspects of an alkaline diet.

Without magnesium, there would be no life!

  • Without magnesium, the nervous system would peter out
  • Without magnesium vitamin C is less effective
  • Without magnesium over 300 enzymes become in-effective
  • Without magnesium there would be no muscle relaxation
  • Without magnesium blood pressure would rise
  • Without magnesium blood would clump together, there would be thrombosis
  • Without magnesium insulin could not transport blood sugar to cells
  • Without magnesium our body could not produce proteins
  • Without magnesium we all would look like wrinkled, toothless old people
  • Without magnesium we would be fatigued and suffer from insomnia

Would you like to see what’s working just fine, what is missing and what needs topping up? See yourself on the cellular level - 9000X magnification

Magnesium supplementation that causes diarrhea is foolish… yet the same products that do this can be used very gracefully to augment snapy, smart re-mineralization and do much more than merely relax the gut and the nervous system. Magnesium deficiency is SO NOT NECESSARY! And SO NOT RECOGNIZED!
Would you like to make your own magnesium spray?  Where and why would you want to use it? How can your diet be more advantageous? How can I get the most out of my mineral baths?

And and article from some time ago that you might appreciate:
Magnesium - a strong anti-depression mineral

When someone was treatment-resistant to something, we used to think that a doctor or specialist just had not found the right medication or chemical for that particular disease or person. Then, over time, we came to see that in some cases, medications are trial and error.

Thinking more holistically led to scrutinizing imbalances rather than assuming that someone was pharmaceutically lacking. The obvious need to address the underlying cause(s) and imbalance(s), rather than trotting out chemical band-aids became recognized. An example of addressing serious nutritional imbalances, would be Dr. Abram Hoffer's great ortho-molecular work in regards to depression, bi-polar, shizophrenia, etc. His work never received it's deserved due and is thoroughly discussed at Magnesum’s role in mental health continues at

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