See YourselfUp Real! Close ~ suggestions for pre-HRT ~ or NO HRT

See Yourself up Real! Close ~ suggestions for HRT, pre-HRT or NO HRT!

Hormone Replacement Therapy is based on the premise that your body is incapable of producing the RIGHT amount of hormones as we age. Hormone production alters as we pass through life’s stages and adjusts along with you. Hormone PROBLEMS are a function of how healthy or imbalanced you are with this. All these HorneyMones work together!
Any kind of hormone replacement - whether of the old-fashioned variety, or bio-identical - actually causes your body to slowdown with the making of your own on your own. This includes more than the hormones such as estradial and progesterone, but also the hormones of melatonin, DHEA and HGH, etc.
At least using bio-identical hormones means you’re not ingesting pregnant mares’ urine with all the well published side-effects - liver disease, blood clots, etc. Bio-identicals, have been conceived in a lab, synthetic, are still not your own but are at least “plant derived” and less toxic. There is a lot of money in this business - research, retail, consultancy, etc. There is a lot of misinformation, too. It is a real Buyer Beware! situation.
Knowing what you need exactly means exact saliva testing - a very expensive proposition (the tests and the visits to the naturopath, combined). And ofcourse you’ll need a baseline before you’re going to try the artificial balancing act.
Why not incorporate smart strategies into your everyday health first - to benefit your all-over health and hormones, before fixing those “horney mones” specifically. It might make a world of difference.
Both the very important organs - thyroid and adrenals - are a key and integral part of your hormonal health. Get these to work at their best and you have two bonuses!
1) Your overall health will greatly improve - emotionally and mentally, too.
2) Your hormones will have a great opportunity to do their very best for you, naturally, with thyroid and adrenal support just right.

THYROID - so much has been written - go to for more "behind the scenes" details.
So regardless of why your thyroid maybe sluggish, let’s look at how to tell how it’s doing:
1. take your temperature - before arising, before going to the loo or plugging in the kettle or feeding the cat... you must remain totally still and horizontal. Do this upon arising for three days and take your average (not during menstruation and ovulation).
If you have a 37*C or a 98.6*F temperature - then you are perfect! Skip this part.

If you are slightly below - by +/- a 0.2*C or 0.4*F then take a lot of kelp and dulce supplements with meals - inexpensive and splurge. You are almost a happy camper! Any lower temperatures, though, requires you to continue with the following steps.

2. Purchase potassium iodide - liquid - sometimes called Lugol’s and take this liquid very carefully - of course I’m not a doctor so this is just an educational discussion and definitely not any form of diagnosis and treatment.
On the first day, take one drop; on the next two days take two drops; on the next three days take three drops each day; on the next four days take four drops per day and on the following 5 days take five drops - all in a glass of water. This you can do first thing in the morning or first and last thing in the day - a divided amount - not with food - best on an empty stomach. So this totals 15 days of drinking the potassium iodide water. We must be very cautious with our thyroids - as opposed to some of the crazy advise about taking whole dropper-fuls for the fallout damage prevention recently popularly recommended - nothing like overkill!
This is very inexpensive. Now take your temperature again - carefully - with you horizontally and still, before arising after these 15 days and see how you’ve progressed.

3. You will either be at 37*C and 98.6*F or not.
If you are, then you’ll continue with the potassium iodide in water but go back to 4 drops - and do this for a few weeks and again take your temperature. Adjust with the focus that you want to stay at the right temperature with the least amount of daily potassium iodide drops. Keep monitoring till you have it just right and check every so often.

4. if you’re not there yet, then keep up with the 5 drops for another 2 weeks and check again. If not quite right yet, you’ll at least have made a great improvement. Take the drops with you on holidays. I find that when I back of and forget, the amount of calories I can eat wither weight gain is less, I’m less eager in general to get up and embrace the day and just less of a happy camper.

Your adrenals are not as easy to size up on your own. But this you can do for sure. One way of telling how well they are doing is to see if you are dizzy or a tad breathless or have heart thumping moments when you jump up after lying down quietly for a while.
Or a live blood analysis session will shed light on both your adrenals and throid and of course, so much more - at once.

1) minimise your sources of stresses - call in some markers; get extra baby-sitting; tell
your boss where you could cut some corners for your sanity, etc.; make a barter deal with your accountant so your back taxes get done; let your eager girlfriend come in and do that clutter clearing that she’s been threatening to do....

2) Take up the easy habit of finding a quiet room, a certain spot to sit in and allow your body to be totally still. Then let your mind be as still as it can and then let your nerves go limp, too... it’ll be amazing how many aches come forth that you can blow off - it doesn’t need to be the lotus position or a trip to a meditation centre and a lot of work - just a straight back and a few minutes. Do this often, same spot, same room and go limp and tell your mind to empty (not possible but we can become better and better at this).

3) I purchase this specific supplement - Thorne’s Cortrex - for support (I don’t have shares in the company :-))

4) You may also want to include zinc and B5 in your diet.
If you want to add the zinc with food, then take your pick:
Oysters – BIG ZINC
Crab, Lobster, Mussels and shrimp – medium zinc
Clams, salmon – little bit of zinc
Baked beans, Lentils and kidney beans – small tad of zinc
Cashews – little bit less than a small tad
(Vegetarians may need as much as 50% more zinc than non-vegetarians because of the lower absorption of zinc from plant foods, so it is very important for vegetarians to include good sources of zinc).

If you want to add the B5 through food, too, then take your pick from: whole grains, brown rice, broccoli, yams, mushrooms, salmon, eggs, legumes.  When you cook any of these foods, it will destroy up to half of the B5.

5) You can use the following herbs: Cleavers and Plantain - either or both (I go to Gaia Gardens on West Broadway in Vancouver) and make a tea from them or buy the herbs in a tincture and use judiciously. Take very little, several times a day, with consistency... This is not one of those “if a little is good then a lot is better...”

And a tincture of:
    * Borago officinalis (Borage) - an herb with a variety of uses, including significant tonic benefits for the adrenals.
    * Eleutherococcus senticosis (Siberian ginseng)
    * Astragalus membranaceous (Huang Qi)

6) add Vitamin C - a small amount of quality C per day - it must say that it’s made from Acerola Berry, Hibiscus, etc. on the bottle. If it doesn’t say what the Vitamin C is made of, even in the fine print, then it’s from cornstarch, in spite of what the salesperson tells you, and therefore not good enough for you. If it is written “with” Ascerola Berry, then you know it’s got 8% of that product and still 92% of what you don’t want. The good brands have left Canada - Allergy Research and Nutricology.
I personally purchase Camu Camu Berry. It’s not buffered and thus cannot be used for liver flushes and that sort of thing - just a few 100 milligrams per day - divided amounts if possible, and daily.

7) Find a friend who can show you where the adrenals and thyroid are in reflexology and give yourself (or exchange) frequent foot rubs in the right places.
So shortly you’ll have very grateful adrenals and thyroid. But the even bigger reason was to allow your horney-mones to be as balanced as possible as they all dance together and as we age!


I was very skeptical before the first session. It was a pleasure to have you take a close look at my “chemistry” and have another follow-up session with you and after following your advice from what you suggested in our 1st session many months ago, I was pleased to see evidence that my basic health is improved and only needs some more tweaking. I am so very grateful for your service, your kind heart, your vast knowledge and wisdom that you freely share.

Carolyn T

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