SEE YOURSELF UP CLOSE - 6 Healthy Smart Ways - Make Weight Loss Easier!

6 Ways to Make Your Weight Loss Easier

Many of us are dieting – and we’d all like it to be easy!

This index that we keep hearing about was initially designed for people with Hypoglycemia and Diabetes. This simple-to-understand index is a guide to show how far and fast a carbohydrate triggers a rise in blood sugar - the higher the number, the faster and higher the blood sugar response is. The higher the blood sugar rises, the faster and more insulin is triggered as a response to re-create balance!
Foods with a high Glycemic Index number enter the bloodstream rapidly after you eat them and spike your blood sugar which causes a burst of insulin and voila – fats for the tissue to be stored.
Low glycemic foods promote a slower release of glucose into the blood stream and a slower resultant call by your body’s cells for insulin to be released from the pancreas to  create balance – very much like a sensitive teeter-totter.
Avoid the spikes. That needless extra insulin transports fats to your cells – the very place you’d like to remove fat from!
So, the carbs in your diet should be from the low glycemic foods index, or complex carbs.
Those of us wishing to lose weight should try to avoid foods with a Glycemic Index above 50 (as a rule of thumb).
Oils, proteins and fats are about 0 on the glycemic scale.
Therefore, when good proteins, oils and fats are added judiciously to a meal, they help slow down the blood sugar spiking - each bite has a lower index number. Even though the calories of two plates of food may be the same, the effect on your body can be totally different when you keep this in mind.
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***more on blood sugar balancing: Notes from Live Blood Analysis Cases -

The balance we need between insulin and blood sugar is crucial - as soon as it is imbalanced we store fats.
For this we need a really happy pancreas, too.
Two minerals – chromium and vanadium – both too rare in our normal diets, make the pancreas operate at it’s best - in pill/capsule form at your better health food store – and beware certain brands - they should not be in the same supplement together – much like copper and zinc – you need them both but separately. The supplements have the names chromium piccolinate and vanadyl sulphate – they’re not expensive.
How the state of one’s pancreas is, is hard to tell unless you go to someone who does muscle testing or have a live blood analysis session ( – then there’s no guessing.

Inflammation often comes with fluid retention.
Dieting should include snuffing inflammation – and here’s an easy way: take bromelain between meals. It’s known as a digestive enzyme. And it’s good to use as such.
Take it between meals on an empty stomach and inflammation and pain are reduced and blood circulation is improved (incl. arthritis, DIS, C-reactive protein, etc). Add in small divided quantities of flax oil, fish oil or hemp oil during the day and then it’s even better.

Some toxins are held out of harms way by fat cells (very smart of mother nature!). You’ll want to loose these toxins as you loose the fat cells. Is your lymph working at full throttle to whisk them away?
This is a must as the lymph’s job is the first level of “garbage collection” at the cellular level. The collected toxins from the fluid between the cells are then processed in the lymphatic glands and nodes and tubules. When “chunked down” enough, toxins are passed into the blood supply for removal to the skin, lungs, kidney and liver - all of our “elimination” organs.
Lymph is stimulated by movement such as walking, exercise and skin brushing, as this system doesn’t have a motor of it’s own like the heart. Kicking it up a notch can be done with power walking and yoga and ozone/oxygen therapy – see
Edema is a close cousin to sluggish lymph.
Sometimes edema is due to a period of feeling down on ourselves / self devaluation / severe stress / or adrenal burnout - cruising on adrenal fumes – so let’s have a look! Live blood analysis can see if the lymph is “stuck” or just right.

An intestinal tract that is functioning at it’s best will allow optimum elimination while absorbing nutrients fully.
Many people have a compromised intestinal tract – not a small issue – 28 feet of large and small intestine.
The function of absorption is vital so we don’t experience constant cravings when we are missing nutrients, over time, that we are not getting from the foods we chose, causing us to eat more to fill that void with more nutrition.
When we have ‘leaky gut syndrome’ we absorb a lot less – what a waste! AND we don’t loose weight when we “hold onto stuff” either.
Clogged intestines harbor toxins that we need to see depart – a top-notch well functioning intestinal tract is your best ally in your weight loss efforts. Severe stress – past and present and use of antibiotics can have their way with your plumbing! Some pictures of this at the bottom of the home page at Cleaning up is a two step process.
First the intestinal tract needs to be cleared and then good bacteria needs to be re-introduced for super functioning.
There are no quick fixes – and we are all different.
Call me for an explanation as to how to do this best for your personal situation.

A happy thyroid is your best ally
- hypothyroidism is like Sisyphus rolling that big boulder up the dieting hill... Or as we lack Greek Gods, like doing the Grouse Grind with rocks in your backpack and losing very few calories...
Your early morning waking temperature needs to be 37*C (98.6* F) - not lower. This means your energy is burnt efficiently in your cells – no sluggishness at the cellular level, enzymatic reactions are normal, your energy is well used and you can feel it.
You can self-diagnose to some degree – take your waking temperature before you get up in the morning, (see, before getting out of bed, putting on the kettle or patting the cat, or even sitting up. You need to know if you are at 37*C or below 37*C. If you are a little below (example 36.7*C), then supplement with dulse and kelp and such.
If you are far below (example 35.5*C), then a very careful supplementation with liquid potassium iodide is the least intrusive, when done mindfully. Start with one drop in a glass of water for one day; then 2 drops for two days; then three drops for three days; four drops for 4 days; and then 5 days for five days – this is about fifteen days.
Then take your waking temperature again – before arising - see if you have made it to 37*. If not, stay at 5 drops in water for a few more weeks and take your temperature again. If still not satisfactory, then give me a call – live blood analysis maybe in order or see your naturopath or go to your GP.
If, after your first efforts you get to 37* C, then try to sneak back down to 4 drops per day and keep on keeping track. Your thyroid will thank you, your energy will pick up,  and your weight loss will be easier.

(The tests your GP’s lab offers are mosty not sensitive enough or else the interpretation of the results is too loose. Thyroid function tests (TFT) are needed if your MD wants to get all the right information for you, including the test for thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), thyrotrophin, thyroxin (T4), and triiodothyronine (T3) - circulating concentrations and free hormones.
If you are presently on chemical thyroid replacement meds, have had your thyroid or part of it radiated (this obviously would need monitoring, too), then the above potassium iodide suggestions are not for you.) your health! your weight loss!

Make it easy and healthy.

Let me know if you have any other suggestions.

Merrie Bakker


This is where research money should go! My longstanding dysbiosis – leaky gut syndrome, which was shown to me on Merrie’s microscope and was not found on my trips to my doctor and others. Two months and I’m my old self. And a few bonuses – more energy and better skin. I’ve made sure the rest of my family was given a “look-see”, too.

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