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1  Reflexology bits of newsworthiness
  getting a handle (a big grip!) on detoxing
3  cellulite article
4  How's your pH?
5  Glycation
6  REAL health news you won’t read 
on the alphabet mainstream news channels – changing article links
7  next classes – Reiki, EFT, Reflexology, Dowsing


The INSTITUTO DE REFLEXOLOGIA INTEGRADA in Lisbon, Portugal set a world record in September 2019! 64 PEOPLE performed reflexology all at the same time together. It was organized to raise awareness of reflexology.
Here’s a delicious Canadian piece of historica that I found on an old FB post by Ms Hagar Basis principal at the Reflexology Academy in Hertfordshire, England. It came from a paper written by Barbara Clow in the Bulletin Canadien d'histoire de la médecine and references an author, Rex Beach.
It’s about the times when reflexology was way more popular than now!

Dr Mahlon Locke was a Canadian physician who attracted international attention in the 1930's with a process of foot manipulation, popularly known as "toe-twisting”. Dr. Locke seemed able to relieve many intractable cases of arthritis as well as a variety of related pain and afflictions. Sufferers flocked to his clinic in Williamsburg, Ontario and, at the height of his fame, he was seeing literally hundreds of people per day.

Dr. Locke's interest in foot manipulation began during his Edinburgh student days. Along with the usual lectures, students were taught that certain deformities could be corrected with specific manual movements. Locke believed that the foot’s posterior tibial nerve could be the main culprit for many of these physical challenges, which, in turn, could create a chain reaction of pain and posture problems elsewhere in the body – hips, knees, spine, shoulders, etc. The cause of such incorrect alignment might be congenital deformity, acute or chronic trauma, or infection.
For example, fallen arches could collapse simply because a patient had risen from bedrest too soon after a long bout of flu or for some other reason fro becoming bedridden. With the muscles and ligaments insufficiently toned to support the weight of the body, the arches were less strong and vulnerable to damage. Locke reasoned that by restoring the correct position of the tarsal and metatarsal bones, the imbalancing pressure on the nerves and blood vessels would be eliminated and the associated problems could disappear gradually.

In 1932, Rex Ellingwood Beach, a novelist, was visiting friends in Ottawa when Locke's work was brought to his attention. Curiosity and painful arches prompted him to investigate the claims made for the therapy. “Like many others, Beach left Williamsburg with his pain alleviated and his doubts quelled."
"After five treatments," he exaggeratedly wrote, "I came away with my insteps arched like a cat's back and I now have the aristocratic feet of a duchess." Attendance at the clinic reached new heights after Beach published his article about Locke in the August 1932 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine.

Contemporary estimates of the size of Locke's practice after the 1932 article “Waiting for Dr Locke” vary between 1,000 and 2,500 people per day.
Dr Locke worked on a swivel chair and moved around between each patient in a circle around him, working on hundreds of patients per day - each treatment (foot manipulation) did not take more than 20 seconds!

And here’s a snippet from some very recent mainstream medical research - in the DUHH! department:
Simple non- mechanical stimulation like reflexology works effectively because indirect stimulation of muscle tissue and nerve centres increase the transport of oxygen, nutrients, fluids and waste removal in general and from the site of an injury, in particular. This is effective but subtle - just like direct stimulation of an unhappy area and negates drugs or heavy handed intervention. Studies, unless really biased, point this out.

“The results of our new study demonstrates how direct physical and mechanical intervention can impact biological processes and can potentially be exploited to improve clinical outcomes.” Mooney is a Wyss Institute core faculty member and the Robert P. Pinkas Family Professor of Bioengineering at SEAS.

...maybe we’ve known this for 8 centuries or more!

DETOXING is a rather over-used word... It has so many meanings. I heard one health guru I love use it in regards to the Keto diet (yikes – not the diet, but ‘yikes’ to calling it a type of detoxing); another thought that drinking juices was actually fasting and detoxing (maybe should be called high sugar/enzyme feasting and re-mineralizing – very important, too, but really NOT about taking out the garbage).

A real old-fashioned detox means taking out the trash – from the cell all the way to the small and large intestine; then seeing / sensing what else needs doing such as liver and/or kidney cleanses. (NEVER do a liver cleanse while the 28 feet of the intestines are not open and able to pass the liver ‘trash’ straight out unencumbered... There’s an order to how we do things...

Within this year 2020, fully 90% of ALL the cells in ALL of our body will die and be replaced – a miracle I still can’t get my head around.
In just 365 days, our bodies can rebuild themselves into something healthier and stronger, better, depending on how we manage things. Every day is a new opportunity to support this regeneration.  

A run-up to a rigorous cleanse for those of us who have let things lapse, may be a few starting steps:

1. One week of setting alcohol and bad fats (such as potato chips and deep fried junk) aside.
2. This can be followed by a week of barring all sugars (even fruit and fruit juice except for maybe 1/2 pear or tangerine per day) 
3. While maintaining these two ‘banned substances’ there can be a third week of wheat-free eating (we never had to do this in the past but now we have to desensitize our nervous system from the addictive pesticides and glyphosates – these chemicales may have made a toxic impact on the brain and create insane cravings / withdrawal and ruin any cleanse)...
4. THEN one can do the pH test to see if we are appropriately mineralized and all is good to go -

Then I recommend you think and read about the Arise and Shine cleanse – - the focus is straight on cleansing the intestinal tract – and only 4 ingredients need to be purchased – the rest is frivolous: Chomper, Herbal nutrition, bentonite clay powder and psyllium husk powder.
This cleanse is finally back!  It seems to have the integrity of the olden days... And I’m starting mine in early February. The psyllium must be organic (very dark beige and very fine so as to not irritate the intestinal wall – EVER!) Cheap psyllium husk is lighter beige.
These folks at Arise and Shine haven’t paid me and don’t know I exist...
So this is not an ad. There are other good cleanses - and this is the one I trust.
They have good books and pamphlets that explain everything – and I may not agree with all of what they write, but I certainly can appreciate their work.
Let me know how it goes!


An easier, laid-back detox is a series of steam sauna ozone / oxygen sessions

NO needles
NO anti-coagulants
NO supplement SALES here

and NO EFFORT REQUIRED on your part ~ essential repair for BASIC HEALTH and HEALING

Comprehensive and long term research - proves the obvious - destruction by air pollution - death and disease
l admissions have risen gradually but specifically over the last two decades for a host of life-threatening illnesses - including sepsis, kidney disease and urinary tract infections. Normally these challenges are related to accidents, mal-practice or unresolved shocks / conflicts or deep emotional conundrums.
However, now there are scientific correlations (that can refute convenient deniers) linking pollution on bad air-quality days in huge, robust studies. Medical evidence shows there is no safe amount of minute particulates - PM2.5s - that should be in the air (pumped into our atmosphere mainly by traffic and industry, in spite of government inspired legal limits of allowable pollution that can do no harm.
OZONE to the rescue!
Continued at


The Cellulite Conundrum and slaying the Monster

We either have it already or really hope we’ll never get it...
There's lots of great creative writing on the topic... yet orange peel type skin remains... undefeated...and we want results.
Here are some all-round, wholesome, easy, inexpensive, at-home remedies and actionable suggestions...easy to follow!
I’m happy to share it with you: it’s at


pH myths may be of interest: How is your pH? - two easy tests you can do yourself


Do you realize that 90 years is merely 5000 weeks! Before you know it...


REAL health news you won’t read on the alphabet mainstream news channels – pithy and by the smartest investigative minds that I find inspiring - changing article links –


And if you want to start the year feeling in control of your health or if you want to start off feeling on top of any specific health challenges –
Know Where You’re At and Know Your Options... 
then a comprehensive Live Blood Analysis might be in order



Next Reiki Level Two class: 
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BUT we will be spending extra time and reviewing protection and centering and several other key elements from Level One REIKI.
Learning how to effortlessly do the distant – non-local healing sessions makes up a large part of the weekend and ends with a practitioner REIKI Exchange.

Reiki Master Level – both parts – two weekends – starts in March
Would you like to learn to teach and pass on THE POWER TO HEAL others? - 35 hours

next Reiki Practitioner Exchange – Sunday, January 19th – 3pm – free

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