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Hello Everyone Happy almost Hallowe'en.

Needing a boost?
Need your healing or someone you know to be supported?
Would a closer look at what you are doing right and what to drop be beneficial?

Would a Live Blood Analysis review be useful?
And something you could pass on to someone who may appreciate this kind of close-up

A truly useful live blood analysis session must be in-depth, thorough, detailed and cover just about everything that we can see through the microscope in order to aid you, and that’s why it takes time to explain the may interconnections and to not turn the session into a supplements sales quickey. Everything connects with everything. All of your hardworking, complex organs and tissues and the specific emotions / shocks / conundrums they may be connected to – your entire health profile, present issues, past history and unique-nesses are all figured out. This is for EVERYONE – from over-stressed Moms with too many tasks to out-of-shape seniors on too many meds; from personal development junkies to fitness gurus. And for everyone who has been from pillar to post!

One thorough in-depth session is $150 – about 3 hours.
Updates are only $75 if you had your original session with Merrie Bakker
(and an extra perk as a Pacific Holistic LBA client, you automatically receive 40% off all Reiki, reflexology, EFT and oxygen/ozone treatments)


* Q and A’s from live blood analysis sessions worth sharing.  
* Just Once Only – half price Reiki Level One weekend certification class – October 5, 6 – please see below


Questions and Answers from recent Live Blood Analysis sessions

I’m just learning to cook –
please give me some tips that are not the usual internet suggestions:

Eat lots of very gently cooked vegetables at low heat (about 120*) - braised in butter (rather than oils) / or a tad of water / or splash of wine / in a pressure cooker or slow cooker.
Raw vegetables and raw grains give our intestines a harder time to break down the fiber that all the goodness is held by / contained around, which is fine when you are extremely healthy, have great gastric juices and are not inflamed or in need of healing or other dietary conundrums. The downside is that some enzymes and vitamins are compromised by heat. More is better.

Most meat, fish, diary and eggs are loaded with essentials – proteins and good fats. These foods are yang – and yang foods are often missing from our meals. Try finding raw dairy - no need to put up with tortured pasteurized proteins and denatured fat molecules – if you can find the raw natural sources. Pasteurization has sent us down some interesting paths of misinformation. Pasteur, who stole most of his ‘good’ work from my hero Descartes, set pasteurization in motion which includes denaturing of proteins, fats and enzymes.
We can treat animals heartfully. We can purchase from ethical managers and sources: RAW MILK
A short article by Cheyenne Christianson ... Cheyenne and Katy Christianson and their eight children run a 70-cow organic dairy and have been very successful using managed rotational grazing and feeding - at
"It is true, the merchants of the earth are constantly trying to get their tentacles into organic farming. And they have succeeded on many levels. But, it is also true that most organic producers have no interest in the wares of the devil's pantry (Monsanto and their ilk)." continues at

Here are some Raw Milk Sources in Washington State and the Quantities Allowed into BC
For those of you who are seeking delicious and wholesome RAW milk and more information about that: Raw milk cannot be purchased in Canada – it’s considered a toxic substance and may not be bought or sold here. It may be taken over the border for personal use. Or else you may have a cow of your own.
Just take these document details along so no one gets their knickers in a knot - from our regional food inspection agency office: detailed requirements prescribed in Food and Drug Act for bringing personal-use dairy items back into Canada - taken from pdf SOR-79-840: Part II, section 24, (2), (a to e);  section 25, (2), (a to e); section 26, (3), (a to e)... Which means 20kg of dairy products per person... (take a cooler along).

These are a sampling of the stores closest to the Bellingham and BC border areas that carry raw milk and raw milk cheeses:
* Community Food Co-op (Cordata), 315 Westerly Rd, Bellingham WA 98226. Carries cow milk from Jackie’s Jerseys, raw goat milk and raw grass-fed goat cheese from St. John Creamery and raw milk from Old Silvana Creamery
* Community Food Co-op (Downtown), 1220 N. Forest St., Bellingham WA. Full-service natural food market, open daily 8am-9pm. Phone: 360-734-8158. Carries cow milk from Jackie’s Jerseys and raw goat milk and raw grass-fed goat cheese from St. John Creamery and raw milk from Old Silvana Creamery
* Jackie’s Jerseys, Bill and Jackie De Groot (owners), 5424 Aldrich Rd., Bellingham WA 98226, phone: 360-398-1889, email: Raw, non-homogenized milk from Jersey cows on pasture. No hormones or antibiotics used. Herd tested for tuberculosis, brucellosis, and Johne’s. Delivering to customer pickup points in Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, and King Counties. Contact Jackie or Bill via email or phone for pickup point information. Sales via many retail store locations.
* Laurel Farm and Western Supply, Weylin Eldred (owner), 325 W. Laurel Rd., Bellingham WA 98226, phone: 360-398-1216.
* Terra Organica Health Food and Grocery Store, Stephen Trinkaus (manager), 1530 Cornwall Avenue, Bellingham - phone: 360-715-8020. Open Mon-Sat 7am-10pm, Sun 9am-10pm. Carries grass-fed raw cow milk from Jackie’s Jerseys, Old Silvana Creamery and grass-fed raw goat milk from St. John Creamery

Include some organic beans (not soy) peas, legumes, nuts and seeds in your meals, but not too much. If you react to lectins, or have sore joints or some inflammation, then stick to nuts and seeds. These foods are all yin in nature and so easy to make meals interesting with – blending, roasting and adding to salads and soups – just cook a bunch in advance and do something different everyday with them – see

Organically grown food, if possible, is best. The soils of olden days are gone – and the rain and irrigation water now has poisons such as anti-depressants and glyphosates and we will probably never be able to eat as healthfully as our ancestors. All organic food has less or no herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.  My wildest hope is that the glyphosates (that have finally gotten public attention and the bad press it deserves in North America) are not replaced by something similar or meaner - so BUY WISELY.  My next wildest hope is that we’ll find a way of removing the saturated earth / soils of the glyphosates there now (see the on-going posts at
including some lectures by Dr Seneff

Drink lots of mineral water - either spring water or carbon-silver-and-sand-only filtered tap water (such as through a Berkeveld filter system – countertop and moves when you do). You can add your own alkalinizer – a few minerals that YOU need – specifically the ones lacking for you. Also, one must drink a lot daily. And best of all is water that did NOT come to you in a plastic bottle (not because of the saving environment but because of protecting YOU).
Flow water is the latest fad – promoted by actors and Goop. This water is regular spring bottled water where the source has a tiny bit of calcium and fluoride in it. The rest of the ad-words are window dressing such as electrolytes and minerals which is what calcium and fluoride are - one and the same thing - so no point in mentioning them both and listing some names of minerals as examples but then omitting them on the ingredient list.
Calcium fluoride is okay – we need trace amounts of fluoride – and we normally get that thru plant roots, etc, (organic), and is not the evil crap municipalities add to our water supply. So they take water from a spring high in calcium fluoride – in order to get that alkalinity to make it popular with health nuts like you and me. But they have to manage the PR wisely for that so people don’t freak out – hence all the blah, blah... And there is  no such thing as natural flavourings and there is no such thing as adding real fruit juice as flavoring, as that would require stabilizers for shelf life - so here you have it – the perfect portrait of mind-controlled water! All the right words and moves but empty delivery. Look at Divinia water! That’s for real.

What processed grab-and-run foods can I get away with?  

None. Forget processed and refined foods - denuded of all the goodnesses – with fillers and stabilizers added.
Here’s one example: a sandwich purchased from the take-out at the gasoline station... The bread is white and may look brown because it’s dyed. This bread has unfermented soy flour, stabilizers and lots of preservative chemicals. The spread is cheap margarine spiked with wrong salt for taste and mouth-feel. The meat is processed – more fillers (such as cheap starches and hidden soy flour possibly). Natural taste enhancers and pink dye for colour improvement are used as gray taste-less pepperoni doesn’t sell well... And the iceberg lettuce has been dipped in formaldehyde to keep it from going limp as quickly as it would otherwise. The cheese is also the cheap variety called pizza-cheese as opposed to REAL cheese – just more molecularly weird fillers. The cellophane wrapped sandwich doesn’t look too evil as it sits there on the shelf – and it will still look good in several days!

What’s the ‘true or false’ about wheatgrass / juicing – there’s mostly positive internet information and hyperbole... And this is at site usually sites selling nutritional services or being politically correct.

There are two types of wheatgrass - there’s the indoor variety that we often drink in juice bars and health food stores that is grown indoors – under artificial lights or in a greenhouse and takes about a week to mature. The other variety is grown out in the fields, usually planted in the spring and fall and takes about 3 or 4 months to mature.  
Sprouts have a high level of carbs but also lectins to protect the highly vulnerable delicate shoots.  
The quickly grown sprouts have lots of seeds that do not germinate stuck in the soil and we don’t take notice of them. They become ‘composted’ into the earth that the other sprouts are growing in. These fresh sprouts then have their new roots in some possible mould from the rotting seeds – much like with peanuts growing in the moist earth – and a tad of this is absorbed into the sprouts’ juice and causes instant reactions of nausea and headache for some of us – as opposed to what seems (or so we are told) detoxification-like reactions.  
Further more, the sprouts have lectins – you know – the thing I’m on about – the tender little sprouts – both the fast indoor grown and slow outdoor grown sprouts – have their own protective poisons in their stems so that the weevils, bugs, insects don’t think too positively for having a snack on them, till they are mature and are ready to be eaten...  
The outdoor sprouts mature at their own leisure, and become like leafy greens – full of chlorophyll and do not taste bitter as they don’t have rotted seeds in their earth, and when ripe, have no further need for self-protective lectins – which remove themselves when growing is complete, then have at it!

How can I eat to make my joints hurt less as my arthritis medication makes me ill.

Personally, I stay away from lectins and nicitinoids, solanines and such.
I resort to eating a lot of lettuces, root vegetables except potatoes and unique salad greens. I make sure that my greens comes from a hothouse - not always organic but at least not sprayed with nano particles and nasty heavy metals from chemtrails (I already have enough lithium, barium, aluminum and who knows - and don’t want anything else I did not consent to sprayed on my food), or my greens come from a truly organic source I trust.
I limit the dried peas and beans and legumes and absolutely no soy beans.
I reluctantly replace the whole wheat pastas and dark heavy breads I love. It seems so very contraindicated to eat white non-soy-flour bread – who knew that luscious whole grain organic bread could contribute to creating joint pain... The nicitinoids and lectins are the culprits that don’t go away – even when the vegetable is grown “cleanly”.
One kind fellow with severe inflammatory hip / knee issues himself felt sorry for my mis-guided knowledge in regards to lectins and nicitinoids (above) and brought me a loaf from his superior expensive bakery. He also would not use the oil of wintergreen for his joints as that was too ‘simple’ and cheap and had not been okayed by his arthritis specialist... and of course good fats were bad and cholesterol was a culprit, in his mindset. Instead he now has a replaced hip and I’m able to still run up the stairs.
All of this could drive you to drink! (and when you do ... white wine has less lectins – than red wine or beer or vodka, ha,ha,ha)
So the included articles here will help sort out questions you may have along this line of thinking.

What are the Common and Cheapest Low Grade Vitamin Supplements Generally Made From
Fasten Your Seat Belt!

Vitamin A - synthesized from acetone and extracted with hexane
Beta Carotene - synthesized from vitamin A or from retinol
Vitamin B1 - thiamine - synthesized from thiamine dihydrochloride and mononitrate
Vitamin B2 - riboflavin - synthesized from ago dye and barbituric acid
Vitamin B3 - niacin - synthesized from acrolein, acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, ammonia, vanadium and/or titanium
Vitamin B5 - pantothenic acid - synthesized from formaldehyde, cyanide, ammonia and isobutyraldehyde
Vitamin B6 - pyridoxine - synthesized from oxazole with butenediol
Vitamin B8 - biotin - synthesized from fumaric acid, phosgene, bromine and hydrobromic acid
Vitamin B9 - folic acid - synthesized from pyrimidine, trichloracetone, dichloracrolein and aminobenzoyl glutamic acid
Vitamin B12 - the cyanocobalamin - fermentation of pseudomonas or propionibacterium and extraction with cyanide
Vitamin C - ascorbic acid - glucose usually from corn/cornstarch is converted into sorbitol and altered with perchloric acid and acetone
Vitamin D2 - synthesized from ergosterol and extracted with hexane
Vitamin D3 - cholesterol is converted to its acetate, brominated, catalyzed, saponified and photo-chemically converted into pre-Vitamin D and thermal treatment converts it to vitamin D3
Vitamin E - alpha tocopherol - synthesized from trim ethyl hydroquinones and isophytol. (Natural tocopherols are extracted from vegetable oils with hexane and then methylated
Vitamin K - extracted with hexane

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Awaken your Mind, Body and Spiritual Existence ~ Activate Your Highest Hands-on-Healing Reiki Potential

Hello friends, clients and colleagues

We have decided to focus on making the Pacific Holistic Centre in Vancouver more attuned to Reiki and many forms of energy work ~ classes all levels, sessions, lectures, visiting healers ~

As we are getting the ball rolling and reaching as many of you as possible, we are offering one more Reiki Level One weekend certification class – at 50% off.

That’s $137.50 for the entire weekend certification class (manual and certificate included)

  • October 5 and 6 – 10am to 6pm - ample spaces available

Support Your Wellbeing and those You Love with awesome Reiki Hands


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Hope to See You and Best Qi,
Merrie Bakker       604-261-7742  and
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As quantum energy concepts have become more mainstream, it is easier for us to accept that everything in the universe is energy and vibration - and that we are energy and vibration, too (including our thoughts, emotions). Our bodies consist of energy - different frequencies for different organs and tissues. The lower the frequency of energy, the more solid it appears. For example, our bones, which are vibrating at a lower frequency than our red blood cells are perceived to be more solid. Our emotions and thoughts are also energy - love has a much higher frequency than fear, for example.

When we see red blood cells under a strong microscope we can see cells that are healthy and those where their electrical potential, zeta potential, is hampered and are in disarray and leave the cells to be poorly functioning. Disharmony (be it inflammation, ulceration, cancer, fever) in any of our bodily systems indicates low vibrations, too low energy and disturbances - less zeta potential. Physical and emotional stress, heavy medications (such as chemotherapy, beta blockers, anti-depressants, coumadin, etc) and the results of accidents and damage effect our body's innate ability to heal ~ the ability to return to homeostasis - in organs and tissues and at every cell. 

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Mikao Usui, Sensei, the founder and ultimate Teacher of Reiki, was born in 1865, near Kyoto, Japan. He was a very spiritual man - a man who took his daily religious and meditation exercises very seriously. In 1921 his deep devotion, vast personal searching, life experiences and a particular profound Satori during a sacred retreat on Mount Kurama, culminated into new insights and an even more focussed way of energy transference that we now call Reiki. Master Usui had numerous students of varing levels of proficiency and dedication who learned meditation in groups throughoout Japan but mainly in the Tokyo area.

Reiki is a Japanese word, made up of two Japanese kanji – Rei and Ki - meaning, roughly translated, universal and energy. The word Reiki is often translated as “Universal Life Force Energy” or “Spiritual Ray of Life”.

During the early twentieth century in Japan, during Master Usui's time, the ancient art of hands-on-healing was enjoying a Renaissance. Healing, so much a part of shamanistic practice in all parts of the world for thousands of years, was also known in Japan. There were many different types of healing forms achieved through meditation and energy transference and gradually "touch" was also being practised by various teachers affiliated with the accepted spiritual traditions at that time. As Master Usui's insights, classes and healing work spread, other teachers of other healing modalities shared their knowledge with each other and with him. We now know that Master Usui's Reiki was not a rigid or static method but evolved, gradually, over those last five years of his life. Master Usui died in 1926.

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Reiki is often seen as a healing "art". But what actually happens scientifically?

In the May 2002 issue of "EXPLORE! For The Professional", an article by Timothy Ley on Peak Performance describes entrainment. Two people, in close quarters, had their brain waves measured and described. One person showed a new heightened ability to achieve at golf. It was passed on (passively) by being in the close and personal presence of the other person ~ a golf pro with a heightened awareness and focus for golf (...and high scores). Dr JOe Dizpenza mnow talks about it daily on youtubne.

In another situation a happy and energetic child's brain waves were measured before and after spending several days of heartfelt and close communication with a depressed adult. The child's brain wave had become chaotic and similar to that of the unhappy adult ~ energy and information transfer without even touching! Much like the energy that flows with healing except for the absense of intention, focus and knowing. We can conclude that one's energy level, brain pattern and state of being are oh so powerful and contagious ~ neuron transfer ~ entrainment!

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I feel like a new woman again! That is for sure. I went and purchased all the things you suggested and am taking them diligently. Merrie, keep doing what you are doing 'cause you do it so well and you are so valuable and needed in this world!

Carol T

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