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We have decided to focus on making the Pacific Holistic Centre in Vancouver more attuned to Reiki and many forms of energy work ~ classes all levels, sessions, lectures, visiting healers ~

And to get the ball rolling and reach as many of you as possible, we are offering the Reiki Level One weekend certification class – one time only at 50% off.

That’s $137.50 for the entire weekend certification class (manual and certificate included)

  • September 28 and 29 – 10am to 6pm - still two spaces left
  • October 5 and 6 – 10am to 6pm - ample spaces available


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As quantum energy concepts have become more mainstream, it is easier for us to accept that everything in the universe is energy and vibration - and that we are energy and vibration, too (including our thoughts, emotions). Our bodies consist of energy - different frequencies for different organs and tissues. The lower the frequency of energy, the more solid it appears. For example, our bones, which are vibrating at a lower frequency than our red blood cells are perceived to be more solid. Our emotions and thoughts are also energy - love has a much higher frequency than fear, for example.

When we see red blood cells under a strong microscope we can see cells that are healthy and those where their electrical potential, zeta potential, is hampered and are in disarray and leave the cells to be poorly functioning. Disharmony (be it inflammation, ulceration, cancer, fever) in any of our bodily systems indicates low vibrations, too low energy and disturbances - less zeta potential. Physical and emotional stress, heavy medications (such as chemotherapy, beta blockers, anti-depressants, coumadin, etc) and the results of accidents and damage effect our body's innate ability to heal ~ the ability to return to homeostasis - in organs and tissues and at every cell. 

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Mikao Usui, Sensei, the founder and ultimate Teacher of Reiki, was born in 1865, near Kyoto, Japan. He was a very spiritual man - a man who took his daily religious and meditation exercises very seriously. In 1921 his deep devotion, vast personal searching, life experiences and a particular profound Satori during a sacred retreat on Mount Kurama, culminated into new insights and an even more focussed way of energy transference that we now call Reiki. Master Usui had numerous students of varing levels of proficiency and dedication who learned meditation in groups throughoout Japan but mainly in the Tokyo area.

Reiki is a Japanese word, made up of two Japanese kanji – Rei and Ki - meaning, roughly translated, universal and energy. The word Reiki is often translated as “Universal Life Force Energy” or “Spiritual Ray of Life”.

During the early twentieth century in Japan, during Master Usui's time, the ancient art of hands-on-healing was enjoying a Renaissance. Healing, so much a part of shamanistic practice in all parts of the world for thousands of years, was also known in Japan. There were many different types of healing forms achieved through meditation and energy transference and gradually "touch" was also being practised by various teachers affiliated with the accepted spiritual traditions at that time. As Master Usui's insights, classes and healing work spread, other teachers of other healing modalities shared their knowledge with each other and with him. We now know that Master Usui's Reiki was not a rigid or static method but evolved, gradually, over those last five years of his life. Master Usui died in 1926.

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Reiki is often seen as a healing "art". But what actually happens scientifically?

In the May 2002 issue of "EXPLORE! For The Professional", an article by Timothy Ley on Peak Performance describes entrainment. Two people, in close quarters, had their brain waves measured and described. One person showed a new heightened ability to achieve at golf. It was passed on (passively) by being in the close and personal presence of the other person ~ a golf pro with a heightened awareness and focus for golf (...and high scores).

In another situation a happy and energetic child's brain waves were measured before and after spending several days of heartfelt and close communication with a depressed adult. The child's brain wave had become chaotic and similar to that of the unhappy adult ~ energy and information transfer without even touching! Much like the energy that flows with healing except for the absense of intention, focus and knowing. We can conclude that one's energy level, brain pattern and state of being are oh so powerful and contagious ~ neuron transfer ~ entrainment!

continues at: http://www.reflexologyreiki.com/Reiki_Science


This analysis is invaluable – very dramatic to see your various cells so large and in detail. I recommend to anyone to take a few hours and get their health details sorted out – whether you are healthy or not – just remove the guess work and save money on buying the wrong supplements. I don’t recommend this to people who don’t want to know details as to “why” and who just want to be told what to do. Merrie is extremely thorough and knowledgeable and if she doesn’t know, she’ll let you know that, too. If you need a specialist, she’ll suggest that, too. This is my idea of health care versus health carelessness... But she’s also clear that you’re in your own driver’s seat.

Leopold Z.

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