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Dear clients, colleagues, friends and passersby,

It’s exactly 22 years today that I’ve been practicing Live Blood Analysis – that was a FAST passage of time!  

Last May I begin a series of evening lectures on the underlying causes – the shocks, conflicts and unresolved conundrums – that we all face from time to time - and how these very specifically affect our bodies and what to do about that – simple approaches and choices - to stay healthy – these will repeat in the new year. Those details in upcoming newsletters.
If you’ve had live blood analysis in the past, you'll remember seeing and being absolutely amazed at your body’s ability to correct, progress and heal. And there’s so much to remember – and this can be daunting so I’ve made a few adjustments: streamlined – simplified.  

a) With your cell phone you visually track your own improvements - take your own blood pictures - you can keep track and compare progress over time.  
b) Supplements that may be needed are listed on a specific information sheet with details / stores / ordering information.  
c) Specific-to-you pertinent information, gives background understanding and accompanies each session – a little bit of homework :-)
(This is absolutely not about quickly matching the monitor pictures to supplements in the back of a health food store, where microscopy is used in order to boost sales!)

The initial session is still $150 (3 to 4 hours – they fly by) and the follow-up sessions are $75 (about 2 hours)



An article on surviving chemo and radiation ‘therapy’:
“What is the VERY Least I Can Suggest to a Loved-one After Surviving Chemo?”
And a collection of  Q and A’s from recent live blood analysis sessions
that were great questions and worth sharing.  

 * Then there’s the discount of the month:
deeply discounted steam sauna Ozone / Oxygen sessions - effective progressive detoxification


“What is the VERY Least I Can Suggest to a Loved-one After Surviving Chemo?”

Clients often ask “what can I do for my Mom or partner who is dead-set on following the ONLY options provided by their doctor and now are suffering the consequences of harsh side-effects”.
Chemo, surgery and radiation are still the only methods offered to ‘combat’ cancers. 
Because I’m used to not guessing, but looking thru my microscope for answers, including to see what’s a clear physical reality, I never really say / give / pass along / too much advice about someone else’s state of health and how to help others out – just isn’t right to do so... BUT...

But it’s now becoming epidemic – not one LBA session goes by without that question of ‘what to do’ on behalf of a loved one...  So here are some basic inexpensive essentials that I think will not interfere with any other therapies - especially when they are completed ~ conventional or pharmaceutical or alternative.
(Although the science fiction I have heard as to why people getting conventional pharmaceutical cancer treatments should stay away from nutrients should be documented and sold to a Hollywood comedy hour!)...

The logic generally used is simple enough – kill the cancer cells.  In the process, though, the chemos and radiation also kill the healthy cells. These perish at different rates and even after the treatment stops. Basically ALL cells are put on death row, until either the chemo-regimen that is followed is completed or until there are no more white cells apparent in the frequent blood tests (i.e. the bone marrow has been over-the-top compromised) and the treatment has to be curtailed / aborted.  

Hopefully the culprit cancer cells are all executed in a timely fashion... That’s the optimum plan. But many innocent, good, necessary cells also die right along and in great numbers – collateral damage.  

So, the goal should be to get as many of the good cells off death row and back into the crappy general prison population environment as soon as chemo is stopped – sounds dire but that would actually be a step forward.  
Everything should be done to allow the mitochondria in the many trillions of ‘surviving’ cells (the rest of the body) and the basic necessary cell components such as organelles to recoup and come back to life in this precarious setting.  

There are man-nnnnnny things one can do ...  
Here below are merely the three most minimal basics that apply: article continues at

What’s wrong with eating nightshade and cruciferous vegetables and their link to arthritis?

The nightshades (nicotine and solanaceae) are in potatoes and to a lesser degree tomatoes, eggplant, bell peppers and tobacco are deemed to be at fault for many things from food sensitivities, allergies, leaky gut syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, dysbiosis, auto immune diseases... my my ... a bit much. But omitting them may be the difference between sore joints, inflamed toes and happy hips – try it for three weeks and see if there is a difference.
Nicotine / Solanine / Tomatine – acetylcholinesterase inhibitors – are all in the nightshade vegetable family - an inhibitor of the enzyme that allows a nerve ending impulse to fire. If it can’t break down, then nerve endings become over-worked and over-fired.  
Solanine is a glycoalkoid poison found in the leaves, fruits, berries and roots or tubers of potatoes, tomatoes and eggplants - and other foods. It's one of these plants' natural defenses - not so great for our joints!
Another culprit is oxalic acid which grabs calcium if it's around in the intestines at the same time – a sort of neutilizer.
When oxalic acid is not in the company of calcium, then it could circulate, recirculate and not be metabolized and contribute to inflammation, too, but it is also neutrilized once connected (‘grabbed’) by calcium.
I always eat my nightshades and oxalates with some calcium – either cheese, cheese sauce or a nice sesame / tahini dip (great calcium).
There are people who may be sensitive to all of these vegetables discussed in these articles, and of course they will believe they have their existing arthritis for 'autoimmune reasons'.
And even overstimulation (yup, the enzymes are involved too!) such as muscle weakness, muscle twitching, hypertension, increased intestinal contractions and increased secretions of tears, sweat, saliva, gastric and intestinal glands can have their way with us - all through the less friendly aspects of vegetables.  
Then miracles happen when the vegetables are omitted! Wisely!

Nightshades - feeling cranky - sore joints - inflammation everywhere - can be 'bad actors' teamed up with lectins - give these foods a rest -
LECTINS and INFLAMMATION - nasty, natural little poisons causing “auto-immune” challenges 
There are lots of ways inflammation mimics other disease symptoms that receive many labels; lots of ways inflammation stealthfully triggers other health issues ... continued at
And then, stealthful glyphosates deliver the final blow to an already sensitive intestinal tract:
Loving your Gut - Repairing Intestinal Damage by Glyphosate /

Which is the best Vitamin C:

Not all Vitamin C supplements are created equal. Ascorbic acid, ascorbate, Vitamin C crystals, ester-C and C-ester are most often manufactured from corn / cornstarch (very inexpensive).
You want the Vitamin C that has been made from sour / acidic products such as from quality berries, plants and herbs such as hibiscus, ascerola berries and so on and THAT’s the quality you’re looking for.  
(Vitamin Ester C and Vitamin C Ester are both extremely “manufactured” supplements in order to create that ‘ester’ magic – complicated molecules – and therefore expensive and often still made from cornstarch.
There is no need for this type of fancy-dancy, convoluted Vitamin C).
In the USA, the companies Allergy Research and NutriCology make a great buffered Vitamin C that is NOT from cornstarch. So if you live in Canada, you might want to bring some back while visiting the USA (in your spare tire – these companies do not have the DIN number that Health Cda expects).  
In the meantime a great un-buffered Vitamin C is Camu Camu (a South American berry) in powder and caps (at better health food / supplement stores).  
Then there’s my favorite by Thorne called Vitamin C With Bioflavinoids and I get mine at Finlandia (1100 block West Broadway).
It’s not about getting it to be a fizzy drink - it’s about quality manufacturing and healthy content. (The energy boost from Emergen-C, for example, comes from the minerals / not from the C crystals).

Vitamin C serves many functions in our bodies – don’t be home without it!

What’s the link to that unique naturopath in Mexico?

Here’s the link to a great man I keep referring to:
Foundational Health Basic with Dr Jeremy

How can I test my allergies myself?
 are not dealt with too swiftly by our mainstream medical world... the scratch test, for example, has me allergic to items I have no allergy to at all – not well respected by many of us.
Naturopaths have a great blood test but it’s very expensive – there’s the cost of test itself; the courier for the blood to be sent to a lab in the USA; numerous visits to the naturopath and supplement sales.
Then there’s ineffective EAV testing offered in some health food stores (electro-dermal screening devices and sweet but gullible operators that are often sub-standard IMHO).

BUT here’s another way to test for allergies and measure an intolerance or an allergic effect in our bodies – the method is attached here in this article as a pdf – FREE - easy and to do at home – self-assess at your own speed and with this amazing insightful Dr. Coca’s knowledge.
It’s an easy know-how, even if you eschew alternatives and this leads to an understanding of causes for higher heart rates and blood pressure, too. We should all be taught this in school, actually.  
Attached - Dr Coca’s The Pulse Test and at:

steps to take to help with acid reflux / GURD / hiatal hernia to diminish and heal it (rather than ‘manage’ with meds)

I would personally do the following:
Have a visceral manipulation massage from a very well trained massage therapist who understands how to reposition the top and bottom of the stomach and move the esophagus down a bit.
(I personally would go to Lynda Hydamaka RMT at Evolution Wellness, 604-558-1285).  
Here’s an example of how this can be done by an osteopath or between two mindful friends: Dr Slater at

Use a specific cell salt / Scheussler salt / tissue salt called Nat Phos. Cell salts are a form of homeopathics and can work brilliantly and are sold at better health food stores.
Just take 15 minutes away from food and drink. Never touch the actual little sugar pills – just wiggle them into the lid of their bottle and toss them under the tongue and allow them to melt away.
When the acid reflux is particularly bad you may want to use these tissue salts (not actually salt) every other hour and when things improve, you’ll be able to reduce this down to several times a day.

See a reputable reflexologist to show you how to massage the specific reflex point for reflux yourself – daily - just the left foot – to begin rebalancing that area of your body.  
What was the link in regards to the United Nations - future programming by globalists and their new ‘label’ for herding the population around?

What was called Agenda 21 and is now revamped into Agenda 2030 –
 it’s subtle but BC is right on target!  

Other than biopsies, how can one double check a cancer diagnosis result?

If you know someone who has been given a cancer diagnosis, you may want to read this article – including alternative tests for prostate, etc.
The Need for Proper Tumor Marker Tests – local and foreign:

How do you make bone broth?
The JOY of Broth: so nice to do in the fall!

Put a big pot on the stove with a lot of water or use a slow-cooker.
Rinse off the bone(s) and put into the pot and bring to a boil.
Add what you have of left-over carrots – one or two or more celery sticks –
one or two, garlic cloves - one or two, onion slices – or the whole onion is you feel like it; one or two handfuls of organic parsley...
And if you don’t have these, no worry – just lonely bones is great too – and skin and marrow and tendons.
Add a tad (about a teaspoon per litre) of apple-cider vinegar to the water.
Then reduce the heat till the boiling water is simmering and leave on the stove for hours.
From time to time you’ll want to skin off any foam and scummy looking bits.
Now you have the best broth, soup starter, and sauce starter without preservatives and stabilizers. Drink some and refrigerate or freeze the rest.

Where Can I Purchase Really Good Anti-parasite Herbals?

Back in the olden days I would order Dr Hulda Clark’s amazing trio of products through her sister-in-law and brother in Edmonton. This ensured that there were no borders crossed and packages were not opened and customs did not sit on things for days. In 2009, Dr Clark passed away and her son sold the business.
It’s hard to tell how well the products that are now being made - that have her name associated with them – might be. Maybe they are up to hDr Clark's old rigorous stipulations or entirely made by the seat–of-the-pants?
So, for me, Clark herbals are no longer an option.
I admire Hanna Kroeger immensely – a healer and herbalist. When she died we had an unspeakable loss. Hanna Kroeger often gave advice to Dr Clark. Some years ago Hanna Kroeger’s daughters brought the herbal supplements portion of her brilliant work back to life:
So now I consider this is a good source for my anti-parasiticals. Many people think they have parasites and actually don’t – live blood analysis will help with answers – gas and bloating, for example, have many reasons).

I personally order the cloves, wormwood and Rascal at the Herbal Combinations page.
I also order the green tincture of the black walnut at the new Dimensions Tinctures page – and more is better :-)  But I’m not allowed to diagnose or treat, so it’s a nutritional discussion about how I personally deal with my parasites and take my herbs at:

(And a snapshot of the amazing Hanna Kroeger’s life story:


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This analysis is invaluable – very dramatic to see your various cells so large and in detail. I recommend to anyone to take a few hours and get their health details sorted out – whether you are healthy or not – just remove the guess work and save money on buying the wrong supplements. I don’t recommend this to people who don’t want to know details as to “why” and who just want to be told what to do. Merrie is extremely thorough and knowledgeable and if she doesn’t know, she’ll let you know that, too. If you need a specialist, she’ll suggest that, too. This is my idea of health care versus health carelessness... But she’s also clear that you’re in your own driver’s seat.

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