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Feeling tired, unwell - not healing?

Guessing at or just managing symptoms? Doubting a diagnosis? Not getting at the root causes?

Know Your Options and Take Control - We Help You Take Action Wisely Without Guessing

Allow your body to heal itself, while you eliminate the causes AND provide it with all the support it needs to Repair and Rebuild

Microscope Lenses

  • proper in-depth live blood analysis allows you to make health focused decisions just right for YOUR body - personal health mastery with our strategic personalized actionable recommendations . and be inspired.
  • correlating information from live blood analysis sessions allows you to know which foods and lifestyle changes to tweak - weeds out what you need from amongst the mountains of one-size-fits-all type of advice, mis-information and internet nonsense
  • iive blood analysis leads to being able to assess which of your health conundrums are due to shock, conflict, emotional challenges or physical trauma as well as deficiencies - integrative wellness 
  • craving more energy, improving overall health, getting better sleep and improving longevity - shedding light on details that are most important, giving visual clues - step by step - and with the right priorities

Quality live blood analysis and nutritional advice provide expertise for youth, teenagers, adults and their families - nutritional support for optimizing healing, strength, growth and re-balancing.
Useful in-depth nutrition articles and health nuggets at the bottom of this page and at our nutrition page






Let food be your medine and medicine be your food’.

Are you ..

.. suffering from frequent bouts of fatigue and chronic tiredness?
.. having constant food cravings such as for bread, alcohol and sugar
.. weight gain

.. experiencing a lot of gas, bloating, burping, diarrhea, and acid reflex?
.. noticing occasional blood or mucus in your stool?
.. having congested sinus and nasal passages - all stuffed up;
.. autoimmune disease?
.. having skin issues such as hives, acne, psoriasis, eczema, skin rashes and rosacea?
.. suffering from allergies, food intolerances, gastrointestinal issues?
.. having a lot of aches and pains - arthritis, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue?
.. suffering from hormonal imbalances? 
.. experiencing brain fog, mood swings, confusion, lack of focus, depression? 


* Have you been diagnosed with some form of irritable bowel disease such as crohn’s disease, colitis, celiac or diverticulitis?
* Have you taken anti-biotics in the past few years?
* Have you taken what seems like way too much anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen, aspirin, or nsaids recently?

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The initial session takes about 3 1/2 hours (depending on your health challenges, questions and knowledge) $150
Follow up sessions are quicker - $75
20% discount for seniors (over 65) and juniors (under 20) for the first visit. 
We accept cheques, cash, e-transfer and all credit cards (through the PayPal system).
(NO supplement sales occur at Pacific Holistic EVER - in order to maintain our integrity. No products ~ no sales ~ no biases ~ no MLM ~ no hidden commissions ~ just plain honest, in-depth straight-forward analysis, suggestions and support.)

The Human Body in Numbers - a quick look

Choose your live blood analyst wisely!

Easy access from Surrey, White Rock, Langely, West and North Vancouver, Port Moody, Coquitlam, PoCo, Maple Ridge, Mission, Burnaby, Vancouver, New Westminster and free parking in Kerrisdale, Vancouver                                                   

A quick, small, sterile finger prick with a lancet (like a diabetic's) provides two small drops which are placed on two slides in a specific manner. This is magnified 9000 times (via camera and video screen) for live and dry (also called peripheral and OST) analysis. Together these give enough information for a very comprehensive picture of YOU. Co-relations exist between blood elements, symbionts, bacteria and fungi. The main proven fact is that chronic diseases are created by increasing sickness tendencies of the endobionts. The bacteria, fungi and possible virus' and beneficial regulators develope in our bodies and support us or are changed to pathogenic agents of imbalance and diseases in multi-faceted ways, depending upon the inner terrain (also determined by acid-base balance, protein content and level of trace elements).
This examination was developed by many unique researchers mainlu in France and Germany and later in the USA, including Prof. Dr. G. Enderlein. 

Stop guessing and have a proper, thorough microscopic nutritional analysis with sound advice and nutritional coaching.

Watch for live blood analysis training schedule in spring 2019

Sometimes, when a few key health issues are addressed, your "inner physician" will take care of the rest, naturally, on your quest for health.

ELIMINATE fear and needless concern which comes from guessing at symptoms and then guessing at what they might mean and then more guessing at useful solutions.

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Take a look and see:
what your red blood cells might look like 
what your white cells might be doing
what else is moving

Make Live Blood Analysis Your First Choice, not your last resort.
ELIMINATE fear and needless concern which comes from guessing at symptoms and then guessing at what they might mean and then more guessing at useful solutions.


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Merrie Bakker


Merrie Bakker - Live Blood Analyst - Health Educator - Author - Teacher - Speaker - Editor - Hands-on-Healer - Reflexologist - Dowser - Reiki Master - Nutritional Coach - a life-long student of holistic medicine and preventative health who believes with a passion that cellular disorganization can be prevented or reversed by ortho-molecular medicine, emotional healing work, environmental detoxification (many areas of concern) and nutritional and lifestyle re-balancing (many possibilities). Combined with vigilance, monitoring and team work, clients are encouraged to detox, rebuild, re-nourish, resolve and re-educate.


More details on oxygen / ozone therapy at the oxygen page. Are you an a frequent flyer? Are you a plumber? Do you work in an environment with compromised air - car repair shops, tool and dye shops, welding, machinery, chemical spraying and roofing work?

Regualr rates: 
One session: $70
Five prepaid sessions: $300
Ten prepaid sessions: $500

A successful session below - 30 minutes - lots of heavy metals left behind!










These healing modalities are a real treat for family, friends and pets to experience.
These are thorough hands-on-healing classes - theory and practice - which anyone can learn - easily and empowering.
Details, with descriptions and guided meditations and how to register at

next Weekend Reiki Level One Certification Class: April 6 ,7

We hear people talking about energy work - metaphysical healing details, etc.. and just what does this mean?
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