12 Tips to Boost Mood Swings and Subtle Depression - from subtle to strong

from very subtle, gentle and simple - to more robust suggestion that add emotional strength: how to make specific healthy tweaks to combat feeling 'down and blue' in an easy way

.... changes to make before you can even begin to think you might be depressed... and before you head to your GP and get psycho-ceuticals

add an instant lift:

I always carry around little bottles - in gym bag, desk drawer, car, under pillow - of a specific essential oil to sniff, namely bergamot – instant lift - a few sniffs pack lots of power.

add a BRAZIL nut:

Always include Brazil nuts in your snacks – those big, hard clunkers. I also chop them, then roast them and use for sprinkling on salads – or I grind them up and make nut flour out of them for baking. All nuts are awesome and also are necessary complete protein sources BUT Brazil nuts ALSO contain the trace mineral selenium.
Our bodies naturally and automatically make a wonderful anti-inflammatory called L-glutathione. But the weakest link in the automatic making of this wonderful natural substance - glutathione - is the trace mineral selenium and it is now only abundant in Brazil nuts via their tough root structure. The earth contains less and less selenium and there is virtually none in anything we eat now. Of course it is completely missing in non-organic foods that have been grown in slurries in hothouses and / or in poor dirt that has been fertilized with growth chemicals only, containing only nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium...

When we have inflammation in our bodies (internal organs, skin, arteries, veins, nasal passages, intestinal tract, etc.) and for longer periods of time - 24/7 - and usually unbeknownst to us as we go about our business, then our natural glutathione heals us even when we aren't totally aware of this. When we are subtely and unknowingly suffering from inflammations for a longer period of time, we feel miserable and weak and without spunk - not good for mental health as inflammation is also part of a larger, natural depression component. So eat those BRAZIL NUTS!

add a glass of water:

... or two, ... or twenty... when we rehydrate, our mood lift - drinking less is such an easy conundrum to slip into - so easy to get out of the habit of drinking H2O. If dehydration applies, then get the habit of 6 cups of water / herbal teas per day and check to see you are peeing out about the same amount you are taking in and keep this up for a week - then a month! Then more. This should make a quantum difference to one's state of mind, as our gut signals the rest of the cells in our body to allow toxins out and refrain from being in emergency mode!


add lots of sleep and even melatonin:

...it's macho to do with less - but that's really stupid as you're trading in mood for macho! We all pretty much need 8 hours per day. There's lots going on when we sleep - not just physical healing but also natural brain plaque cleansing.
When we run a continuous deficit of sleep, we feel really unfunctional and weird and down by day three and even more down and dis-associated as we act upbeat and energized around colleugues and friends... and then we crash and catch up somewhat and then we do that whole cycle again and again.
If you never let the deficit of zzzz's mount up beyond one day's worth before you return to catch-up, then your moods will alter!
Pilots, doctors and first responders who work weird and unnatural hours use quality melatonin - way more than 3mg per day - to make sure they sleep well... look into this and it may be right for you. Melatonin has other health attributes, too. It cannot be patented for huge profits and so we don't hear too much about it.


add a drop of LUGOL’S iodine per day and keep a happy thyroid:

quality potassium iodine – assuming you do NOT have a hyperthyroid or what some may ALSO call Hashimoto's - then one drop of Lugol's in a glass of water on an empty stomach some time during the morning is a good health measure. (one drop! only - be very gentle!). Including fish, shellfish and seaweeds in your meals is also smart but my not be enough to make up for a deficit.
There are many kinds of iodine at many differing strengths – but Lugol’s will do nicely (beware of bogus ‘vegan’ iodine drops which is kelp juice and has no significant strength but is sold because of the virtue-signalling word “vegan”.) There’s no such thing as animal iodine.
With iodine you are protecting the thyroid from radiation (which we are taking for granted doesn't hamper us - NOT!) and supporting the thyroid functioning to create a smidge more upbeat energy and so many other beneficial reasons. Go to http://www.pacificholistic.com/iodine and take the test.


add these four trace minerals - Molybdenum, Lithium, Vanadium and Manganese:

Mining for Good Mental Health and Feeling Better - eating your MOLYBDENUM, LITHIUM, MANGANESE and VANADIUM - that's the name of an article with a grocery shopping list at the end of it and a thorough explanation as to why they are important such important minerals. Without minerals in our diets - all the major ones AND all the trace ones - we do not have good health - physical nor mental nor emotional. PERIOD! 
Without these specific three we do not have the ability to create the reactions, co-factors, precursors to hormones, neurotransmitters and catalysts for the thousands upon thousands of intricate, wondrous and complicated chemical transactions that dance together and comprise our body's brilliant functioning. How to get vanadium naturally is explained at the blood sugar articles at http://www.pacificholistic.com/nutrition. Molybdenum, manganese and lithium are explained at... continued at http://www.pacificholistic.com/depression


add problem specific Scheussler salts - a form of homeopathics:

There are specific duos of cell salts or tissue salts for specific challenges. The ones that are a close fit for low moods / depression are the four duos ending in 'phosphate'.
One company, Hyland, has these four grouped together for easy use - the four 'phosphates' together in one little bottle. Just make sure they are not sitting on a metal shelf. Don't touch (just shake 3 or 4 into the bottle cap and toss under the tongue and take away from food and drink by about 15 minutes) and take several times per day..


add allergy reducing steps:

Persistent depressed yucky feelings need some allergy sleuthing / testing as a precaution -​ these are insidious evil inclusions that sneak into our health that can bring us down....
Finding allergies can be done with a (relatively expensive) naturopathic blood test sent to Mount Vernon in WA, USA. BUT NOT the stupid scratch tests... that’s a waste of time and someone may even believe these tests' results and then the real allergy issues are not cleared up at all and are then glossed over.. (the ol' scratch test leaves one with a fake sense of having handled that problem – or as Mark Twain would say: “I don’t want to die of a misprint”.)
I also have found that electro-dermal screening tests are sometimes way off - a few may be accurate.

Best of all is to do your own allergy tests at home – free - with the simple, hassle-free Dr Coca Pulse test - just send me an email with ‘pulse test’ in the subject header and the pdf explaining it - the Dr Coca Pulse test - will be on it’s way to you).
Personally, I would do the Dr Coca elimination test – thoroughly and according to his exact stipulations first. All you need is patience and a stop watch on your cell phone. Then, if it were me, I would also go to someone who is known for good specialized kinesiology - muscle testing - and see what results come up and compare these two sets of results. That’s a good start. There is no need to assume (like so many naturopaths and nutritionists often do) that we are all gluten and dairy intolerant or wheat allergic.
When rebuilding / renourishing our bodies, these assumptive notions are energetically frivolous that I have experienced personally - assumptions that were very expensive (numerous consultation fees) and are time-consuming and a dead-end.
So try the Dr Coca test first.


add proper B12 - in case of a deficiency - central to low mood:

When we are energy depleted, we will seem to have down moods - sort of a no-brainer! There can be long-term blues if one's B12 is in a long-standing defiinecy.
B12 is important for a number of reasons and one is that it protects the myelin sheath covering ALL nerves - that's a lot of length! Methylcobalamine to the rescue (under the tongue if the intestines need rescuing, too). See the B12 article to ensure you are not buying cyanocobalamine; that you are not getting the wrong B12 shots or IVs; that you do not have mercury fillings while getting these IVs; that your intestinal track can absorb B12 and what your GP's test means (or doesn't). http://www.pacificholistic.com/B12


ADD steam sauna ozone / oxygen sessions to your list of 'to do's' to clean up
Sometimes all a person needs is some really serious re-oxygenation. Ozone sauna therapy is the most subtle un-invasive manner to make this happen – very gentle, healing and detoxing... at the cellular level (but not INFRARED).
The unwanted heavy metals that we have accummulated over time (corrosive pipes in old houses with lead soldering; compromised work environments; so-so ground water and well water; medications containing all manner of chemicals such as the heavy metals such as platinum in Cisplatin, for example, can possibly be the culprit too) can be sweated out in a healthy way while re-oxygenating, improving blood flow including the blood flow to the brain, and losing a few calories, etc.
Good minerals such as iron can be displaced by the heavy-metal bullies onboard, too. Ozone / oxygen steam sauna therapy helps reverse all that. Some heavy metals actually attract parasites, so removing them is so very beneficial. A good nutritional consultation – without guess work – such as PROPER live blood analysis - would be very beneficial.

live blood analysis for analyzing depression

add the forgotten gut to your list of concerns:

 ... the poor thing ... treated like Cinderella (before the glass slipper was fitted). There are as many reasons for unhappy intestines - both large and small - as there are people suffering the poor condition - often called dysbiosis or leaky gut or IBS - all umbrella terms for very unhappy but important tissue.
This is a serious, completely misunderstood, largely exploited topic. There are underlying emotional issues, pharmaceutical interventions and reactions, food intolerances, environmental toxins such as glyphosates and poor supplementation to look at. This challenge does not allow for guessing and a bit of this or that... this is where a proper live blood analysis is hyper important to side-step mistakes
– and no professional can ‘see’ the gut and should never make gluten-dairy-wheat-etc oriented assumptions as causes.
IF there is a TRUE celiac disease challenge going on, then that points to gluten having to be VERY strictly avoided (including everyone in the household, pets, pet foods, etc). However, celiac disease requires a possible biopsy after a positive blood test: Tissue Transglutaminase Antibodies blood test (tTG-IgA) is what you need your doctor to authorize - no symptom guessing here - there are real scientific ways to find celiac disease quickly! Otherwise it's goofy guesswork and yet that has become popular by many professionals to conclude that celiac disease is present by guessing.

Gluten may be the most benign element in our present foods!
However, dysbiosis may be connected / partially problematicand contributable to an intolerance to the lectins and glyphosates in the husk of the wheat - a very real poisonous proposition! Or there's a glyphosate intolerance that has developed... it takes a tough stomach to keep eating lectins and glyphosates... and blamimg the gluten means we will continuusly shift the blame and never fix the problem. But for a happy, upbeat person, the 28 feet of gut MUST be in great shape. 

Celiac disease CANNOT be seen with live blood analysis – only if there is a very unhappy gut - dysbiosis. The gut communicates with the heart and the mind (our computer processor) and the three-some must be in awesome working order. The gut is central to dampening inflammation, too, AND for absorption of nutrients. That’s a serious multi-functional workload. 
The complexity of gut health, and it’s intricacies are often used to scare people into buying supplements or for creating a whole webinar series for even more guessing and mis-information!!! Buyer beware.

The gut, when healthy, makes the majority of our serotonin - the happy mood  hormone. There is NO one real test for all of this... other than... you guessed it! proper Live Blood Analysis (as opposed to merely some prebiotics or something else from a seductive ad). 

toxins, blood analysis and depression



An important non-negotiable cog in the mental-health-wheel is magnesium. A serious lack is not hard to come by and quantities are virtually different for each of us. This lack / deficiency is then further aggravated by the known (but ignored) side-effects of continuous stress, poor diet and many modern ubiquitous pharmaceutical medications - so heart-breaking!
A magnesium deficiency leads to an overabundance of N-methyl-d-aspartate (NMDA). NMDA is a substance that is not normally found in healthy tissue. For example, cerebral spinal fluid contains magnesium (sometimes called brain magnesium) and has been found to be too low in drug-resistant depression, as well as with other depression oriented diagnoses. Many research projects have come to similar results in sussing out magnesium levels in sufferers. (In fact initial research goes back to the 1920's and showed 88% success rates in both animals and human experiments where magnesium levels were corrected. Magnesium's brilliant role in mental health re-balancing is now common knowledge in research circles and well reported at PubMed type libraries. These details continue at http://www.pacificholistic.com/magnesium
Magnesium deficiency should not be guessed at. The symptoms are many and overlap with so many other symptoms.
Magnesium deficiency can be seen with properly practiced Live Blood Analysis. Magnesium supplemnts are really tricky if you want to take it for more than better bowel movements or as a sleep aid. Absorption to our tissue is rare or minor - feel free to email me.


ADD Ortho-Molecular Smarts:

... now we are at the more serious suggestions...
An example of addressing profoundly and wisely, the serious nutritional imbalances that lead from mood swings to deep depression, would be the brilliant work of the late Dr. Abram Hoffer. He gave us the mind-bogglingly beautiful ortho-molecular medicine with a little help from his friend Dr Linus Pauling. Depression, bi-polar, shizophrenia, etc. is thoroughly discussed at http://www.orthomed.org.
If one is depressed, then a deep look into ortho-molecular medicine is essential. One can get a head-start enjoying the scientific benefits while delving into this simple, elegant solutions-oriented work - a must read for all nutritionists, too.

There is over-the-top clearly focused research about applications of B3 – niacin. (This research and Dr Hoffer’s brilliant work and thousands of 'cured' patients, was / is shunned by the psychiatric medical world).
Getting started with the gradual building up of specific niacin intake is NEVER harmful for anyone and verrrrrrrry inexpensive – and should be done wisely. The details on doing this just-so and getting started down this path while looking deeper into how ortho-molecular medicine can help you, are at: http://www.pacificholistic.com/B3 


Dr. Abram Hoffer and ortho molecular medicine


Ortho-Molecular Smarts in a different and complete form:

There’s research at TrueHope, the company the government has tried to take down for years (incl. a sting operation at a Vancouver naturopathic convention) that relates to re-balancing our mental health with B3 (see above) and further micro-nutrient interventions, rather than medicating the BIG PHARMA way. Have a read here to see what professional psychologists say: http://www.truehope.com/pdf/empowerplus-research-summary.12.9.14.pdf


Good luck!
Just go down the list - one by one - be thorough and patient - none of this can do ANY harm - and allows you to be proactive and more healthy no matter what diagnosis you have received... if the above truly fails you, then see your doctor.
All the best! 



Best qi,
Merrie Bakker B.Sc, M.Arch, CN


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Only medical doctors are legally allowed to diagnose and treat any named diseases but with live blood analysis and no-guessing nutrition, we may be able to help alleviate or shed light on many of the related underlying reasons for symptoms and find root causes.  We have 23 years of experience in nutritional microscopy and it's interpretation with dark field, brightfield and phase contrast.

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I feel like a new woman again! That is for sure. I went and purchased all the things you suggested and am taking them diligently. Merrie, keep doing what you are doing 'cause you do it so well and you are so valuable and needed in this world!

Carolyn T

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