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There are many profound and fascinating theories at the heart of anthroposophy. Anthroposophical medicine is a complex system - an art and a science of living and healing - that includes the integration of spiritual, emotional and physical components. It was founded again in the present day by the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner (an Austrian Swiss physician, metaphysical pioneer and healer (1861-1925)) in the early 20th century.

An anthroposophical physician diagnoses the patient with the awareness that what is accessible by the five senses is limited and does not fully describe the depths of the causes or nature of the disease of the patient, as this MUST include the spirit and psyche. A physical sign of disease is seen to be a manifestation of the disconnect between the body and the soul, a physical process or blockage, overcoming the domain in which the soul should be ruling. This analysis is known as the doctrine of signatures - finding the gesture in nature that reflects a particular human condition.

This Anthroposophical type of analysis is known as the doctrine of signatures - finding the most similar ‘gesture’ in nature that reflects a particular human condition.

Alongside the various and specific plant remedies that are used in Antroposophy are other therapies - unique to Steiner protocols such as very specific art, music and movement therapies - and they are considered to work synergistically with each other.

In anthroposophical cancer treatment (as well as with sarcomas and sclerosis) the use of the mistletoe plant (Viscum album) is central. This is an ancient healing plant and attracted the attention of Rudolf Steiner back in the 1920's because of its unique life-cycle. It grows in a manner that is totally opposite to the natural rhythms in nature and is very independent. It lives in nature in a way that reflects cancer in human beings.

One element of anthroposophical cancer treatment (and AIDS and inflammatory disease, etc) requires treatment of the body AND the soul (as it is an intrinsic component of the whole body). Alongside the various, specific plant remedies in anthroposophical healing are other therapies such as art, music and movement. 

Mistletoe has no roots and grows on a host plant, mainly trees - apple and oaks and varing other types of trees in Europe and Asia and as such is considered semi-parasitic. It does not grow in an upright manner but winds itself around its host and is very circular. It has a particularly slow growth cycle, producing only one pair of leaves per year. It flowers in February and begins to form berries in late summer which ripen in winter. It comes to full development in three years and three months. generally this plant species behalves aganist the norm of  a plant's normally perceived cycles.

The mistletoe extracts contain both the summer and winter juices and are combined for maximum effect, when the summer plant is at its height of vegetative growth and the winter plant has completed its life rhythm (at the time of the Winter Solstice). These two extracts contain different distributions of viscotoxins. These types of healing properties cannot be found in any other plant.

The mistletoe plant (the two species of helleborus are most often used) gives us immune activating properties and substances which target the cancer cells exterior membrane (and some research points to therapeutic properties for HIV patients as well). Research shows that with subcutaneous injection of mistletoe, there is an increase and migration of white blood cells that targets the area of the tumor within four to six hours. The actual chemical components of the mistletoe include viscumin, viscotoxin, polysaccharides and alkaloids.

There are few serious side effects. Localized inflammation due to the immune response is expected and a positive sign. The treatments and maintenance programs are often used long term. There are many happy patients who owe their lives to Mistletoe, also called iscador. It is widely used throughout Europe where Rudolf Steiner’s work is known and accepted and is largely ignored in North America and forbidden by regular medicine (remember the outrage at Suzanne Somer’s therapy of CHOICE?) and not often understood by naturopaths, either. 

Extensive research has been ongoing in Europe for decades alongside therapies. The extracts are all manufactured in Europe and are marketed under several trade names, such as Iscador, Helixor, Eurixor, and Isorel. Weleda AG manufactures Iscador, too.
Though mistletoe is not commonly used in the United States, it is allowed for compassionate use (that's double-speak for when the mainstream medics have nothing left to try!)

Interesting info on growing the mistletoe: 

Some of the clinics that use Mistletoe Therapy include the San Diego Clinic in California, Stella Maris in Mexico, Dr. Jesse Stoff in Arizona, The Lukas Clinic in Switzerland, Joseph Brenner, MD in israel, Klinik St George and Hufeland Clinic in Germany, and Humlegaarden in Denmark.

The Lukas Clinic: CH-4144 Arlesheim, 011-41-61-72-3333, somewhat under the radar and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QyktIZ_0Nv0

The newest rules of the WHO and CODEX are infringing on the world of bio-dynamics and possibly also the growth and use of Mistletoe, where these powerful medical over-site arms see a possibility to curtail use, which is VERY UNFORTUNATE. Mistletoe homeopathics are quietly allowed in the United States as it is assumed that homeopathics are merely water and useless!. Mistletoe homeopathics are not the same as the actual substance, th extracts, and the latter MUST be used with a physician or naturopath (side effects of possible stomach pain, diarrhea and low pulse)... Weleda's Iscador and Helixor's extract and others may or may not be allowed in the USA (FDA) or Canada (Health Canada) and this varies from time to time. It pays to have friends in Europe at the moment! In Europe, lots of people are followers of natural health practicies, Rudolf Steiner's philosophies and lifestyles and find their way to Helixor and Isador / Mistletoe easily.

In North America, in some of the larger cities, there are a few groups doing wonderful Rudolf Steiner work in health, education and philosophy - quietly and diligently - and one could contact them for links and sympathetic alternative doctors’ names.

And an uplifting article for animal lovers
Mistletoe: A Treatment for Sarcoids?

About 15 years ago a trial of two non-chemo, non-toxic substances and a supplement were allowed to be used for a year by a doctor in North Vancouver for patients with cancer. Iscador was one of these. As the funding and the one year trial ended, we never heard about mistletoe again! The other substance is now, 15 years later, modified, being looked at and studied here by Western medicine... not accepted, but just being looked at yet again... let's not rush this, now...

The newest rules of the WHO are infringing on the world of bio-dynamics and possibly also the growing methods of the Mistletoe plant. Mistletoe homeopathics are quietly allowed in the United States as it is assumed that homeopathics are merely water and sugar pills - so no threat to Western medicine here! And can be used alongside other alternative methods.


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Only medical doctors are legally allowed to diagnose and treat any named diseases but with live blood analysis and no-guessing nutrition, we may be able to help alleviate or shed light on many of the related underlying reasons for symptoms and find root causes.  We have 23 years of experience in nutritional microscopy and it's interpretation with dark field, brightfield and phase contrast.

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I thought I’d give live blood cell analysis one more try with Pacific Holistic... I had this process done once before and was in awe of seeing my blood magnified onto a monitor. I was less impressed by the practitioner, whose nutritional education was lacking but not his resolve to take me and my long list of required supplements to a nearby health store and then to find out that this practitioner was actually an employee of the store, as well! Ms. Bakker makes suggestions for subtle lifestyle changes, new food choices and learning more, first. This isn’t earth shattering but tailored uniquely to me and then there’s a list with priorities and suggestions as to supplements and which brands and possible stores in the Lower Mainland that carry these brands – and I’m free to proceed as I wish. Her report and summary are thorough and honest and good to refer back to.

George Hugh J.

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