Obtain your vital major and trace minerals - get your electrolytes from fresh, natural foods - lots of variety (cover all your bases) - get more from vegetables than fruits.

Eating gently cooked vegetables helps break down the fiber a tad, releasing minerals more readily and allowing better utilization of them. Minerals do not disintegrate from heat such as some vitamins and some enzymes (for example B12 does not disintegrate when you cook red meat but Vit C does!). Cooking vegetables gently has an added side-effect - it removes some lectins, oxalates and nightshades from vegetables - important for people suffering from inflammation who aren't ready to give them up altogether. http://www.pacificholistic.com/nightshades and http://www.pacificholistic.com/lectins and http://www.pacificholistic.com/glyphosates.

Minerals - major and trace - activate and power up muscles, enzymes and nerves. And they are integral in digestion; involved in energy production; required for all healing and tissue regeneration. When/if you supplement, with liquid minerals, purchase the less popular (vegetable origin) humic acid or fulvic acid mineral supplements. You may find very few stores carry these and will offer you rock-originated minerals. We get our minerals only those two ways and through the roots of vegetables or vegetable matter, we know the mnerals are very easily absorbed.
Here is one brand from the USA and can be bought on-line (nope - no shares in the company - and just listing this one as there is little choice: VitalEarthMinerals.com is the brand's website and sold through distributers https://www.allstarhealth.com and https://www.iherb.com.
(Beware of overpriced MLM products flogging minerals from shale - shale is a rock by any definition! So beware of expensive ground up high-aluminum-content rock in fancy sales presentations offered up on popular and credible late night radio talk shows!)

Here are some more easy suggestions:

Have your Himilayan rock salt with you (have some in the car or purse for when you eat out - or a tad that you can tuck into your pocket) and at of course this is THE salt to use at home. Sodium is very important for our mineral balance.
More on the way it is processed - ie, the heat that ruins the salt, not where it cames from or fancy marketing - http://www.pacificholistic.com/salt

Eat those Brazil nuts - the trace mineral selenium in only these nuts has many uses in our bodies. One in particular is that it is the weakest link in allowing our bodies to make our own L Glutathione - our body’s in-house anti-inflammatory (and much better than a supplement or IV with limited absorption). You may read about eating two or three a day - a bit like trying to figureout how many angels on the head of a pin... just eat them!!! Many a few - no matter - just induldge!
Selenium is now catching on and there are ever more reasons that the Brazil nut is being highlighted. There are really no other foods left that can pick up selenium through their root systems, except for the hardy Brazil nut tree. I turn my nuts into nut flour and bake energy cookies with that. I also chop and toast them and add them to salads – nice and crunchy like croutons. http://www.pacificholistic.com/Natural_Glutathione
Vitamin C (hopefully not from corn) is also an antagonist with selenium - so have your Vitamin C supplement or foods away from your Brazil nuts.

Eat lots of dulse or seaweed or nori - and take a drop of the excellent Lugol’s IODINE once a day in a glass of water - best on am empty stomach and rebalancing and healing can be done gracefully and faster – and take the deficiency test if you are curious (except not to be used with hyperthyroid conditions without your doctor’s okay) - http://www.pacificholistic.com/iodine.

Are you eating a lot of fish AND taking zinc supplements (over 35 mg?). Than have a piece of real organic chocolate from time to time - there’s copper in the real cacao bean, too (not in Cadbury’s caramel pillows). When we eat too much zinc (fish, shellfish and bottom feeders, etc) or over-supplement, then that can push out our copper - as they are both vital but antagonists - yet we need then both, and copper is especially needed for skin, connective tissue and collagen… just not to be enjoyed at the exact same time.

Magnesium - go ballistic in a good way and become masterful at topping up in times of stress. Here's an article that may impress you about magnesium's awesomeness: Magnesium - a strong anti-depression mineral

Are you taking in any chromium and vanadium - they are also antagonists - but each is OH so necessary - they allow the energy from our eating - translated to blod sugar - to enter the cells - special gatekeepers. By allowing glucagon derivatives into the cell’s mitochondria and allowing more energy to be made, we also can go longer before the blood sugar rises enough to call out the insulin to bring the glucagon in the blood back downward and into balance. Never take these two trace minerals together - in spite of the fact that two large supplement companies know this, but market them together in one pill anyway - as we shoppers are little ATM’s don’t you know! More on this at Supporting your Pancreas - Blood Sugar Imbalances - Diabetes and Hypoglycemia

And what about fluoride - does that trace mineral matter?
The first, basic thing to know about fluoride is that not all fluorides are created equal. There are many types—both naturally occurring and synthetic garbage. The most common misconception is that the small amounts of ‘natural’ fluoride found in spring water and some organic earth is harmful - ie fluoride NOT added by humans and fluoride that is NOT a waste product such as in your toothpaste and possible municipal water treatment.
The natural form of fluoride is called calcium fluoride and is usually found in soil and enters plants through the roots and a tiny amount of this fluoride is all we need to be healthy.
Another one of the most common types of fluoride is sodium fluoride. This is the synthetic, industrial waste version that you find in toothpaste, mouthwash, dental gels, some municipal water purification systems, etc and has been shown to be very harmful to bones, pineal glands and brains – young and old. In its purest form, sodium fluoride is actually capable of eating through concrete. Although sodium fluoride was the first compound to be used within our country’s tap water system in 1945, it has since been changed to a different compound called fluorosilicic acid and the jury is out on that substance – it must be very difficult to set up the tests... we're waiting with baited breathe!.

Remember lithium?
Lithium Carbonate
 - an industrial waste product - is used as a bi-polar medication and administered in large quantities.
Lithium orotate is a god-send to rebalance hormonal and nerve cell tissue in tiny amounts. A friend calls it her horney-mone mineral. One catch, it is no longer allowed in Canada and so it’s best to order it from a large firm in the USA such as iherb.com and then hope the shipping over the border works. Any brand will do and small amounts of the orotate are fine. Dr John Gray (men are from Mars and women from Venus) is a strong proponent of this trace mineral.
There are other minerals that will help with mood swings and depression – namely tiny amounts of Molybdenum and Manganese - Mining for Good Mental Health and Feeling Better - and a grocery shopping list at the end of this article for these - http://www.pacificholistic.com/depression

If you often have leg cramps, muscle cramps, heart palpitations, constipation and sore muscles, then there is a possibility that you have a magnesium deficiency. The amazing thing is that some minerals can donate an electron and become another mineral. So magnesium can become calcium - but not the other way around. This marvellous BIOLOGICAL transmutation of minerals certainly helps us in times of need. However this trick of nature will not work to make up for the fact that non-organic, mass-produced vegetables have squat to offer - most crops are bred for higher yields, better taste, cheaper production or better appearance, hardiness or bug resistance. Hothouse vegetables are grown in a slurry with lots of phosphorus and some nitrogen and potassium - far from the huge resplendent variety of major and trace minerals in naturally fertilized and the well-prepared dirt of the past. Now these soils, even when organic, are not even holding onto the basics - so keep eating creatively.

Toxic sprays, insecticides and pesticides have now reached deplorable levels in the food chain - and mess with everything - from delicate enzyme production; to breaking down our gut wall, stealthfully; to taxing pancreatic tissue, etc., as if pharmaceutical medical damage wasn’t enough!
Including sulphur in our diet is a good little buffer - as we cannot duck out of the way of all of the negative stuff. Glyphosates are, after all, in everything and have now greatly saturated the regular growing soils. This interferes with the microorganisms in the soil that are required to make minerals usable to the crops’ roots. Glyphosates, herbicides, pesticides and fungicides also mess with the bacteria, enzymes and vitamin production in our 28 feet of intestines - so bring on the sulphur! Onions and garlic like never before. 
The research work of the brilliant Dr Stephanie Seneff is easy to understand and very revealing. I hope she gets the Nobel Prize this year. More of her work at http://www.pacificholistic.com/glyphosate – always being updated.

REMOVING ToxIns including toxic METALS and making way for the good minerals.
We all use sweating as our major natural method of detoxification, especially in summer. An easy way for some more toxin removal is through steam saunas - (not infrared please!!!).  You can up your detox game further by having a serious steam heat sauna coupled with ozone / oxygen therapy - healing and detoxifying that carries on well after the session ends.
I do not recommend chelation therapies unless one is fighting for one’s life – it’s a very invasive chemical intrusion in order to remove chemicals, which is very daunting for our bodies - and is esp tough on our organs and really tough on our delicate kidneys. As the unwanted toxic metals are removed, so too are the much needed benevalant minerals and the entire balance is disrupted.
I do not recommend ‘natural’ chelation products such as supplements and homeopathics or drops. Some are derived from chlorella, cilantro, zeolite or other sources such as diluted EDTA and DMSA. They, too, can remove some vital minerals and cause deficiencies and imbalances between themselves.

Thank you for reading,


Best qi,
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