Herpes - a bit of dietary support

Here are some subtle dietary tips to nudge (not cure) a common (no, not everyone tells you they have it!) little skin interuption. These tips work differently for each person.
Arginine tends to aggravate while lysine tends to abate.

Arginine foods: 
proteins in general and specifically more in plant based proteins such as some nuts (pecan) and some seeds (pumpkin) as well as legumes such as soy, chick peas and peanuts (maybe even cashews)

Lysine foods: 
bananas, avocados, dried apricots, mangoes beets, leeks, tomatoes, pears, potatoes, green and red peppers (even if one is trying to avoid lectins the first six foods will be helpful).

Vitamin C (not made from corn products) is important in general and specifically for overal anti-herpes health and a daily avaerage dose of 1000mg (spread out over the day) tends to make us less vulnerable to the nasty little blisters arising and if the dynamics are such that an outbreak can be anticipated, than doubling the amount of Vitamin C makes sense and can do no harm and is always welcome by our body - a wonderful co-factor.

It's easy to double-check our sources at https://nutritiondata.self.com - they show everything from raw and good to bad, processed and ugly... .
Specific nutrients in food can be found at https://nutritiondata.self.com/tools/nutrient-search. When you apply arginine and lysine to this sights search engine, you'll see: bearded seal (Oogruk), followed by coffee, bananas, pears, apples, plums, figs, papayas as best choices.

There's often an emotional component involved. Whenever there's a relief, a big emotional 'sigh' such as having handled or achieved a big goal or gotten past a huge obstacle, then the healing or recouping phase can have a herpes outbreak come along with it and does not necessarily mean that the immune sustenm is weak. In most instances there's a big sense of a relief and even euphoria. It can also have a component of being relieved of being separated from someone or something difficult/overbearing. (For others this can be in the form of a migraine). 



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