It's not just the GLUTEN...

You may remember Dr Seneff from Pacific Holistic newsletters where I pointed to her great YouTube lectures on the damage inflicted by cholesterol meds and statins and exactly why this is so from a purely scientific / molecular / chemical point of view.

Don't Eat Corn, Soy & Wheat - MIT Scientist Explains

This Doctor Delivers the Best Explanation and Treatment for Alzheimer's
Dr. Stephanie Seneff explains what she's found in her research into Alzheimer's Disease. 


Glyphosate and How to Detox It with Dr. Stephanie Seneff with Wendy Myers 


Monsanto's glyphosates dosn't just go or blow away but accumulates with each season - a mighty mess! Where is the earth most saturated?


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Merrie conveys information with anecdotes, stories, examples and a few sarcastic jokes here and there. My LBA was a lively experience. She is compassionate and patient.
She was completely open and nonjudgmental as to my past poor lifestyle choices. My long standing deficiencies on my vegan diet were laid out in front me – no guessing – nothing vague – just clear information. I recommend this to anyone who has been ill; anyone who has made severe diet changes; anyone who has been on serious meds for a long time.

Kirsten V.

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