Geopathic Stresses, cell-towers, smart-meters, 5G, Radon, RFs and EMFs

... excessive, unhealthy EMF's, geo-pathic stresses, radiation emanating from within the earth, radiation from the stratosphere (including onto planes), 2.4G, 4G, 5G antannae/towers, a neighbour's satellite dish that is too close, even our 'smart' kitchen appliances, wall electricity outlets, surveillance gadgets such as siri,  ground radon, cell phone eminations, WiFi, etc. - very scarey stuff and most of it not researched (or repressed research when negative outcomes are found) as to how it affects our cells over a long period of time...
These energies - radiations and frequencies and their sources - are often interchanged in terminology in articles and conversations.
Head spinning yet?

There are TWO distinct SOURCES of unbalanced energy that requires our understanding - those that are man-made and those from natural sources that have been around forever.

The first here below.

The second at


Amongst all of the stressors that we are subjected to, the ones emanating from the earth, naturally, can be dealt with most easily! Even in a simple effective manner - and absolutely free!
You can get a very savvy, experienced, well-trained dowser to find locations, width, depth and severity of the earth stressors such as geo-pathic fault lines or negative leylaines and underground water movement, the Hartmann and Schumann grid resonance disruptions, etc. For this service some dosers charge oodles of fees.
OR.. MUCH cheaper... just proceed "as if" there is a worst case scenario happening in / under your home, office or bedroom. Then you can't go wrong - at least as a starter! Just apply some simple, yet effective geopathic remedies - then you've got all your bases covered! and then that part of the environment's stressors are put to bed!
Here's how I would go about it, if it were my environment...
Remember the old stately homes and grand farm houses of the past? The buildings' (structural) corners were often built up out of serious large squared hand-hewn field stones (no matter what else the home was built of), giving a very anchoring visual feeling but doing so much more. These four solid stone corners and internal stone floors had a very high crystalline silica content. (Think of the wealthy mansions with marble foors while the peasants were stuck with hard sodd and earth.)

The silica in rocks such as the field stones above absorb and deflect geo-pathic stresses emanating upward from the earth. When a large rock (for the silica content - but can also be big pieces of marble), the deflection causes the negative energies to flow up and around the four corners - or around the outside of the home / environment you are protecting... So these 'corner' stones and stone floors of old had a very specific physical purpose and that knowledge seems to now have been lost. 
No need to go out and reconstruct the corners of your home or renovate your floors with marble, unless you need an excuse for a renovation. Of course, if you love lying tile floors, then have a go at it! 

You can see signs of geo-pathic stress faults out in nature and even in the city. When you see one dull or dead bush in a hedge-row, then another withered shrub nearby and then another unhappy / dying plant further on ... then they may be in a straight line. If so, see what else is in this straight line between them and beyond them... or there may be calluses on a tree trunk in this line-up - and this tells you visually where there may be a geopathic fault in the earth - or a negative underground waterway. Of course there are many reasons for the odd plant to die - just think of all those dogs lifting their legs, or a glitch in the fertilizer... but this never happens in a straightline - so just connect the 'dots'. These negative lines may happen at randon and can even be on angles from each other that run across alleys, lawns or roadways. 


Merely put a nice clean large rock in each of all four corners of your home - apartment or house (not too small – definately no pebbles) ON THE LOWEST FLOOR.
And then, to be extra sure you are in a healthy home, as an extra, really support the area you need for healing which is your sleeping space - the area under your bed!!!
For under your bed: buy some stone or marble floor tiles – this is the one place you MUST have quality physical 'clean' healing time - and always  assume you need to be on the safe side. So six or eight square foot tiles, spread out under a double bed will do nicely (tiles made of poured limestone don't qualify for this – as they do not contain the required silica). If you have any left over stone or marble tiles in storage, now is the time to take them out and press them into service. If you place actual rocks under your bed, you'll have a hard time vacuming.

Deflecting any potential geo-pathic stresses from stress-faults and underground water streams and flows and broken grid lines below your bed is essential and the silica does this.

I buy very inexpensive real stone tiles (not limestone) at ReStore of Habitat for Humanity - many stores in major cities. 
With the tiles in place under your bed and the rocks in the corners of your home also providing overall protection, there is less geopathic stress and better healing and sleep. Rocks / marble / stones - all silica. That's it. Total cost of this protection is $0 to $12!
Isn’t mother nature GREAT!

Also radiating up through the earth but with less ability for us to stop it or to re-direct it, is radon gas emanations. This is common but not negligable if you live in an environment that has been deeply disturbed by, for example, construction (such as where the ground has been deeply excavated - gouged) or where city drainage systems were dug down deep below your home / neighbourhood. Here are two good info sites on this: a summarization on radon for lay people: and everybody’s best friend:

And some ordering details for tests from our government:


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