Geopathic Stresses, 5G, Radon, RFs and EMFs

... excessive, unhealthy EMF's, geo-pathic stresses, radiation emanating from within the earth, radiation from startosphere into/ onto planes, 5G towers, a neighbour's satellite dish, even our 'smart' kitchen appliances, wall electricity outlets, radon, cell phones, WiFi, etc. - very scarey stuff and most of it not researched (or repressed research when negative outcomes are found) as to how it affects our cells over a long period of time...
These energies, radiations and frequencies and their sources are often interchanged in terminology in articles and conversations.
Head spinning yet?
Mine certainly is.

There are TWO distinct SOURCES of unbalanced energy that requires our understanding - man-made and natural sources:

1* those emanating from (and through) the earth - naturally and have around forever
2* all of the man-made frequencies, radiations, stresses, electro-magnetic interferences, 5Gs, radio waves, smart meters, step-down transformers - mainly above ground. 



Amongst all of the stressors that we are subjected to, the ones emanating from the earth, naturally, can be dealt with most easily! Even in a simple effective manner - and absolutely free!
You can get a very savvy, experienced, well-trained dowser to find locations, width, depth and severity of the earth stressors such as geo-pathic fault lines or negative leylaines and underground water movement, the Hartmann and Schumann grid resonance disruptions, etc. For this service some dosers charge oodles of fees.
OR.. MUCH cheaper... just proceed "as if" there is a worst case scenario happening in / under your home, office or bedroom. Then you can't go wrong - at least as a starter! Just apply some simple, yet effective geopathic remedies - then you've got all your bases covered! and then that part of the environment's stressors are put to bed!
Here's how I would go about it, if it were my environment...
Remember the old stately homes and grand farm houses of the past? The buildings' (structural) corners were often built up out of serious large squared hand-hewn field stones (no matter what else the home was built of), giving a very anchoring visual feeling but doing so much more. These four solid stone corners and internal stone floors had a very high crystalline silica content. (Think of the wealthy mansions with marble foors while the peasants were stuck with hard sodd and earth.)

The silica in rocks such as the field stones above absorb and deflect geo-pathic stresses emanating upward from the earth. When a large rock (for the silica content - but can also be big pieces of marble), the deflection causes the negative energies to flow up and around the four corners - or around the outside of the home / environment you are protecting... So these 'corner' stones and stone floors of old had a very specific physical purpose and that knowledge seems to now have been lost. 
No need to go out and reconstruct the corners of your home or renovate your floors with marble, unless you need an excuse for a renovation. Of course, if you love lying tile floors, then have a go at it! 

You can see signs of geo-pathic stress faults out in nature and even in the city. When you see one dull or dead bush in a hedge-row, then another withered shrub nearby and then another unhappy / dying plant further on ... then they may be in a straight line. If so, see what else is in this straight line between them and beyond them... or there may be calluses on a tree trunk in this line-up - and this tells you visually where there may be a geopathic fault in the earth - or a negative underground waterway. Of course there are many reasons for the odd plant to die - just think of all those dogs lifting their legs, or a glitch in the fertilizer... but this never happens in a straightline - so just connect the 'dots'. These negative lines may happen at randon and can even be on angles from each other that run across alleys, lawns or roadways. 


Merely put a nice clean large rock in each of all four corners of your home - apartment or house (not too small – no pebbles) ON THE LOWEST FLOOR. And then, to be extra sure you are in a healthy home, as an extra, really support the area you need for healing - your sleeping space - the area under your bed!!!
Buy some stone or marble floor tiles for under your bed – this is the one place you MUST have quality physical healing time - while you sleep - and assume you need to be on the safe side. So six or eight square foot tiles, spread out under a double bed will do nicely (tiles made of poured limestone don't qualify for this – as they do not contain the required silica). If you have any left over stone or marble tiles in storage, now is the time to take them out and press them into service. If you place actual rocks under your bed, you'll have a hard time vacuming.
Deflecting any potential geo-pathic stresses from stress-faults and underground water streams and flows and broken grid lines below your bed is essential.

I buy very inexpensive real stone tiles (not limestone) at ReStore of Habitat for Humanity - many stores in major cities. 
With the tiles in place under your bed and the rocks in the corners of your home also providing overall protection, there is less geopathic stress and better healing and sleep. Rocks / marble / stones - all silica. That's it. Total cost of this protection is $0 to $12!
Isn’t mother nature GREAT!

Also radiating up through the earth but with less ability for us to stop it or to re-direct it, is radon gas emanations. This is common but not negligable if you live in an environment that has been deeply disturbed by, for example, construction (such as where the ground has been deeply excavated - gouged) or where city drainage systems were dug down deep below your home. Here are two good info sites on this: a summarization on radon for lay people: and everybody’s best friend:

And some ordering details for tests from our government:



Quite separate from the stresses emanating from within the earth (described above) are those which are of the man-made variety such as the many devices that polute us with EMF's - Electro Magnetic Frequencies and the wavelengths In the radio frequency spectrum RF's. These are more difficult to manage and extra debilitating to our health: radio waves, cell phones, cell phone towers, modems, microwaves, computers, G5, TV monitors, BlueBeam technologies, activated nano-particles, smart appliances, micro-wave bird disruptors (in new-build) and so forth (more on this simply explained at
lf we could actually see these energy waves with our eyes, then it would look similar to the picture below - but in layers upon layers - in 3 dimensions.

One source of micro-wave energy hitting us that we are all stuck with now, are smart meters - of many varieties - pulsing at high frequency and often and 24/7. A lot of insight and not too depressing at:

Some more scientific information on this man-made health interference at:

and from an Australian friend:

Dr Dietrich Klinghardt, Bellevue, Washington state, describes very succinctly just how our health has been impacted by EMF's and how to create positive change. It's a great 45 minute video that describes what's wrong with our present environment and how this impacts our heath invisibly and advises us what to do: He makes an association with Lyme disease which is not my (22 year) experinece of seeing people's blood up close. However, everyone's white cell count has altered alarmingly and to a somewhat lesser degree, the thyroid and people's body temperature has lowered a tiny amount and pH's have all shifted a tiny amount, but when multiplied over a century this could be insanity!

We are, in the meantime, looking at even larger problems: the presence of 5G for all of us (right down to your hospital bed in Vancouver's largest hospital - they don't want us to be bored???); vibration to skull technology (see Roger Tolces information - especially his Coast to Coast AM interviews - a few are still available / hidden on the internet); how to restrict and eliminate nano-particles out of our bodies that may (or may not) react with these new and 'untested' frequencies that we are blanketed by.



EMF (Electro-magnetic Frequency) busters were first introduced by Don Croft (based on Wilhelm Reich's research - who was falsely jailed and bumped off as his research into orgone energy was considered a threat to the established powers) and are sometimes called orgone energy generators or energy pucks or EMF busters and have many more names and are used to rebalance unwanted man-made electro-magnetic energy disturbance fields. (EMF's don't have anything to do with earth emanating energies and therefore are not affected by those rocks mentioned above). These (resin / curly-metal / crystals) EMF busters do not have to be beautiful or expensive (although the exquisite ones are useful as gifts) and can be ordered online. Some of my clients just have them in their night-stand drawers, office desk drawers, purses, and the car door's side-pockets and one person even has several in his briefcase (pilot) and NO ONE is any the wiser or will consider you a geek, as no one needs to see them!
These are important to use in hotel rooms (TV on in the room behind your headboard even if you turn off all of your own devices before sleep, airplains (especially along the walls floors and ceiling - aisle seats are cleanest and first class is worst), cars (same concept as on a plane), electro-busses, sports bars with many TV monitors, kitchens with micro-wave ovens! (yup - what you can't see as a customor won't hurt you?).
New build has micro-wave gizmos - always on 24/7 that send waves across properties so bird avoid flying over! Yet it's not so dandy when it's in the exterior wall, two feet away from your headboard!
Customs Canada is clueless about these little EMF busters so they are good to travel with.

After a lot of serious muscle testing I became a huge fan of these simple protective devices. 
Some 'EMF buster' folks rant righteousnessly and endlessly, about all the conspiratorial changes steathfully brought upon us. And that's fine - I'll just make some practical suggestions for the use of the EMF transmuters or busters or whatever you want to call them and so we'll all be safer and the cause of why we are stuck living with these untested frequencies isn't going away - ranting about them or not... we need to focus on protection.

Pro-activeness and mutual protection can be practiced quietly. I just fired a client who loved the fact that allowing a vast number of 5G tower$ on his real e$tate holding$ and other cell phone antanae on his apartment towers' roof$ was very, very lucrative. He didn't care AT ALL that his tenants were destraught and these were never coming down as far as he was concerned. (Hmmm - and I had just gotten him off the kidney dialysis waiting list and had turned his blood pressure around!)

Utility grade EMF busters (not the pretty paper-weight varieties) can be bought online very in-expensively - and one such site is​ - just the simple little hockey-puck-looking cheap ones will do the job... and NOT pendants of any kind (shielding, blocking, etc) that are attached to our bodies (another day - another newsletter - utterly clever marketing and of no use).

During Live Blood Anaysis sessions and sometimes in a dowsing class or after a Reiki session, I will mention the importance or keeping EMF's that surround us, at bay. They MUST BE neutrilized or blocked. They have become a "normal" part of our environment, but shouldn't be accpeted as such.
Sometimes I get that glazed-over look that says "huh"? "What am I supposed to do without my cell-phone under my pillow?" and what are you talking about - a landline??? "What's the big deal with micro-wave ovens anyway - they wouldn't have sold it to me if it was bad - health Canada would have warned us!"
...  "hmmm ... have you ever wondered why you cannot get anymore radio stations clearly, or at all? on an actual radio anymore...!" Where's the interference coming from? Only the LCD signals surrounding us or the LED street and home lights? or is there more to it? 
Gone are the days when our beautiful Shannon Mews (a 10 acre complex in Vancouver where I lived) was like an aviary and attracted birds from everywhere - even exotic species - tonnes of singing and chirping during all seasons! And there weren't too many waves interfering so that I could even listen to an old-fashioned radio.

I now live in a new multi-unit apartment building on the same 10 acres - and noary a bird flies over in a two block radius - great! No bird poop says everyone! However, the microwave bird-disruptor gizmo - on 24/7 was embedded in my outside wall - MY outside BEDROOM wall! ... two feet from my headboard! This is a significant health hazard - and who would know - done during construction - and does not require building permission nor landlord disclosure. Now wouldn't it be totally naive to think this is installed only in the new building I live in?

In the meantime, I noticed that there are now 20 plus nearby computer modems in my appartment complex with signals I can pick up - ie - signals that surround me and running through me and most running on 5G! These cell phone networks need stronger cell towers - at closer ranges - voila! - they are now on my apartment building rooftop and according to my gauss and electro-currency meters, these 13 towers have a two block radius effect, too. Then we have seven white metallic fake stylized ?artistic? trees full of electronics and monitoring something - LCD - data from folks driving along Granville Street to the airport?

I collect old fashioned bulbs so I have a tiny stash as they seem to have become extinct and no longer allowed to be manufactured in or imported into Canada - banned in 2014 and 2015.

I wear inexpensive yellow tinted glasses to block the blue light from my computer - so my body doesn't get as much fake, daylight wave information signaling at night-time and too much of everything during the day (affecting my adrenals and hormones and sleeping).
I wear reflective mirrored glasses when I go into larger stores as the vibrations that I'm blocking are set for tracking me and messaging databases... leaving me feeling foggy-minded and walking in circles trying to remember what I came for. If I don't wear them, it takes exactly seven minutes for my mind to go stupid at Safeway. I have no apps on my cell phone "to guide my shopping experience" and therefore nothing that can react to the magnetic strips along all the shelves down all the aisles except whatever is beamed at me...

There are many more challenging situations that require unique situational solutions.
For example, grounding has good healing advantages and is a step in the right direction.
Another example, if you are bombarded from several sources you will want to invest in a gauss meter and/or magnetometer or a tri-field EMF meter to see exactly where the waves eminate from, how strong they are, and where they coalesce.
Then damage control may be simple if you live in a home where grounding may be a snap.. or more difficult in a larger metal clad building where energies are exacerbated by metal studs, metal cladding and other non-benigh materials and you'll have to build yourself a safe zone - a faraday cage for sleeping, for example. Grounding with a wire into the grounding part of an outlet may not be useful or counter productive - best see a specialist for this.. just as grounding to the earth is great as long as one avoids dirty electricity.

In fact, I think all pro-active people will be investing in a faraday cage soon. Even on a budget, one can actually make an inexpensive faraday cage - a fun project for a family if you are extremely budget conscious. A source of pop cans are important (don't drink the stuff!). These can be cut open and flattened and glued together till one has an entire wall; and then more walls and floor and ceiling covers can be attempted. If the glue is right (heavy duty craft glue) and no cracks are allowed in the asembly, then no signal can entire this room cladding. Voila! A very inexpensive faraday cage for clean sleeping.

We are, in the meantime, looking at an even larger problem: how to get the nano-particles out of our bodies. They shouldn't be there. Will they react to or alter (or amplify) along with 5G (no tests have been done yet!), our human crystalline structure? We know we are bio-electric beings - every red blood cell has to have an exact miniscule electrical charge (zeta potential) to be healthy - that's three trillion delicate batteries. Our arteries and veins are 60,000 miles of coiled, alive antannae.
I am not the ultimate expert on EMFs, RF and 5G – not even a tiny expert on this new technology… the days of walking around with my little gauss meter to show clients the under-estimated nastiness of micro-wave ovens (they used to be called radar ranges) or the very measurable effects of step-down transformers all over my city in the back alleys (right under some apartment bedroom windows!!!)... (... and allowed by our municipal governments).
I am merely another careful practitioner looking at this new technology from as many scientific angles as possible with a lot of scepticism - and that scepticism is honestly earned from heaps of dishonourable research thrown at us over the decades, that is meant to shift perceptions and hide truths... I'm also sceptical of all these 'summits' that spring up to 'help' us figure things out - lots of dis-information there too!

Some Facts About Dirty Electricity

So, that said, I can share with you at least one document that specifically addressed these concerns decades ago before EMF’s and 5G ever became a civilian issue. Now we don't even test!


The Naval Medical Research Institute produced a research paper in 1971: “Bibliography of reported biological phenomena and clinical manifestations attributed to microwave and radio-frequency radiation”. 

It includes a 5 page list of physical effects to the human body that will shock even the most ‘thick’ EMF denier. 

Doing research is humbling, it shows you what you’ve missed and looked right past… so good luck on shedding light onto this topic for yourself. I'll just provide you some links, here. But there are so many more.



Tinnitus? Lousy sleeping? Headaches? Joint aches?
Take a look around you and identify all of the devices in your home, office, and at your children’s schools that use wireless technology including iPads or other small handheld computing devices and laptops, routers and modems, wireless keyboards, mouse, DECT cordless phones, GPS devices, drones, wearable tech like ‘Fit Bits’ and ‘Apple watches’ (amongst others), baby monitors, home security alarms and cameras, utility smart meters, smart applicances and on and on. Once you start looking I think you’ll be shocked at all the devices in your home that emit EMFs… then your car… then your work environment!

Take a drive through your community with a friend and identify your cell towers and cellular antennae, which are attached to not only the usual cell tower structures, but all kinds of structures including civic buildings, medical clinics, church roofs, residential high rises, shopping centres, bridges, water towers in smaller towns, even flag poles, telephone poles and light posts and under man-hole covers, etc… Usually, these antennas are long, rectangular box-like devices and long thin staffs. Many of the newer “antennae arrays” are being positioned very close together and closer to the ground than older conventional cell phone towers in order to accommodate the greater number of 5G networks.

So, here are a few tips to protect you and yours from the effects of some of the EMFs and RFs.

1. Turn off your wireless modem / router permanently and connect your laptop or desktop computer(s) to the internet using a CAT 6a or higher shielded Ethernet cable.
Once you’ve got the Ethernet cable you want, you may need to call your internet provider and have them walk you through the steps to permanently turn off the wi-fi function on your modem. If this isn’t possible, you need to buy a new modem that can be turned off completely by you – preferably from a simple switch on the modem itself (so your provider can’t turn it back on without you noticing!). 

2. Keep your cell phone away from your body at all times and always turn it off at night. Cell phone inserts tell you to not put the “device” within 1 inch (sometimes more) of your body - head, ear, pants pockets or bras! No where. However, when was the last time you read the inserts? 

Smartphones are the worst emitters of EMFs, so you may want to carry your phone in a case designed to act like a Faraday cage, which blocks EMFs from escaping from the phone into your body. When talking, don’t hold the phone to your head. Never use your car’s speaker function or a Bluetooth headset or earbud - just more wireless tech bouncing around the inside of your car's small tin-can type space. Better to use the speaker function on the phone itself or invest in a pair of air-tube (not wired) earbuds or headset. This is because wires going to or from your devices blast EMFs right into your ears!

Never sleep in the same room with any wireless devices. Set your phone to Airplane Mode or turn it completely off. In Airplane mode you can still compose texts and they will be sent when you turn it back on in the morning. Your alarm will work in airplane mode, too.

When you are actively moving, or when the signal is low, or when you are in a vehicle, the signals emitted from your phone to the tower and back get stronger as they try to maintain the connection. Your metal vehicle also acts like a giant antenna, bouncing EMF radiation all around you in your moving tin can.

3. Bye, bye cordless walk-around phone and go back to wired handset phones. Cordless home phones emit MORE electromagnetic frequencies - as much as 60 Gigahertz from both the base and the handset! 

4. There are many Faraday cage-like products; EMF-blocking wall paint, window films and metal-material-lined bed canopies and curtains now on the market. Some are smart and effective. There’s a lot of useless crap out there being sold 'to help and protect us'. BUYER BEWARE! Sometimes a sample of a good wire mesh or cloth wrapped around a cell phone in ‘on’ mode will show that the cell phone is not receiving a signal - a good sign! Wrap protection around a cell phone in working mode and receive a signal - bad sign! Here's the material I'm working with at the moment:

5. Outside power lines and inside electrical wiring, easily transmit what is known as “dirty electricity” loaded with uselessly high levels of EMFs. The best way to detect this dirty electricity and all other electromagnetic frequencies going on around you, including those from your various devices and smart appliances, light fixtures, wall plugs, etc, is by purchasing a quality gauss or EMF meter - a small necessary investment - and then treat your friends, neighbours and children to some insights, too! For example, you may want to test each of the electrical receptacles / outlets in your bedroom, even though there may be nothing plugged into them… as the wiring to and from these outlets could be poorly wired and crossing each other. So it wass in my bedroom… the dirty outlets in the kitchen are on the same circuit as the two outlets near my head in the bedroom!

6. I never work on my laptop without putting it on my resin / marble coffee table which absorbs most of the emanation from the bottom of the laptop (worst area) - don’t want them in my lap! If I’m not at home I look for a piece fo wood to set it on - even a chopping board will do.

7. When you engage friends to work on this huge topic together, there are many areas you can choose to delegate between yourselves - such as the ‘politics’ of 5G, remedies for 5G and the ‘effects’ of 5G - topics that will continue to make us feel un-easy (until we get to the bottom of it or until just ONE government decides to do definitive testing). Is Huawei technology - now all over North America and Europe - robbing us of future freedoms? Are they insisting on making us use it in order to just spying on their own Chinese people abroad and administering social credit or does out government need this weapon, too? Why doesn't Huawei gain a foothold in Brussels? Why is Huawei so stealthful with information - just protecting various corporate interests?

8. start collecting pop cans - see above :-)


And here is some research from reading and sharing and discussion… not online blogs looking for click-bait and sensationalism. 

from the CBC: Hidden Towers radio frequency & mind control - shows that ELFs have become a Black Ops technology controlled outside of legislation

What do Devra Lee Davis, PhD MPH, Robert Kennedy Jr., Martin Pall PhD, the Vancover filmmaker Josh del Sol and Dr Jay Davidson have to say on this existential threat? Let's start with Dr Davis - four year old lecture - still the basic knowledge -

What did Lahkkowski and Tesla (not the car) have to say about all of this?

And have a listen to Professor Tom Butler from Business Information Systems, University College at Cork and is a former IRCHSS Government of Ireland Research Fellow. He's retiring (not vying for research $$s) so he can afford to be super honest and shares a lot of useful info - at 23:30 minute mark at (and the accents are lovely).

... more

and a really good update: JOHN KITSON ~ "5G - The Fifth Element of Total Destruction" and and Mark Steele interviewed at  at the University of Melbourne lectures, Dr Devra Davis, Visiting Professor of Medicine at the Hebrew University Former President Of Microsoft Canada, Frank Clegg on "5G Wireless IS NOT SAFE"

... and hope and a gadget with research attached: a USB REZOTONE “Bodrost” gizmo to normalize the electromagnetic environment


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I thought I’d give live blood cell analysis one more try with Pacific Holistic... I had this process done once before and was in awe of seeing my blood magnified onto a monitor. I was less impressed by the practitioner, whose nutritional education was lacking but not his resolve to take me and my long list of required supplements to a nearby health store and then to find out that this practitioner was actually an employee of the store, as well! Ms. Bakker makes suggestions for subtle lifestyle changes, new food choices and learning more, first. This isn’t earth shattering but tailored uniquely to me and then there’s a list with priorities and suggestions as to supplements and which brands and possible stores in the Lower Mainland that carry these brands – and I’m free to proceed as I wish. Her report and summary are thorough and honest and good to refer back to.

George Hugh J.

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