Effective Remedies for Geopathic Stress Faults

We hear a lot about excessive unhealthy EMF's, geo-pathic stresses, radiation from the earth and on planes, etc. These terms and their sources are often interchanged in articles and conversations regarding the unseen deleterious forces affecting our health: "radiation" from smart meters, cell phones, microwave towers, a neighbour's satellite dish, even our kitchen appliances, etc, as well as solar flares, the shifting magnetic North, geo-pathic stress faults below us, underground water pathways and disrupted energy lines from grids such as the Hartman grid.
Head spinning yet?

Let's divide them between those emanating from (and through) the earth naturally and all the man-made radiations. 

Amongst all of these stresses that we are subjected to, the ones emanating from the earth can be dealt with most easily! Even in a simple effective manner - absolutely free!
You can get a very savvy, experienced dowser to find locations, width and severity of the earth stressors. OR.. even cheaper... just proceed "as if" there is a worst case scenario happening in your home, office or bedroom. Just apply some simple, yet effective, remedies - then you've got all your bases covered.
Here's how I would go about it, below...
Remember the old stately homes and large farm houses of the past? The buildings' corners were often built up out of serious large solid field stones (no matter what else the home was built of), giving a very anchoring feeling but doing much more. These stones have a very high silica content. Silica deflects geo-pathic stresses emanating from the earth, causing these to flow around the home rather than through. So these stones had a very specific physical purpose and that knowledge seems to now have been lost on us. Marble contains silica, too, by the way - so if you have any left over stone tiles or marble tiles, now is the time to take them out of storage and press them into service.

... some obvious clues we have overlooked while looking right at them!

You can see signs of geo-pathic stress faults out in nature and in our gardens and while walking down back-alleys or even while sitting on the bus. When you see one dull or dead bush in a hedge-row, then another shrub nearby and then in another nearby area and then another unhappy / dying plant in a straight line connected between the first two or three... or calluses on a tree trunk connected in the same fashion.

No need to go out and reconstruct the corners of your home or renovate your floors with marble, though, unless you need an excuse.

Merely put a nice clean large rock in each of all four corners of your home - apartment or house - (not too small – no pebbles). And then, to be extra sure, buy some stone or marble floor tiles for under your bed – this is the one place you expect to spend quality physical repair time, per se. So six square foot tiles, spread out under a double bed will do nicely (tiles made of poured limestone don't qualify for this – as they do not contain the required silica) for more sleeping / healing time protection. Deflecting any geo-pathic stresses from stress-faults and underground water streams and flows and broken Hartmann grid lines below your bed is essential.

I buy real stone tiles (not limestone) at ReStore of Habitat for Humanity. Locations at http://www.habitat.ca/restore-directory-p5011.php?command=&cID=68&cat=Br...
With the tiles in place under your bed and the rocks in the corners of your home also providing overall protection, there is less geopathis stress and bound to be better healing and sleep. Rocks / marble / stone - all silica. That's it. Total cost of this protection is $0 to $12!
Isn’t mother nature GREAT!

Quite seperate from the stresses emanating from within the earth (dealth with as above) are those which are of the man-made variety such as EMF's - Electro Magnetic Frequency and their many sources - much more difficult and equally debilitating to our health - radio waves, cell phone tower waves, cell phones, microwaves, computers, TV's and other appliances, and so forth.
lf we could actualy see these energy waves (not in sync with our own!), then it would look similar to the picture below.

One source we are all stuck with now are smart meters. A lot of insight on them here at: http://www.stuartwilde.com/2013/02/smart-meters-kill-plants/

Some more scientific information on this man-made health interference at:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6z9Dpe66SzE

and from an Australian friend:

and other videos at the bottom of http://www.naturalhealthperth.com/-electro-magnetic-frequencies.html

EMF busters were first introduced by Don Croft (based on Wilhelm Reich's research) to rebalance man-made energy fields (not earth emanating energies as some people believe) and are sometimes called orgone energy generators. The interesting details that will NEVER be part of mainstream reporting - politics and all at: https://www.orgoniseafrica.com/orgone-history-wilhelm-reich-don-croft
After a lot of muscle testing I became a fan - a huge fan of these simple devices. Best to disregard the misplaced pseudo-scientific horrific notions that some EMF buster folks proclaim, and their righteousness, and endless conspiratorial BS - just use the EMF tranmuters or whatever you want to call them and be safer. They can be bought online and one such site is at http://www.orgoniseafrica.com/orgonite-tb-dirty-harry-207.html as well as http://www.orgonegenerators.ca - you don't need the works of art - just the simple little hockey puck-looking ones will do the job.

During Live Blood Anaysis sessions and sometimes in a dowsing class or after a Reiki session I will mention the importance or keeping EMF's that surround us, at bay. I'm still amazed at how often we ignore the invisible forces around us. They MUST BE neutrilized. They have become a "normal" part of our environment, but shouldn't be accpeted as such.
Sometimes I get that glazed-over look that says "huh"? What am I supposed to do and what are you talking about? What's the big deal?
Dr Dietrich Klinghardt describes very succinctly just how we have been impacted by EMF's and how to create positive change. It's a great 45 minute video that describes what's wrong with our present environment and how this impacts our heath invisibly and advises us what to do - 45 minutes well spent: http://youtu.be/PktaaxPl7RI.

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The first time I was told I was in very BAD shape and was so scared that I bought a humongous amount of supplements that I was told I really needed to have that were right there in the store (surprise, surprise), which was a financial strain.
The Health Show “quickie” was also an attempt to sell me supplements and join an MLM company. After the first fiasco it was easy to say no to the second “offer”.
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