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Detoxifying - Cleaning Up

The lymphatic system, our first and foremost toxin collection system, doesn’t have a pump (such as the heart for our blood circulartion). The lymph system tubules (truly at work EVERYWHERE inyour body) pick up unwanted toxins that have been pushed out of every tissue cell and into the extracellular matrix fluid. We don't want these toxins sloshing around there either and so the 'garbage' moves automatically into the lymph tubules. This happens seamlesslyonly when we move and are healthy. ​The best way to enervate the lymphatic system is through exercise and for those of us too busy it can be walking, gentle yoga, small movements and trampolining.


Sometimes the lymphatic system (including the little cleansing stations / lymph nodes full of busy white cells that are dedicated to neutralizing the toxins in the lymph fluid that gets pumped into them, too) needs extra nurturing and support and that can be for many reasons.

One common reason for lymphatic sluggishness could be that is over-worked. Sometimes there's a deeply felt, unresolved (possibly long-standing) feeling of self-devaluation (and a further clue is usually connected to the body area where the lymph may be stuck). An example is in the picture above - where the dominant hand has poor lymph drainage (of a famous person who has been known for some time to feel redundant).
Another reason is simple systemic dehydration.
Another is an overburden of miserable chemicals from harmful pharmaceuticals that can not be removed quickly enough.
Another is deep shock and emotional angst such as with PTSD. And yet another is strong non-stop un-human electro-magnetic dis-harmonizing force fields - EMF's, 5G, etc.
When the moon is waning, is when it is easiest to allow toxins out of the cells - no point in rolling the rock up hill! this is when re-hydrating has the most effect. Then, during the waxing moon, the cells, the ultimate smallest mini-universe within our miraculous bodies, can be re-nourished and that will include consuming good fats to help heal the bi-lipid outer cell membranes (around every cell in your body - even the red blood cellls) that form the portals through which the internal minerals and ALL other important and vital goodies need to travel through - in and out.


The herbs plantain, calendula and cleavers (made into a tea is easiest - add some mint for taste or an occasional piece of ginger root) are good for lymphatic drainage. This "drainage" doesn't mean anything as 'wrenching" as what you think your plumber does - just a very subtle version of moving fluids to the exit systems..

A fine homeopathic cream, Lymphdiaral by Pascoe (called lymph drainage cream), can be applied to compromised lymphatic areas and where lymph nodes gather (such as the groin, the armpits, just below the belly-button) to gently get things moving. (Avoid the copy-cat creams).

Detox” by the outstanding European company -Heel (that’s the company name), is an effective, top-quality homeopathic drainage “tincture” (three little bottles in a narrow box) that can be added to your daily drinking water - subtle yet effective and available at quality health and supplement stores.

Essiac is a herbal mixture and is often associated with alternative cancer therapy and has been marketed in different forms and by different companies. The four original herbs -  are strongly detoxifying and were very successfully used by Renee Caisse decades ago in Ontario to save lives fromm advanced cancer - first several members of her family and ten many others. It is a combination of herbs used by our native Indians. Essiac consists of the following detoxifying herbs: burdock root, sheep’s sorrel, slippery elm and turkey rhubarb. Different manufacturers have tried to “improve” this grouping of herbs and for a number of reasons, that may not be an improvement at all - so do not purchase names that sound similar. The Essiac that is of good quality and easiest to use, is a concentrate that is sold in an opaque deep green plastic bottle that has Renee Caisse’s portrait on the label in a small round circle (in better heath food / supplement stores, only). Avoid the copy-cats - it should say “Original ESSIAC® from Essiac® Canada International”.

Bio-xy Cleanse is a supplement (at better health stores) in a white plastic bottle with an unattractive blue and white label and contains a very easily metabolized and absorbed form of magnesium and an activate-able oxygen that is beneficial for several reasons. The most important reason is to re-introduce magnesium into your body in an inexpensive and highly absorbable manner (unlike most regular magnesium-containing supplements or cal/mag pills which may not be absorbed by your body at all, or in very small amounts). It is of vital importance that the magnesium is in a particular environment before it can be absorbed. In a perfect scenario magnesium also dances with potassium and these two enter the cell (ideally during the night-time hours) whilst pushing out the sodium and calcium which then try to get back in during the day and move the other two back out - in and out. It takes many years to reach a serious magnesium deficiency and a cellular imbalance that masquerades as many other ailments with various symptoms, leading to many false allopathic diagnoses and the ensuing medications that will end up adding to greater toxicity (even if the meds have a small window of efficacy). Magnesium takes part in more of the bodies’ biochemistry than we can imagine. This supplementation can reduce kidney stones, sensitivity to pain, edema, chronic fatigue, muscle spasms, spastic bowel, chronic constipation, heart palpitations, fibromyalgia and polymyalgia. It can be altered by your body to replace or become calcium when really needed and depleted - a true miracle mineral! Calcium / magnesium caplets or pills are not productive as either mineral, separately, requires a different chemical reaction for absorption - and as they are in the same pill without very specific instructions to create the optimum conditions for the one or the other. The popular cal/mag pills/caps/supplements are therefore not well absorbed, if at all... yet good for business.

The reason this supplement, Bio-xy, is in this detox section is that it is multi-functional - use it to gently cleanse the entire intestinal tract - the small and the large intestine - those 28 feet. The magnesium (above), when taken in certain quantities and on an empty stomach aids creates intestinal flushes - two in one - cleansing and re-mineralising! A cleaner colon is a serious must-do first step to detoxing. The powder is effective - and call me for some tricks in the taking of it - as I am personally a certified wimp and can still manage this, while the caplets are of no use when cleansing and detoxifying the colon - you will make no head way and needlessly waste money and time. If you are sometimes constipated, then the caplets can be taken to help the bowel along - even to bowel tolerance or for maintenance. Flushing and detoxifying, of course, is not the same as daily maintenance.
When doing any sort of flush it’s a serious necessity to re-populate your gut with good bacteria and pro-biotics immediately when the cleanse is completed - on a regular basis and as maintenance. I recommend Natren's Triple Health - acidophilus, bifidus and bulgaricus.

Parasites not only sit down at the table with you and absorb your nutrients - hence their name, but they also leave you with their by-products (waste) which are toxic and alter the terrain and increase pathogenicity - even if it is only a few. Unfortunately they multiply, so it’s best to kept them under control or eradicated. Hulda Clarke products (she’s the author of Cure for All Cancers, and other books, etc) are by my estimation the best on the market for parasites (I think her supplements are magnificent, not her research). You only need to order 3 items (I’d be happy to discuss quantities, method, details and timing for tese):
These non-toxic supplements:
1. tincture (liquid, not pills) of green Black Walnut Hull (you may want to call me first before ordering). (Because we are all different this may require a bit of discussion.)
2. Cloves (must be fresh - not the cooking variety; most average store varieties have been irradiated) - caps
3. Wormwood (artemisia only) - caps. These items can be drop-shipped from Toronto, quickly and effortlessly. Call me for the e-address.
Most orthodox parasite meds are harsh chemicals that can damage your organs and are prescribed by specialists who take their recommendation from the lab tests / reports where your stool samples are evaluated after having sat around from days to weeks)...

Some assumptions circulate that circles under the eyes are due to parasites and/or candida and that is not factual. So people erroneously feel that a stringent parasite cleanser is called for, often, as well as a regular candida busting diet. Parasites can be discovered through live blood analysis. It occurs less often than people think. Our bodies can deal with and remove parasites naturally most of the time.
Candida can be beneficial as well as non-beneficial and this depends on many factors that can also be seen with live blood analysis (yup! candida has had a bad wrap - but is always good for business!!).
It may be more effective for your body to start with a simple, gentle bulking laxative with soothing and healing herbs so the colon can find it’s natural balance - very small amounts of psyllium husk (of the seed) powder (never the seed itself!), high quality bentonite clay, a tiny amount of senna, fenugreek, burdock, marshmallow root and slippery elm. After a few days or week of this process one can repopulate the intestinal tract with top quality pro-biotics such as products by Natren - Bifidus, Bulgaricus and Albicans (even though there are many more beneficial strains).

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