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Just when we thought we had 'leveled the curve' on the incessant charts of the corona particle, it flares up again... so this is yet another update, the fifth since March - and the dynamics change as soon as I have updated my newsletters. It is interesting that this round two of that outbreak of the mean little corona particle was already subtly alluded to at the outset, then introduced into our minds by the media and WH pressers, and mentioned within many public, well-honed political dialogues.
Then months ago, while trying to come to grips with the effects of the beginnings of the corona particles epidemic, and all of us trying to understand the fundamentals of this unique 'virus', we were acclimatized that there'd 'probably' be a phase 2 with more specific restrictions and more rules and even fines; just like we are now being acclimatized to the particles being around for years to come and therefore we are all in need, nay in desperate need for the vaccines, even more rules and regulations written into law and harsher remedies for non-compliance to save us from hell and death and each other.
And a vaccine, in the past, was used as a profilactic, not a healing tool, nor an opportunity to sneak in more nano-particles, chips for tracking or a new currency, nor hydro-gel.

Pandemics in the past

Remember the recent past international epidemics of the SARS virus (several times), multiple 'exceptional' Asian birdflu virus epidemics, swine flus, Ebola1, Ebola2... lots of reports of 'sick and contaminated' people and even dying people, anecdotal reviews, death counts and death projections on daily newscasts everywhere, symptom rehashing, temperature taking at airports and hospitals, symptomology discussions by pundits and specialists with newscasters' with smart scripts, massive fear mongering by governmnet spokespeople and complete non-stop mainstream news 'coverage' ...
But we're still here... in fact those 'diseases' and 'outbreaks' followed the regular flu bell-curve in terms of numbers and then these numbers just went poof / gone!
These were not pandemics nor epidemics.

REAL pandemics DO break out - at most, several times per century. 
(BTW, the World Health Organization calls a pandemic when more than two countries have human to human, highly contagious spreading of diseases with a very high accompanying death rate, much higher than 1%).
The Black and bubonic plagues often referenced for comparisons to today, had a greater than 10+% death rate - effectively one person per family. It was verrrrrry grim!
The plague at the close of WWI in 1918 and the tuberculosis epidemics in England right after both WWI and WWII ended, as well as the massive flu outbreak throughout Europe in 1945 certainly qualify as TRUE pandemics or epidemics. These are well documented - dates, numbers, locations. 

The 1% or less average death rate of truly infected people with the CovID 'virus' is similar to the regular past flu death rates and does not qualify as a pandemic by strict WHO definitions but it had WHO benefits to do so, especially as no one knows what this means.
The WHO had no right to call it a pandemic, nor to trigger a stealthful WHO stage 6 power intervention into the health decisions of a number of member nations such as USA, Great Britain, Canada and Ireland.


Evaluating our present waxing and waning 'plandemic' in terms of the German New Medicine medical paradigm, the epidemics of the past century make total medical sense. (German New Medicine is NOT a mainstream Western medical = pharmaceutical type of 'allowed / accepted' paradigm, nor is it German, nor new, but a very accurate ontological physiological system of understanding how the body acts and reacts. (It is in complete lock-step with how our bodies and nature works pleomorphically and has been utterly demonized for being an inconvenient truth).
A PLEOmorphic point of view (the European, more complex, dynamic, natural understanding as to how our bodies holistically manage our inner universe / terrain at the minutest level - and not based on the tired, lucrative, North American flawed germ theory), makes total sense.  
There have been a massive amount of post-trauma, deep-healing phases leading to colds, flus and 'viral' and bacterial outbreaks
 in the past epidemic examples of the last century - of PAST TRUE pandemics that the world populations have endured - and included the necessary aspect of a very high death toll - much higher than the presently fudged death rates of about one % (including the sad toll of badly treated seniors in USA, UK and Ireland). 


When great trauma was visited upon huge groups of unsuspecting people / whole nations, who were helpless and who were not part of creating that specific trauma, and where it may have included the deep damaging / thwarting of one's sense of territory, or annilating one's sense of personal safety, or complete loss of control of ones' environment, etc, then we have experienced the active phase of a gargantum conflict / shock / horrific experience.
When this present over-hyped, data-twisted, catastrophe comes to an end, then THERE MAY WELL BE A REAL MINI GLOBAL PANDEMIC... a cumulative, spontaneous, simultaneous sigh of relief... but only when we think we have this present plandemic behind us (and that means the media has to co-operate with that belief because everyone still seems to believe them - all facts aside. Then, truly, there will be a collosal international sigh of relief by ALL OF US.
The healthy people will ALL be returning to work from lockdown and begin repairing their lives, businesses and relationaships and the infected people will have come to figure it out. True healing can then begin from the trauma perpetrated upon us... Once this mass trauma is resolved, then follows the basics for a mass healing reaction - fear lifts, etc, and hence that world-wide massive sigh of relief. 

There is no accident that the past pandemics began in 1918 and 1945 - give or take a few months in differing countries - as not all nations felt liberated, were air-lifted food rations or were relieved from the grip of the nazi death terrors and facist control machines at the same time.

We will THEN be hearing of REAL old-fashioned colds and flus and even a few tuberculosis symptoms and a number of other serious health issues occurring throughout the world... from subtle to intense... once we feel safe that this man-made corona particle issue is behind us permanently. 
Just another example: The same would be the case when / if for example, the one million plus interned and repressed Uyghurs in China would be set free from their Chinese camps and systemic torture. Not all symptoms will be similar as all healing is subjective and depends on what the major underlying emotional issues was/were for each individual (for some it's just a huge deep sigh of relief, for others a release of deep-rooted anxiety, for others a healing phase from authentic death-frights, for some a deep surrender of huge pent-up anger issues, while for even others a more subtle combination of these and more). Depending on the individual differing emotions, differing affected specific organs will automatically mount a healing reaction - all good - and all of these reactions will get some sort of disease label (even mild heart attacks and tuberculosis)... and then Fauci and Birx and Gates can call it a 'round two' of the 'morphed' or mutated CovID1 or 2 virus or some sort of similar Bravo Sierra.  (And we'll be calling all of this highly-unfortunate human to human contagion and wear more masks and do more isolating and coping).

St Corona is the patron saint of epidemics!
We hope she'll show up more forcefully!


The first fast-tracked batches of vaccines are coming out of the 160 plus labs this summer 2020 in EUROPE, Australia and the USA. They are all omitting some of the normally required rigorous stages of testing - which were not rigorous enough to start with. They are jumping ahead straight to human large scale trials - omitting animals and small scale human trials and moving on to testing that requires 10,000 active cases per vaccine company. This hits a snag as there aren't enough people with the disease symptoms to make honest testing possible for the numerous vaccine corporations trying to rush to market. And that would be assuming that every 'infected' person wants to play along... (so that leaves troops and prisoners, and very poor populations living under the thumbs of dictators such as in Afrika who can't say no and the creative writing of result reports). Let's watch how all of these 10,000 test cases per corporation are drummed up. We are entitled to the truth.
A peek into this:


How to read the news reports of impending 'doom': just this weekend 70,000 new cases in just Florida! That means 70,000 tests came back positive (and that means NOTHING - see below about what these tests are all about). Of these 70,000 tested people in Florida, 130 became actual patients (all ages) at hospital ICUs and that's 1/5th of one percent! And these 130 patients led to 45 deaths in ICU (and we're generously assuming they died OF the corona particle - not WITH CovID as authoriites want to report it. (Over-reporting is crucial for the political agendas to prove how serious this all is, how necessary it is to shut down the entire economy of the world, ruin lives, kill seniors and grab the grant$ that add to the hospitals' bottom line - and all of tthis - 45 deaths out of a 20 million Floridian population causing renewed panic, media nuttiness, criplling regulations, and fear-mongering - the ultimate spike to demand action - the OBVIOUS need for more masks, renewed social distancing, keeping schools and restaurants closed and have people working from home longer. Basically this is using data manipulation, augmented by the unquestioning, paid-for mainstream press. 
Meanwhile in Texas - an analysis of recently reported spiking numbers of CovID particle deaths, actually led to disecting the nonsense... revealed that the recent 2nd wave there, consisted largely of deaths that occurred back in April through June. Why delay reporting until now? $s maybe?
We DO know that based on this “spike” the Democratic mayor of Houston felt justified to cancel the Texas Republican Party's convention. (Pretty handy to pkeep back a few reports for a rainy day!) Mission accomplished?
Or another form of 'virus' porn is a snippet from Pro Publica: “All the hospitals (in Houston) are full. No surge capacity for phase 2!”  BUT admin data shows THEY’RE NOT FULL AT ALL. Not even close - 2500(!) unused beds. You can't make this kind of deceit up!
And it's everywhere... in my city - Vancouver BC - hospital capacity was at it's highest during the peak at only 60% of beds used in phase one - with an entire convention centre set up for CovID only patients but left unused - and VERY under reported and not reported by mainstream journalists. How can they sleep at night? We are entitled to the truth.

WHAT IS A 'VIRUS' - TRULY - the SCIENCE AND CONJECTURE we need to question

I put the word 'viral' in quotes because there's been decades of non-stop pretend science trotted out for the pubic to consume - science fiction actually - to disguise that the pharmaceutically MONO-morphic version of how our bodies work is incomplete, insufficient, handy for selling meds and useless otherwise. But with the 'virus' we saw just how slick the medical PR machine was for conveniently accommodating the possible concept of a miserable little item in nature called a virus that was given a very bad scarey name a long time ago, laser-focussed bad-ass PR, prolonged research manipulation, etc, a long time ago - and came to full fruition with the AIDS/HIV scare.
The mono-morphic (and very limited) cellular-level, incorrect germ theory medical view on the intricacies of inflammation, complex auto-immune challenges, etc, doesn't cover much of the utterly amazing, positive aspects of our natural biological balancing and healing systems which are always trying to assist us towards increased health - every second - 24/7. Our body is never our enemy!

To start, a 'virus' all by itself, has never been isolated in any lab, anywhere! 
We've never been told - but resl virologits know - they've been at it for decades. We are entitled to the truth.
WE are getting closer to being able to figure it out. Yet one tiny 'viral particle', by itself, has NEVER been studied in isolation (to use an over-used term). A few independent researchers have tried to move heaven and earth to get corporate researchers and government health authoritites in various countries in Europe and the USA to share the information on the size of the filtration or aperture reqquired / used to isolate this tiniest speck of nature from it's surrounding cells - a bit like a tiny aphid surrounded by towering Paul Bunyan giants.

It's a nucleic protein spec that is so small that it has NO cell wall, NOR any nucleucii, and therefore cannot house any RNA or DNA. It is so small that it cannot be seen with a regular research high-quality microscope. When these 'mini-specs' are clumped into larger 'balls', they are often dismissed as mini-miniature unique artifacts because they are deemed to be unknown items  (certainly not understood). So any media discussion or vaccine news talking about RNA and DNA is not connected to viruses - but most certainy to cells and / or bacteria... but heh! what does the public know / and for sure... what does the media care!

Even electronic microscopes, by their very nature, alter this protein spec's aspects and behaviour and make it un-isolatable. At best, 'viruses' have been studied - but tucked into tiny clumps or even batches of clumps - within their local fluids or larger cellular environments. That's as close to isolation as we can come at the moment. That is by definition not isolation at all - and cannot allow for studying it's idiosyncratic behaviour. It is not really known how it multiplies, how it disappears, how it attaches, how it morphs and disintegrates.
Present pharmaceutically oriented studies make presumptions and are geared towards specific biases and gamed for outcomes and with reward$ in mind such as new drug$, advanced bio-weaponry, politic$, etc. They are studied within other original fluids / added mediums and extenuators, interfering and altering and creating many names and codes and labels.

PLEOMORPHISM - HOW THE BODY REALLY WORKS - way more amazing than we are led to believe

There is no allowed mainstream understanding of the repressed science of pleomorphism and also no education in medical schools as to how these miniscule 'viral' protein specs behave (monumentally smaller than the smallest bacteria in our bodies, let alone tiny tissue cells). It stands to reason that if they cannot be isolated, it's hard for a medical student to look into an average research microscope and identify them and watch them replicate, diminish, alter and preform. 
By comaprison, one red blood cell is about 7 microns (mm) in diameter and we have about 30 trillon of them in our bodies. (A micron is 0.001 of a millimetre.)
A bacterium is typically 0.5 micron in size on average but varies! so that's much smaller than a red blood cell. There are typically 40 million bacterial cells in a gram of soil and a million bacterial cells in a cubic millilitre of fresh water - just as a comparison. In our bodies there are an uncountable number of bacteria - beyond trillions times trillions - of which 99.9% are our best friends and integral to our immediate survival and all healing situations. This is also, BTW, rarely well understood in medical circles. They are our un-celebrated health heroes. These are still very easy to see in any modern type high-end research microscope. A virus is about 1 nanometer across (nm) which is 1000th of a micrometer! So it takes 500 side-by-side 'viruses' to approximate the size of a bacterium.
There is no point in trying to figure out how many VIRUSES each of us has on board BECAUSE THE NUMBER DOESN'T FIT INTO A CALCULATOR! If these were bad guys, we would not be alive, to say the least! They are naturally, omni-present and responding to either active, reactive or healing phases (explained above with real / true pandemics as an example) and unique to each human and animal body, health status, challenge, shock, inner terrain and conflict.
IN FACT, ia 'virus' is so small that it cannot be BLOCKED, not even by the tiny openings in the materials of the masks we are to wear!
IN FACT, it can stick to the mask material because its warm, moist and sticky or goes right through.
IN FACT, the often touching of the mask to allow little bits of oxygen in to breathe, creates more spreading for the wearer. 

Here are a few other smart details...
We are entitled to the truth.

A virus has no nucleus and no cell wall. It is about 5 to 10 nanometers in size. The number in our bodies is about 10 to the 8th power - - per cell! We have about 30 trillion cells per body - DO THE MATH. When we hear of larger viral elements it is THEN ACTUALLY a 'clump' and each and every possible clump is seen as a unique substance and given a unique name and probably trigger$ another unique grant to $tudy for unique detail$. Occasionally the coming together of these 'viruses' is in a linear pattern and then more names are hatched... more false conclusions and more media nonsense. 

They existed on earth long before us humans or even bacteria. These protein specs are therefore not primarily pathogens but can become involved with them much like toxins, chemicals, bacteria, parasites, etc can become involved with disease states and conditions. For example, when one has laryngitis, specific white cells and specific bacteria are involved. The cause may be from over use such as too much continuous shouting or singing; from toxicity such as serious acid reflex, or from healing of an underlying emotional issue - either a scare/shock/fright conflict or a territorial shock/threat conflicting experience. We do not go and blame the larnygitis on the brave and present white cells that are doing the healing work (some medics of course blame the bacteria, too... but that's another 'genius' concept that will slowly fade away in the future... and more on that later).

A cytokine storm is sometimes a label given to a healing phase that has, as it's essence, a massive amount of these tiny heroic protein specs (and usually integral with the healing of inflammation too - assuming a presense of a healthy immune system). Of course we have geniuses who have created medicines or expensive gene-clobbering substances or anti-cytokine suggestions for that, too.

Next time when you give blood at the Red Cross in Canada, just for fun, ask how precisely they screen and remove any and all 'viruses' from your donation including any cytokine storms :-), any viruses, the CovID virus specifically, and ask them what is the size of the filter they use :-). We are entitled to the truth.



When you Google 'virus' you get millions of images of colourful blobs.
That the medical world has never studied an individual isolated virus, let along photographed it, is something that we, the public (consumers), are not to know! The EMPORER HAS NO CLOTHES! 
The pharma-controlled scientific community has no knowledge as to when this nucleic snippet sees fit to expand it's numbers (such as a cytokine storm - from small to large) or in many more subtle ways) or when to contract it's numbers and/or evolve or de-volve into other, related protein specs, or what the triggers all of these seemingly 'spontaneous' changes. Nor is there an understanding of what the markers are (the work of Dr Enderlein and associates was NEVER credited as it was 'inconvenient', too complex, and un-manipulatable for the pharmaceutical industry. (Dr Enderlein called this protein snippet (our virus) a protitit. Kudos - he found it one hundred years ago! It's existence has been incorporated into European holistic.)
All present day scientists receive grants only if they continue to think inside the 'pharmaceutical, mono-morphic box'. They add substances for attenuation, stabilization, etc. when working with these miniscule protitits so that they actually have something to work with and test on. But those are protein specs in large number with fluids and chemicals - and often unrelated to the ebb and flow of the unique fluids in our bodies that harbour them.
So our present medical geniuses continue all research and using billions of tax grant$ and health care dollar$ from the masses on an unsound set of premises. We are so very far down this particular warped rabbit hole - started by the limited mono-morphic Pasteur - expanded dramatically after WWII, and again with the manipulations that led to shifting the research data so as to create our present talk on HIV/aids (Fauci and Gallo) and now we can't get back out. But we are entitled to the truth.

Granted, this is not easily embraced by a mono-focussed, un-dynamic, governmental / industrial complex supported by mainstream systems / funded politicians / biased coporate boards, etc. These groups are all making tonnes and tonnes of money this way, calling the shots and not in need of possible pesky cures (let alone natural solutions) that bite deeply into credibility, profits and planned future health manipulations. There doesn't seem to be a demand for obvious real transparancy from doctors / nor accountability demands coming from the masses. But CovID is allowing us to see some of this!

All of the images on the internet of 'viruses' are photoshopped images - and this year it's a colourful sphere with golf tees all over it. In the past it was either an oblong or a ball with slots and keys. An electron scanning microscope can magnify the snippet but it still needs to be isolated and engaged in a way not yet understood in a lab environment. Sometimes the electronic nature of the microscope itself, it's handlers, other energy sources, etc, change the protein snippet's nature - albeit ever so subtle (electrical) and fragile zeta potential and it's innate intelligence.

electron scanning microscopy image of a cell with viral friends


Six decades ago an epidemic was deemed to be needed by Western pharma cartel interests for a number of (political and financial) reasons. There was a lot of research that was nudged, then pushed, then squeezed into strange but well-funded directions. Money is powerful. It also allows 'small details' to be overlooked!
One of the most aggregious truth-benders who turned the heads of powerful people (or was it vice-versa?) was the acclaimed Dr Robert Gallo (and a few others who are still out there beating the bushes INCLUDING Fauci)! The rest is history in regards to HIV/aids 'genius' input - yet still accepted as 'science'.
Peter H. Duesberg, Ph.D., for example (but not the only maligned scientist), a Prof of Molecular and Cell Biology, got in the way of the truth and he had to abandon his amazing work on AIDS/HIV. Of course his grants dried up as soon as he did not follow the politically correct directives.
Stefan Lanka PhD also was side-lined viciously - and to this day. These are merely two examples of manipulated scientists. Their work did not serve the overal 'purpose' and then just fell off the rails and into the dust bin. 
The approved HIV/AIDS 'virus' explanation, for example, with the accompanying harsh drugs and billion$ of profits became the only accepted explanation LEFT $TANDING. 
During the first AIDS epidemic the word 'virus' got it's final negative and scarey connotation - cleverly conceived and executed and embedded into the public's psyche.
We were brought to be fearful of it. This is not to deny the problem of AIDS and the challenge of curing people with it - however the allowed solution was lucrative and other solutions that may have been as good, or better and gentler, were side-lined, threatened and forced to be abandoned. The solution has reaped mega $$ and is still used - even in corona cases! One in depth look at this:

And here we are now - with familiar players:

Jon Rappoport's books and blogs lead us to more of these insights and situations - not just HIV/aids. Realistic researched reading by this amazing, fearless, brilliant, clear thinker, writer, journalist​
“On big screens all over the country, you can put up movies depicting people being torn limb from limb, drowning in their own blood, you can put up movies with panting soft-porn money shots, you can put up movies that blow up half the world; but you can’t show a movie that questions the effects of vaccines” ~ Jon Rappoport

and his latest updates at the Solari Report: WE ARE NOT IN THIS TOGETHER: six parts and here are parts five and six: and​

The work of Dr Stefan Lanka is quite an eye-opener, too... he had no financial skin in the game to refute why we should be doubtful as to what the pharma/government psy-ops-world had created (even more lucrative / larger than arms dealing) and science demands double-blind-cross-over and 100% replicatable, after all, from the alternative world, but has never applied this to HIV/AIDS, radiation treatment for cancer or most chemo-therapies, as a few 'inconvenient' examples: 
Stefan Lanka Interview Why HIV has never been isolated Part 1 of 2 
Dr. Stefan Lanka (Snippets) "hiv aids = death?



image of electronic scan of a prion / somatid / protitit / exozome - smallest protein spec in our body - from NIAID's level 4 Rocky Mountain Lab in Hamilton Montana

Research on this smallest of particles in our bodies did go down a different but short scientific journey in the '90's. This work, at it's outset, was deemed to be SO different to what the perception of what a 'virus' had become, that it took a while before scientists saw the overlap. This new item was called a prion and millions of grant dollars later the usual mono-morphic assumptions were applied and pharma outcomes worked with / hoped for. result$ These prions were insanely tiny, not uniform, nor morphing to remain undetected or to any standards known so far, and did not always follow a set pattern nor were the experiments each to replicate and reproduce with similar results. They were deemded to be infectious little particles, too, but not always... and so the mindset was not that different from what went into the negative propositions and attributes persued by virologists towards those 'horrible' viruses!
That prion research came to a quite dead-end - and I suspect it was due to a realization that they had stumbled onto the VIRUSES' not-so-nasty twin. Or was it seen as one and the same? Why abondon research that is obviously essential to how our mamalian bodies function!


Mass education was pretty complete in at least one regard: MAKING THE WORD 'VIRUS' A WORD TO INSPIRE FEAR! (easily done with the shrewd Operation Mockingbird CONCEPTS. This is a CIA programming wet blanket for the masses that began in earnest in the early '50s and attempted to have the American people believe whatever they were fed for all manner of propaganda purposes and for all sorts of more sinister reasons.
It was initially covertly funded and experimented on via students, cultural and front organizations; Agendas had been given influence via movies and documentaries, then print media (such as all news outlets, most journalists via stealth associations, pay-offs, awards, career promotions and ad-hungry magazines, for example). This is not conjecture. It's very well explained in Jon Rappoport's books - you can't make this stuff up (if only!).
So complete mis-information about 'viruses' is not a surprise. Lack of it would be surprising! Even Wikipedia couldn't re-spin this government approach to 'transparency'


There was NOT ONE CDC type of approved virus test that worked accurately at the time of the COVID outbreak in the USA in January 2020. Tests should have been perfect and available and re-designed over and over to perfection due to all of the outbreaks in this century alone! Especially with the anticipated and rehearsed plandemics looming (no kidding here - so many warnings were aired that this was going to occur). 
If our trusted government agencies, FDA, CDC, Heath Canada, National Institutes of Health, etc (we use the CDC, too, in Canada, OH land of the Free!) knew what / how / when / who we would have been well served by the insanely high tax dollars these autocratic government agencies suck up. We should have / could have mastered the knowledge about this little protein spec a long time ago and cetainly within th last twenty years. Do you remember the past tests from the ebola outbreaks - temperatures, tardy false positive tests and symptoms were all that was used at airports and hospitals!

So we got the same nonsense yet again: hit-and-miss isolationing, massive repetitive testing, homogenous yet complete media coverage; a major focus on fear; keeping score of the numbers like a game show with interesting charts that are drawn to create spikes; shifting the BS along as if using focus groups along lines of measuring the public's stress at all points; and there were no questions on the absense of real proper tests; no scientific justifications, no liability, no clamouring of the masses!. 

Only tests that look for what the pharma / medical industry believes in are in the CDC's arsenal: anti-bodies (Ig - which grab at the tips of it's Y-shape - to snag a microbe); viral sequences (because they can't isolate them) or gene sequences (the gene theory always gets tossed in for good measure - lol) and details related to the viral genome, etc, were focussed on all these years and NO exact viral tests. All present tests require amplification and growing cultures till they are large enough to be analysed... and that already precludes false or non-productive outcomes because the sample itself is not a single virus but a medley of 'stuff' such as some viral content and who knows what else... And the old known tests and the 'new' hastily pulled-together ones were quickly known to not work on the masses of people who really needed the testing... So no PROPER tests were available at the outbrealk of COVID - billion$ of tax dollar$ a year in funding and no relaibel test$.

When a national call for proper viral tests was finally put out to a profit oriented private sector by non-CDC sources, some months ago - results came in quickly. Not all of them worked all that well; some got better and better and none were WHO, FDA, Health Canada or CDC organised and none subjected to snails' pace bureaucratic approvals and the usual maddening BravoSierra.
The CDC eventually and begrudgingly approved some tests that are presently the best choice of worsts - approved on an honour basis because the CDC wouldn't know how to test the tests!!! 
The companies bringing us these tests are to be believed and blindly trusted for now, and so the CDC 'sort of' approves them as approval is a requirement by law. before public use.

And so now we have these CDC approved new tests that tell us that we have viral material in our cells! Wow! No kidding! Of course there is. And there are no 'good' guy viruses and 'bad' guy viruses in this whole plandemic story... like saying there's a test that shows there is oxygen in the air. There's oxygen in clean air and oxygen in polluted air! So yes... every test should come back positive - every swab must have some minute protein specs when analized in the labs.

useless TESTS SERVE SEVERAL PURPOSES (not all that useless after all!)

We are not even surprised that these tests are not really usable - even though none of us would take gargantuan percentages of false positives and false negatives seriously in any other health calamity that wasn't being media massaged! 
It's to help sell us on the spreading of something so horrible that we stop thinking rationally - think of all the numbers and charts and graphs and chilling photos of emergency hospitals, Chinese people being rounded up and projected death reports, etc.
Initially the South Korean population was tested in large numbers (in drive-throughs even - very well organised) - coughing, or not coughing - sick and dying or happy and vital - and they had an 80% false positive result rate. So, if one were rational then one would be smart to conclude that these American originated tests were poorly designed or just plain useless!
That's embarassing. What about false negatives? And the fear that must have caused! And the stampede to hospitals - and clinical overwhelm and silly isolation, seperated families and all that was needless. ... hmmm they are still using the same tests 6 months later in other parts of Asia!!!

Any surprise then that later testing in Korea, after the initial false positive tests, did not show any anti-bodies in lots of previously positive-tested people (a virus does not produce anti-genes and anti-bodies) but the tissue they live in / are always native too would have had some healing and would have come along in the swab?

But this did not discredit the false positive tests further, but merely gave ammunition to the Birx and Faucis of this world to pontificate that there would be a need for continous monitoring through testing in order to nail us with precautionary dictates and upcoming forced vaccinations - yet again so very convenient - and adds another shot to the fear factor - damn that virus!.

And while I'm on about the Korean tests, why look for the anti-bodies created as a repsonse to grabbing anti-genes as part of a complex inflammatory response when it was a 'virus' that was the 'real' demon? Viruses don't create anti-bodies not anti-gens... they can't  - it's like asking a bicycle to fly. The anti-bodies are involved in an inflammatory condition that naturally has a viral component and is not possible to NOT have a viral component. This is not a specific virus that's involved - the lab is not tossing out all the unrelated viral specs and keeping a specific culprit due to some identifyer in either the active response or the healing phase from some RNA or DNA insult. Viral protein specs are anywhere and everywhere in our bodies while RNA and DNA needs mitochrondria (in nucelii) to exist and they live in real cells (with wall structures and internal nulecii). We are to believe this is not about cells (because then we would have to change the whole fear game plan. The fear from the word 'virus ' is lost and so is the massive social man-handling; and then the hunt for the poisonings of the cells would be on! That would lead to bio-weaponization... and that brings us back to the labs around the world using billions including Wuhan labs, to create the ultimate chemical bioweapon.


These lab-created demonic microbes are very useful to scare us into believing that we will have to be monitored and tested and injected for long periods of time - maybe years - and often... This could not be better explained than by the mindful scientist Dr Anthony Kaufman - first half of the Richie Allen Radio Show -
And more wisdom: Dr. ANDREW KAUFMAN ~ "A DOCTOR SPEAKS OUT: Secrets, Lies, Fake News & Coronavirus"

And more good insights - a good overview with Dr. RASHID A. BUTTAR ~ "Covid World Order, War On Consciousness & World Change"

And this doctor really explains it so beautifully: Zack Bush - so many of his videos have been removed that I'll just suggest you go to YouTube and put his name in the search slot... and he may still have some on the damn 'virus' topic left up. Clear, transparent and heart-felt.

(every podcast / interview on Covid with Dr Zach Bush that I have posted in this article has been removed by YouTube - so this one will have to do for now).

Now is an opportunity to look back at how this all got cobbled together to become a 'pandemic' of a magnitude such that the WHO could be called in. Dr Neil Ferguson of the Imperial College (bank-rolled by Gates for years and closely aligned to the cabbalistic powers-that-be) in London, made his computer-model predictions of 500,000 COVID 19 deaths in the UK and 2 million deaths in the USA - justifying tight lockdowns, tracking people, isolating the healthy and initiating the thought for the need for injections, let alone more vaccines. So this genius had been doing this erroneous predicting for decades - that's why our heads of government - Macron, Merckel, Trump, Boris, Rutte - like to take him seriously... it's out in the open, not a secret, that in 2005 he predicted an avian flu death rate of 200 million - but there were only a few hundred - same modelling!
In 2001 he also predicted that 150,000 people in the UK could die of mad-cow disease in Britain. So off to slaughter went 14 million cows (most quite healthy) that was to stop this from happening. His stupid projections based on scientific BS caused wholesale animal slaughter, financial ruin for many  without recourse - no proper investigations, and new import / export rules. The actual deaths were 200 people and 65 farmers committed suicide. Later we found out that the analyzing had been done before ANY cow disease was even discovered but like a good Girl Guide, he was prepared! (Business Insider). He didn't loose his job, was not stripped of credentials, moved up the research pecking order while in actual fact he should have been lynched! as also the politicians that empowered his gobblygook.
In 2009 65,000 people were to die according to his model of yet another epidemic and only several hundred obliged to croak. More epidemics, more pronouncements, more head nodding... 
Here he is now, influencing all of us through the direct influence on the world leaders (who never would be this guillible for anything else) through the agencies that prop him up to create this science-fiction to help achieve their proposterous agendas. He's been let go as he allowed his married mistress to travel during lockdown - you can't make this up! Screw the mistress - he needs to be prosecuted for crimes against humanity; and he should give back his PhD-ship; and his OBE.
Are we, as a population, sane to allow this?


Kevin Dietsch/UPI/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Dr. Deborah Birx, above, coordinated the models for the White House Corona Task Force (ie stats, assumptions and magical computer models based on non-existant numbers as there were no preceding corona virus numbers to use nor any specific viral knowledge except for BS from China). She's Ferguson's American counter-part.
She's been heard criticizing a test "where 50% or 47% are false positives". Yet that's what her leadership gave us - and have for decades - because they couldn't or wouldn't creat proper tests - inspite of the spontaneous appearance every two years of a 'viral' epidemic... Yet they use the BeeJeeSus out of the faulty tests! NO GROSS EMBARASSEMENT HERE!!!
Here's a story of what a few heroic nurses pulled off. This was reported in MedScape - an arm of WebMD - which follows only mainstream thinking and 'science' (so no bias on my part). Nurses' Lawsuit Claims 'Fabricated' COVID-19 Tests at Georgia Hospital And here's the source of a vast fear-signalling alarm that babies were a weak / vulnerable sub-category, too - connecting inflammation to CovID in one fell swoop (untterly medically proposterous - and certainly not fair to the babies involved (all 14 per week in all of UK) - ICU Cases of COVID-19 Paediatric Inflammatory Syndrome in the UK
You can't make this stuff up! Well... actually yes you can - at least the colusion of media with medical pundits can! When something is read by a newscaster, it must be true!


The 'geniuses' at the WHO along with Fauci and Birx were dead set on our masks - a must have - months of admonishing about it. Now, in June, the WHO came out with an official statement that masks are not effective (and when that caught a tad of flack there was a tiny bit of walking back of this blatantly obvious piece of nonsense)... but the information and fear mongering stuck! People are demanding they be worn - on planes, busses, stores and in hospitals and so forth - and the authorities are finding this in perfect alignment with continuing tightening of our freedoms. People are shamed for not wearing them. Waitresses, public service sector folks, housewives, gardeners, etc, are virtue signalling by wearing them. You can't make this up! 

Locking up asymptomatic people - the seemingly healthy ones amongst us - was the only way we could fight this disease we are told - even if it meant the end of the economy, businesses and livelihoods - and gosh - we flubbed it... NOw it turns out that it is not transmitted by asymptomatic carriers afterall!
You can now relax around people who are healthy, who are not sneezing (even a now-and-then sneeze doesn't mean anything) and you don't have to veer 6 feet away from someone walking past you.
At the WHO's June 8 press release, Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the emerging diseases and zoonosis unit, says this: 33:33 to 34:35 
"The second part of your question is, what proportion of asymptomatic individuals actually transmit? 
So the way that we look at that, is we look at... these individuals need to be followed carefully. Um, over the course of when they're detected and looking at secondary transmission.
We have a number of reports from countries who are doing very detailed contact tracing. They’re following asymptomatic cases. They’re following contacts. And they’re not finding secondary transmission onward. It’s very rare. And much of that is not published in the literature."
"It still appears to be rare that an asymptomatic individual actually transmits onward."

and at 34:38-34:51  
"What we really want to be focussed on is following the symptomatic cases. If we followed all of the symptomatic cases because we know that this is a respiratory pathogen, it passes from an individual through infectious droplets."



The Corona Simulation Machine: Why the Inventor of The “Corona Test” Would Have Warned Us Not To Use It To Detect A Virus
“Scientists are doing an awful lot of damage to the world in the name of helping it. I don’t mind attacking my own fraternity because I am ashamed of it.” Kary Mullis, Inventor of Polymerase Chain Reaction
"What do we mean when we say somebody has ‘tested positive’ for the Corona Virus? The answer would astound you. But getting this “answer” is like getting to a very rare mushroom that only grows above 200 feet on a Sequoia tree in the forbidden forest." by Celia Farber.

The unreliability of COVID-19 test kits manufactured in China (often purchased at inflated prices) produced positive and negative results at random. Yet the ones that were used caused mean disruptions and added to the mounting of false un-edited numbers. When you let this marinate in your mind for a bit, you'll ask yourself why there were no samples tested in the US before the big Chinese purchases and why this was in the news (a little political nastiness) while we know or knew all along that all of the test kits in Asia were as defective as those used in North America that had never worked...
To be sure, the WHO has yet to comment on this situation. because they are pro-China and anti-Trump and pro-fear and pro-shutdown. Again the public is duped.

Hospitals needed these inflared positive screwy tests - financial incentives were vast - again the tax payer is duped.

Governments also needed these non-test tests and jacked-up death numbers and for financial purposes - the Plandemic Bonds were due Again the public is duped.

I often wondered how it was that Fauci and Birx and a few other odd characters could stand at the previous daily WH corona pressers and speak with an air of authority - rather than taking an attitude of support - and to have the nerve to not back the president's difficult decision making which we all expected to see from these two doctors... it was all a bit creepy... people felt uneasy by a seemingly tense / terse power shift... 

The Lancet published a Fauci article about comparisons of mask efficacies back in March - and his findings of them were that they are un-useful. The next day he stood beside Prez Trump to say we were irresponsible spreaders by not masking up and being mindful of our fellow man! Fauci quote: "you could literally kill someone because you weren't wearing a mask!" SHAME SHAME!
Yet, same day, on the 60 Minute's programme OVERTIME, he was interviewed and told us "people should not be wearing masks" and that embarrassment was later covered by the 'fact checkers' as taken out of context - and therefore deleted... NOT!!! I listened to it - not out of context and the interviewer double-checked with Fauci!
At the 2 minute mark at, Laura Ingraham explains a (bi-partisan and foreign) study that surfaced at the same time as all of the flip-flopping by CDC and NIH spokespeople - cloth mask versus medical (N95 type) mask... but you won't be hearing the results of that study anywhere other than on Fox! And not for long.

Dr Maria Van Kerkhove - trying to be honest

Even as late as the end of August the flip-flopping continued, as the CDC quietly changed its coronavirus testing guidelines. Previously, health officials had urged anyone - all countries - exposed to a confirmed patient (not a sick patient showing symptoms, but just people testing positive for the virus) to be tested for the virus. Now, they are saying, that those people exposed to people with no symptoms 'do not necessarily need a test' unless they are 'vulnerable individuals'. Yet if they are vulnerable and have the disease, they'd be showing it readily! 
However, these newer guidelines are not posted on the CDC website... and flys in the face of the tracking systems set up in certain states and parts of BC.


All nations signed on to the UN are automatically members of the WHO and all WHO members have to abide by the rules they signed on to... which is fine as their rules are generally useless so no one generally cares.
However the rules for an epidemic are 'strongly' considered advisory; the rules for a pandemic are advisory too, until more than two countries are deeply into a contagious disease that can jump from animal to human with a HIGH mortality rate.
Then, once stage 6 is 'achieved', unbeknownst to the public about any of this, the rules for the affected country changes. The UN takes over!
In these CovID times we would have had to see high numbers of deaths - such as 10% - to fulfill the UN stage 6 'take-over' description. That would take a disease such as the bubonic plague... and as neither the CovID outbreak itself nor the reall and djinned up death numbers could come anywhere near the required numbers, we can count on another attempt. That could be a more virulent CovID or a real bubonic-like plague (possibly the one that just broke out in China will qualify and get the job done - stage 6 is the end goal!).


And Bill Gate$ has been 'given' country status with the WHO - money talk$: a brilliant set of four videos by our Canadian James Corbett. An INDEPENDANT mind and someone who care about the REAL turth rather than the PAID FOR truth.
Removal of any country from the WHO due to non-payment of WHO dues, followed by removal from the UN, would be the healthiest move in the world by any country!... Literally! Which politician has the nerve to suggest or do that?

False Testing

CORONA: creating the ILLUSION of a pandemic through diagnostic non-tests (while harvesting insane amounts of usable DNA information) by JON RAPPOPORT:

In a recent interview, Dr Birx, the official White House facts / figures / projections cruncher, also reversed her opinion and maintained that the tests that were so known useless, with 50/50 false positives (in other words completely hit-and-miss) had served a very good purpose. Because old people, she claimed, (especially over 60 - so now I'm really PO'ed with this manipulation of both bad science and fear-mongering) would think they had the CovID 19 and that was a good thing as then they would be motivated to seek help and treatment for their actual underlying lung / bronchial / health issue$. TWI$TED B$. ... and a subtle implication that older people need manipulation to deal with their health or pushed into compliance - we the older sheeple take offense... we the 'weak and vulnerable' ones don't appreciate medical patronizing especially when we have seen it all...

Wouldn't that be overloading the present system; condoning incorrect testing; misrepresenting your own mistakes - in other words - a tonne of double speak and that should have had her turfed - right then and there! There is NO WAY she doesn't know that we do not yet have a proper test (cheap or expensive - complicated or simple) for a specific isolated virus, in spite of needing one for decades. Not one reliable test for that un-isolated miniscule common protein nucleic snippet of which we have trillions X trillions X trillions in each and every body.

Americans received 1/2 million test kits from the Italians at about the same time as the nasty media BS piece above was released, just when the Italians were at the height of their very own epidemic and had probably given up relying on their tests.

From Jon Rappoport's article: "The Atlantic, May 21"“How could the CDC make that mistake?”
"I’ll give you the key quotes, and then comment on the stark inference The Atlantic somehow failed to grasp. “
We’ve learned that the CDC is making, at best, a debilitating mistake: combining test results that diagnose current coronavirus infections with test results that measure whether someone has ever had the virus…The agency confirmed to The Atlantic on Wednesday that it is mixing the results of viral [PCR] and antibody tests, even though the two tests reveal different information and are used for different reasons.”

And to show us that there's way more going on with the tests, previous vaccines and upcoming vaccine design, have a read here:


BOMBSHELL: Dangerous nano-particle metals contaminating many existing vaccines as concluded in groundbreaking study. Names are named. What does this portent for the COVID vaccine? Does anyone care - hoe does your GP feel about this?…/dangerous-nano-particles…/

Another reality check comes with listening to Dr Judy Mikovits - who knows how to actually explain these complex concepts coherantly (albeit within the old accepted mono-morphic pro-Pasteur-germ theory  medical paradigm / still inside the box / but with clear honesty!) as opposed to all the medical mumbo-jumbo from the black Pope Fauci and Scarf Queen Birx.
Dr Mikovits
 has a long career working in Level4 BioLabs; working with animal and human tissue cultures and regulating and disregulating viruses and cancer cells, for both the government and military, always at the forefront of groundbreaking work... and has been threatened, had the justice system turned against her for not lying, had her work plagerized, stolen, banned by FB and Alphabet (Google), etc. and has a few things to say as to how the wool has been pulled over our collective eyes... enough to say it's not a jumping virus from bats from a smelly market in Wuhan with extra passports under it's wings that lives for days on the soles of your shoes and other solid surfaces! 
And another good interview with Dr Mercola -

and more from the brilliant Dr Mercola:​

The defining factor for this 'virus' initially was a fever as well as a dry cough and severe bronchial-lung-alveolar discomfort; then cases were added where people experienced acute neurological damage and just keeled over and died on the spot; then we heard of cases of intestinal craziness; and we read about cases described where the lung alveola were shredded - the central focus of damage and lack of breathing - such as similar to a glass particle dust and high altitude disease.

Even if the REAL scientists figure out how to take a beyond-tiny protitit/prion/virus/exosome/somatide protein particle and look at it individually from all angles and subject it to all sorts of scientifically robust tests - including the double blind cross over and replicatable basics, rather than in an amalgam of fluids with anti-biotics, formaldehyde, stabilzers, other tissue and culture/medium/contamination, will they ever come to know (or discover) that the body uses protitits/virus’/prions/etc only in a specific way when on the one hand under an attack or, on the other hand while during a healing phase along with exact specific but varying bacteria that do and can communicate with each other and the various differing brilliant white cells that produce those anti-bodies... and in specific situations with specific parameters? Both? 

Will real scientists ever figure that there is an active phase – which I call the OMG the-shit-hits-the-fan phase - with your body pulling out all the stops to help in the emergency - - followed by resolution or the healing phase - not a disease state AT ALL, although not EVERY disease is a healing phase but often it is, and often mis-recognized as yet another sickness with a 'label and a matching medicine. When conflicts, shocks and chronic, deeply-held issues resolve, our bodies respond to the best of their abilities and begin the healing journey and then the state of the immune system really counts as an integral part of this healing. In this healing mode we will always produce a 'false positive' on the kind of 'viral' tests we are presently stuck with.

THIS CENTURY'S PANDEMICS SO FAR ARE DIFFERENT: one every other year. There have not been that many huge serious territorial and international conflicts involving masses of populations and many countries where the 'virus' is now, feeling these territorial conflicts deeply and to the bone / to their core. Bird/chicken/pig flu, SARS, Ebola I and II only affected some regions and relatively low numbers even though they were deemed to be 'almost' pandemics (did you read the piece at my oxygen page about Dr Rowen getting threatened out of Sierra Leone for curing people with ozone/oxygen - and
These attempts at epidemics are man-made – I'm speculating - I wasn't in the lab watching... a malevolant well-engineered item that penetrates us from the outside (as opposed to a natural healing responses to human events, shocks and conflicts such as the protitits/prions etc.). As well, this particular Sars-CoV 2 pathogen requires a slightly elevated temperature to be deemed present as well as a dry cough. So why all the aberations - not all of the people with differing symptoms can be crazy and making it up!


The now infamous Wuhan market (where they did not sell the unique bat used in the sacred lab brew) is a great foil and allows the story of a 'natural' evolvement as opposed to a man-made international bio-weapon to be credible. If you read that it started compliments of a bat from this market in any post mortem CovID article... then just put it down. The Chinese government does not owe us an explanation, and even if they did, we'd be reluctant to believe them as truthful. Member nations of the WHO (virtually every country in the world) are mandated to share information in these situations... but China owns / controls the WHO and hates the USA... enough said...
Of the 11 million Wuhan residents, 5 million left home for Chinese New Year's and never came back... so how are they doing? Have they been found? Were they elderly? Did any of them work or live with workers of the Bio Level 4 Wuhan lab? Did the compromised Wuhan victims who died often have pneumonia or compromised lungs for the city's over-the-top air pollution? How many people die of pneumonia and emphysema in Wuhan yearly - very high smoking rates? Was the outbreak at it's highest level in Wuhan or what about Hubei province? Shanghai and Peking were quickly cut-off from the rest of the country and had very low numbers - or did the nasty 'virus' not get 'seeded' there - or maybe just where it's most advantageous.

How is everyone in China managing with their restricted movements totally governed by app/data/Alibaba/software? And now that the lock-down (not the travel ban) in Wuhan is lifted, why did the inhabitants riot by the hundreds! Why did so many Chinese people drop their cell phone provider contracts - 21 million folks? Here's an eye-witness report from March 28th -

I'm usually naive and am possibly not seeing all the dots connect. Was the Sars CoV 2 introduced to the rest of the world via the International Annual Military World Games in WUHAN (not a whisper about these games in the Western mainstream media evening news). It was a spectacular 10 day / 10,000 athletes - international event last October 2019.
109 nations congregated and even the USA sent 17 teams and 280 people in total. Such sanitized news! Why?
And why did we never hear about the fact that most of the Canadian and American athletes got sick as soon as they landed? The USA results ranked 34th rather than near the top. Canada didn't rank at all - zip. Some athletes were so sick that they never showed up for their events... did they all miss the shuttle? Even a celebrated young lady from France fell ill... was this 'virus' already released in October just to win the un-reported millitary games? Why did no one question anything so glaring in the press? Were these games so secret that the press was not allowed to know about them, the sickness that tore through the athletes and the outcomes? What about the weird Christian Korean sect that was at the games? 
Getting warmer as they say... 

The first American fatalities were at Fort Detrick, Maryland (bio-weapons central until recently) and another military person at Fort Belfort, Virgina. Civilian deaths were first registered later - either in Californai or Washington State.

There was a false flag rehearsal for incoming planes with a focus on bio-weapons and dirty-bombs held at the end of September at the Wuhan airport! There's a lot of interesting information with false flags - personal or governmental? Just co-incidents? Set up and obvious for us to find out about!?
At Fort Detrick, Maryland, the epi-centre of bio-warfare research on mainland USA until a few months back (!), more has been teased out from public information that we are not supposed to have: - some awesome citizen journalism! We are entitled to the truth.

Welded into isolation in Wuhan? Or a tidy psyops to scare the population into good behaviour?
Was the building empty but for the crisis-actors?
Did anyone from the public investigate and try and save anyone?
Was this a different bio-weapon gone awry that had to be kept secret?


Keeping track - Updates:





Covid numbers 

Numbers were skewered through death certificate falsification, which was / is so agregious that even some mainstream news outlets picked this up and actually included it in their reporting... such as certificates noting the Corona virus as cause of death even though the patients were not tested and died of existing conditions. The numbers were / are also increased when the elderly, hospitalized with possible CovID 19 were moved out of hospital without choice, scared, then dumped into elder-care settings where the existing vulnerable inmates CLEARLY didn't need this intrusion while living close together and the actual CovID sick patients who were tossed into the mix, were not going to get the care nor even doctors' visits they needed and were ENTITLED to.
This is MURDER and AGEISM rolled up together and no one wants this addressed - a political hot potato. SAVAGE.
Soon the powers-that-be can blame the elder-care staff for their 'lack' rather than the polictically sick and horrendously twisted decision makers and acquiescent public.

By the end of August we were to believe the reports by the venerated outlets such as the BBC and the WHO that 800,000 plus people have so far died by CovID - numbers picked up by the newswires and taken onto each mainstream news channel... paraded around everywhere...
But are they really true?
Oh... no ... they aren't There was a quiet walkback from both those organisations just recently ... but that got only alt-media coverage - there were a few miscounts apparently - only a few extra were assumed to have the virus as an additional co-factor or some faulty admin...
Real CovID deaths are at 10% of the 'official' but quietly walked-back numbers from the official organisations (and Bill Gated) that we are to trust... ...step right up, do we ever have a nice vaccine just for you! That's a 90% screw up to wipe out our economy, freedoms and life as we know it!

No question that the whole gullible world has been played - it only took 6 months for the public to be allowed SOME full disclosure



I feel like a new woman again! That is for sure. I went and purchased all the things you suggested and am taking them diligently. Merrie, keep doing what you are doing 'cause you do it so well and you are so valuable and needed in this world!

Carol T

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