fact and fiction - cerebral palsy

When we are intensely threatened and seriously cornered we can become frozen and unable to move or even loose consciousness. Even animals suffer these motor conflicts such as, during an overwhelming attack from another animal or when they are trapped, “pinned down” in a kennel, tied to a chain, held down by a vet during an intense examination / treatment.

If we live to talk about it... if we survive the threat... we are greatful and all is well... not so fast!

When a pregnant mom is in big danger, threatened or surrounded by harsh noises, the fetus endures this conflict but can’t escape. Even close proximity of loud motors, grass trimmers, jackhammers, chainsaws, kitchen equipment such as old blenders held really close to the womb, or screaming and yelling (fights between parents, mother yelling at her children) can cause a sense of being cornered or trapped by the sensitive, cornered fetus. In these situations, especially when there is no letting up, the baby could be born with a partial

In conventional medical thinking cerebral palsy is caused by some form of “brain damage” or due to a problem that occurs during pregnancy or at birth. This is not very specific at all and actually points ot damage where there is none! Merely a registration of the damage / shock / conflict / attack. Many lesions can be found on the brain (and as we age we have more and more of them) and in the case of a new born they are also easier to find. The areas on the brain would be those exact spots that registered the conflict experienced by the fetus in the womb (and/or during the birth process) - one on the cerebral medulla (cerebrum) and one on the motor cortex.
There is also the 'blame' of a premature birth. Certainly the loud noise / attack / conflict could have caused the early labour. These specific brain lesions are not on ALL premature births - so that is not a cause - merely a circumstance that is viewed in some cases. 'Some cases' is not a medical cause.
These tiny sensitive humans need super-nuturing and if the premature birth was caused by a shock / conflict / attack to the mother, then all the more care and attention to the underlying organs mentioned below are warranted.
One day all that 'brain damage’ that we have all collectively accumulated, will be understood as active, healing, or old (healed) brain activity - each and every one connected and corresponding to a specific organ / tissue / function in all our bodies. It's like a registry of events - not a place from where the damage eminated from.

During the active shock / attack / conflict phase there's corresponding muscle weakness, muscle tissue loss and even muscle paralysis. Less nerve impulses are transmitted to these corresponding muscles, and even a loss of muscle function is caused.We call this a natural 'fake-death' reflex (prey animals “play dead” when they face a lethal predator or great danger). The muscle weakness in us humans might be noticed as clumsiness or heaviness, when the legs are affected. Or it can be an all-out paralysis when the shock / conflict was overwhelming. This has a biological purpose of saving us in that intense moment and that’s why this paralysis originates.

Events have levels of intenseness and at full blast there are also other physical reactions that can occur, simultaneously, one or some of the following. There can be a functional loss of the alpha and beta islet cells of the pancreas; there can be a functional loss of middle and inner ear mechanisms such as the cochlea; or the ability to smell; or some form of eye function such as with the retina and/or vitreous body.
Another possibility when the threat is perceived as over-the-top can be the hyper-over-functioning of the thalamusand hypothalamus glands (the amazing coordinating center of the autonomic nervous system and indirectly the endocrine system). And these funtion controlling systems can affect sleep rhythm, signalling, metabolic functioning such as dealing with the intake of food and water (hunger, thirst), minutely controlling of our body temperature and the release and signalling of the hormones. With the distress of not being able to move an arm or leg (or both), there’s the added possibility of a self-devaluation conflict.
If there's unresolved damage such that a whell chair is used then th sense of  'feeling stuck' is even harder to overcome and so is a potential self-devaluation (which alsio can get in the way of healing).
Conventional medicine can add a diagnosis label of paralytic poliomyelitis with it’s inherent meds to add to the confusion.)

This challenge is sometimes deemed genetic by conventional medicine - depending on the specialist's education. Because these sort of severe attacks / shocks / conflicts do not always occur in isolation and can happen within a family where several people are affected either / or all at the same time or from time to time from the same source, and affects the same people, it is therefore deemed 'running in the family' and therefore genetic!
This in turn makes people feel more self-devaluation (a sense of coming from a less-than healthy background and/or even more 'stuck’ as compromised genes do not allow the feeling of there being choices and solutions.

Then, when the shock/attack/conflict has abated, the HEALING PHASE kicks in. Automatically, the atrophied muscle(s) begin to reconstruct with new cells which is usually accompanied with swelling. This edema / fluid accumulation can also occur in the pleura (which I joking call the seran wrap that surrounds organs and tissues). The healing of the periostem, a paper thin almost transparent wrapper that stretches over the bones, acts like a “hot” muscle pain which painfully stretches to accomodate the edema. During the healing, the swelling can also make the muscle stiff and tense.

When healing we want to sleep a little more; eat as nutritiously as possible (not a good time to be on a strict vegan diet); allow energy for healing without using it for exercise or forcing healing muscles to workout; gently and patiently accept pain and swelling as progress; and support all the organs that may have been affected (such as pancreas, thalamus, adrenals and pituitary) as well as the muscles. For this a quality live blood analysis can be most helpful.

If the healing phase begins, fails, restarts and goes back and forth between the active shock (real or revisited in confrontations or counselling) then some of the healing muscles can enlarge - a result of a continuous healing process. However, if healing proceeds nicely and the trauma does not reoccur, then the end result is stronger muscles and stronger nerve tissue than before, which allows being better prepared for a conflict of that same kind in future times.

This is not to be confused with conventional medicine’s diagnosis of a muscle sarcoma (myosarcoma) or “soft tissue sarcoma” which might pop out of the wood-work. In conventional medicine, overall muscle pain is also considered a symptom of chronic fatigue syndrome (often called myalgic encephalomyelitis in Europe) but in my humble opinion, that’s a lazy guess without probing for the correct underlying icauses and challenges. The persistent tiredness is believed to be caused by an infection with the elusive 'Epstein Barr' virus - when in fact ALL healing is tiring and many all of these symptoms such as the ones related to “chronic fatigue” occur in any prolonged healing phase. 


Your zestful being and powerful energy makes being in your presence a joy, an educational experience and laughter and fun!

Thank you for your generous heart and giving and sharing above and beyond what is anticipated or expected..... it is truly appreciated and heart felt.

Renate T

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