The Healing Power of Butter

Even though butter has been somewhat repatriated after we realized the margarine lobby had been less than honest and vert stealthful with us in regards to butter’s greatness in the past, many people still have a fear that there’s something significant to those “thou shalt not’s” of yesteryear.
One hundred years ago the consumption of butter was much higher than now and there was virtually no cardiovascular disease. Our consumption in North America dropped from 20 lbs to 4 lbs per year in this past century. Scientists linked the high number of heart disease patients from the ’50’s onwards. No one questioned asked the scientific evidence… a scientist reported it: so it must be so.

Here below are some salient points:
    •    Butter contains high amounts of Vitamin A (the soft yellow colour) - very very synergistic with the thyroid gland.
    •    Butter contains vitamin D - helps with absorption of calcium and phosphorous and is rarely found in a vegan diet
    •    Butter contains Vitamin E - even though it is rare to be deficient in this vitamin, it’s good to have it on board and on your plate
    •    Butter contains and is a co-factor with vitamin K1 and K2 - needed for happy colons and food absorption
    •    Butter contains lauric and butyric acids. The former works well against all fungi and bacteria. The latter aids in healing the delicate intestinal villi.
    •    The factory produced synthetic linoleic acid in fake butter is not nearly as healthy as the naturally occurring linoleic acid in butter.
    •    Butter is high in antioxidants - free radicals are not only disabled by consuming fruits, vegetables and green tea, but also with butter.
    •    Cholesterol is not responsible for arteriosclerosis. Cholesterol is a necessity. When butter is oxidized, damaged by industrial processing, old and rancid. then we need to heed that even the helpful  cholesterol cannot be produced from butter. Cholesterol is often put in a bad light - our brain consists largely of fats / cholesterol; healing tissue requires cholesterol, artery and vein repair requires cholesterol (I shudder when I think of all the unhappy damaged arteries and veins from those many years of “fat-free” and “fake-fat” foods that have persisted). Especially for proper brain development in children, it is wise to eat butter instead of the fake butter that doctors and some dieticians feel obliged to praise.
    •    Cholesterol is essential for the production of brain cellsbutter and the protective myelin sheaths along nerve cells, hence is necessary for a healthy functioning nervous system.
    •    Arachidonic acid is also an essential fat that is present in outer cell membranes. It’s an omega-6 fatty acid; it’s also heart-healthy (this goes completely against the often heard talk that butter would be bad for one’s heart); and it’s an integral part of healthy fat cells of the brain;
    •    There are now scientific studies that show that people who eat butter haave much fewer heart attacks. There is one study which has found that if people smoke and drink alcohol, the risk of a heart attack is not greater than for non-smokers, IF they do it in conjunction with consuming butter. (This is not merely an opinion ...) Margarine use, however, IS associated with higher numbers of heart attacks, so have independent scientists discovered.
Why do people sometimes feel guilty when they eat butter? It can’t be the science. The biggest difference is in advertising - just follow the money (oncludingh the money behind the research). Thus a fixed opinion put in the brain that butter is bad lasts a long time. This is the result of the work of well-trained marketing specialists and a government that sometimes sleeps … or sleeps with the enemy ...



Bon Appétit!

Merrie Bakker


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