The JOY of Broth

The JOY of REAL Bone Broth
Put a big non-aluminum pot on the stove with a lot of 'clean' water and it bring to a boil. Rinse off your ORGANIC bone(s) and put them into the pot and turn the water down to a simmer. That's it! Done.

And here are some add-ons.
Add what you have of left-over carrots – one or two, celery sticks – one or two, garlic cloves - one or two, onion slices - one or two, parsley – a handful. (Asparagus, all the cabbages and tomatoess don't qualify here - lectins, strong taste and so forth are not part of the making of a basic broth.)

And if you don’t have the above veggies, no worries, you are on your way to making beautiful bone broth. Add a tad (about a teaspoon per litre) of apple-cider vinegar to the water to facilitate pulling out the calcium. Then reduce the heat till the water is continuously simmering and leave on the stove top for hours. From time to time you’ll want to skim off any foam and scummy looking bits. Personally I use a crock pot on low and allow it all to work it's magic for 24 hours.

Without a doubt, making your own organic stock is far healthier and more cost effective than buying the canned or boxed alternative. If you are pressed for time then use filtered water with herbs and spices for a quick stock.

Most store bought flavouring cubes and instant liquid broths have added ingredients that are not for health conscious folks.A mass produced beef broth can include: salt, monosodium glutamates, sugar, artificial and 'natural' flavourings, partially hydrogenated oils, cornstarch, disodium inosinate, stabilizers,TBHQ, preservatives, etc.

Once cooked, cool the mixture and strain. Now you have the best broth, soup and sauce starter.

How is it our joints can be kept healthy even when we age? POWERFUL collagen!
It has a lot of bone health benefits. It is a protein that we must keep our eye on... It is usually very abundant in our diets and made up of various combinations of amino acids (except for the folks on restricted diets such as vegan diets).
It’s found in the structure of muscles, bones, tendons, connective tissues and our skin (just the latter is an awesome barrrier with elasticity and strength), miles of blood vessels, veins, arteries, our digestive tract (the whole 30 feet) and connective tendons and cartilage (really it the part and parcel of the glue and rebar that holds it all together). It’s been found that collagen-related challenges arise from a combination of longstanding poor intake of collagen-rich foods, and metabolism problems in regards to the  amino acids that directly affect the production (synthesis) of collagen from these foods.

Lack of vitamin C, which plays a noble supportive role, also needs our attention.

Specifically, the amino acids we are talking about are proline, leucine and glycine – critically important amino acids. These look like gelatin once they are cooked.

Collagen-related challenges are certainly not related to genetics – although we may end up eating like our parents after watching them for our first 20 years...
Go to – first tab (tools) - pull down to “nutrients in Food Tool” and have a really good time checking it all out - proline, leucine and glycine!
Thankfully :-) consuming foods with these three amino acids is so very easy and yummy and making foods such as inexpensive organic bone broth can provide plenty of these vital proteins and do all the good work to help with:

a) happier joints - while bones and muscles can be in good shape, your joints are what keep you moving and living an active lifestyle (wear and tear)

b) healthy hair and skin – the outwardly affects of the inevitable aging – those tiny wrinkles, slight sagging (damn that gravity!), less elasticity in our skin, less full head of voluminous hair ... Although it’s quite natural over time, processes built in by mother nature, our skin cells can certainly be given a hand with normal regeneration and repair

c) helps with repair of an ‘unhappy gut’ - dysbiosis be gone - from irritation to inflammation to dysfunction in the gut – the intestinal lining needs a lot of care – from the millions of villi to the rest of the tissue. The gut tissue is the same type of ‘skin’ as what we see in the mirror – all the way from our lips to the ‘other end’ = it's all endoderm. These three amino acids add to overall intestinal care. (And collagen can only partially mitigate but cannot repair the damage from anti-biotics use, incorrect use of oil of oregano and colloidal silver overuse, or from the caustic fluids required to be drunk for colon ‘clean-out’ prior to a colonoscopy).

d) adds to a healthier metabolism, stronger muscles and improved energy levels

Proline, leucine, lysine and glycine are easily consumed:
* eggs
* dairy such as all cheeses such as Gouda, Brie, Edam, parmesan
* other dairy such as milk and real yoghurt
* a lot of seeds such as sesame, sunflower and pumpkin seeds
* food from the sea: cod, seaweed, spirulina, mollusks and smelts
(a footnote here – this does not include the yummy commercial yellow plastic ‘cheese’ melted on top of commercial pizza!@#$%). (and real yoghurt is made from real fresh milk that has been fermented with really healthy bacteria as opposed to made from dried mild solids that are processed and possibly imported from China (remember the melamine scandal!) in which the good milk fats have been removed and replaced with unlabelled cheap and toxic vegetable oils (palm oil and cotton seed oil) so that the good fats can be sold as butter. Then this diary hybrid is ‘putty-fied’ with starches and ‘glues’ And no wonder people have diary sensitivities.

These good amino acids that are a main component of collagen are called non-essential, meaning that if you do not consume them directly through food (the list above) or through supplementation, you can still make them by combing other amino acids you have already in your body. But why rob Peter to pay Paul unless you are on a very strict medical diet that forces you to circumnavigate certain foods to avoid anaphylactic shock or death... (Two of the cheeses mentioned above, by the way, ALSO contribute to vitamin K and act like a prebiotic in the gut :-)
Glycine also gives us a bonus, as it positively affects the production of neurotransmitters that are necessary for supporting and maintaining healthy happy brain function and mood (AND can lead to more restful sleep – the precious time when your body heals – zzzz’s).

Collagen (there are more than 20 types of collagen in your body – depending on how the amino acids are knitted together).
I prefer that collagen be created from food sources - why supplementat when you can eat your way to health. AND the least expensive food of all and most effective one is ALSO great for non-cooks, and very busy people. BONE BROTH!
So, assuming you are shopping at a healthy store, swing by the meat section and ask the butcher for, or pick out, ORGANIC beef or chicken bones. If you shop in big box stores DO NOT just buy any old bones – why would you want to cook up anti-biotics, hormones, and all the other nasties that have accumulated their way into the animals’ bones.

And not to be neglected, the vitamin C connection needs attention here – even for collagen metabolism - it's interesting how every nutrient interrelates with every other: my favorite kind is NOT made from cornstarch or tapioca or any kind of starch! It’s important to read the labels (the fine print on the back... my favorite vitamin C is Camu, Camu or Thorne’s C with Bioflavinoids.

Bon Apettit


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