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Merrie BakkerMerrie Bakker, BA MArch
Merrie Bakker is a life-long student of wholistic health and preventative health therapies, who believes with a passion that cellular disorganization can be prevented or reversed by gentle and subtle therapies such as nutrition and ortho-molecular medicine; emotional healing work such as EFT and NLP; hands-on-healing such as Reiki and reflexology; insights from German New Medicineand other modalities that fine tune the underlying emotional issues to our health challenges; environmental detoxification (such as EMFs and unhealthy leylines) and lifestyle rebalancing (many possibilities). Combined with care, monitoring and team work, clients are encouraged to detox, rebuild, renourish and resolve and above all to stay knowledgable and not to recert to guesswork.

Her personal health journey has been evolving for the past 17 years, starting with live blood analysis, nutritional education and microscopy studies as a result of her own health challenges that were not resolved by standard medical care. When her late husband saw her intense enthusiasm for these new options and interesting doors that were opening, he bought her a unique, top-of-the-line microscope for live blood analysis. She has practiced microscopy ever since - darkfield, live and peripheral blood analysis.

Her continuing search for quality, wholistic knowledge has included European Biological Medicine, North American holistic nutrition, German New Medicine (neither German nor new) and oxidology work. Her teachers were the best:
trained in 1997 - Drs. De Wall and Bradford, San Diego
trained in 1998 - Dr. Maria Gabrielle, Santa Fe
trained in 1999 - Michael Coyle, NuLife Sciences, Petaluma
certificated in Applied Nutrition with Alive Academy, 2000, Vancouver
refresher courses in 2006 with Lynne Hinton, Vancouver

"I love my work and through it I have met so many interesting people and their families. I’ve been able to help my clients realize improved health, increase that important sense of feeling informed and... “


In her youth she completed Lyceum in The Netherlands and then came to study fine arts and architecture at UBC in Vancouver, BC and never left. In addition to her nutritional microscopy / blood analysis, Merrie teaches Reiki and Reflexology classes, founded and oversees The Healing Journal and writes health articles on many varied topics. Her speaking venues include wellness centres and alternative health gatherings.

Speaking Honestly - about Health and Eating
I love to talk about this work! Once you've had a live blood analysis session you'll see how well it lends itself to presentations. I can address health issues less superficially with the aide of these amazing visuals - not just a lot of talk and rhetoric, nor a lot of should's and ought to's.

I can also include a focus on what you or your group needs or lecture on the following:

  • short and long term immune support management
  • cholesterol and how that relates to healthy arteries and heart
  • easy improved eating habits including blood sugar fine tuning
  • vegetarian nutritional pitfalls - missing links specifics - smart choices
  • mining your minerals wisely and enjoying the eating process
  • keeping your digestive tract on track (and affiliated disorders) and having fun with it
  • good nutrition on the run / good nutrition done slowly
  • chewing the fat on fats and oils
  • weight loss - is that spare tire fat, stuck lymph or edema?
  • politics at Codex, WHO and Health Canada and our beleagured supplement choices

I'd be thrilled to address your organisation or group! Please call me, Merrie Bakker at 604-261-7742 or info@pacificholistic.com for details!

Mission Statement

We use a high quality, advanced American Biologics research microscope, so that we can give you a proper preventative, predictive evaluation, revealing an early warning for imbalances in your biochemistry, your pH, your bioenergetic and immune systems so that we can educate and rectify any unhealthiness and tendencies towards illness or disease. We emphasize early correction and avoidance of a later health crisis. We recommend lifestyle changes, supplementation, possible medical intervention, naturopathic testing and education (so that you can integrate detoxification, rebuilding, emotional clearing and state of the art therapies offered by other professionals) and only when needed. We are driven by the philosophy that focuses on the need to know the origin of an illness or imbalance, rather than to look for a compilation of symptoms, before beginning any rebalancing - an approach towards rational, natural, biological healing.

Special Acknowledgement

Many fine teachers have unwittingly inspired me to continue with this work when I really couldn’t see the point. Sometimes my clients have unwittingly inspired me when they showed what profound changes and shifts they could make. They are a testament to open-minded strength, dedication and resilience to the best they can be.

Read the article: One Drop of Blood

Been from pillar to post seeking advice? What do you have to loose?
Call Merrie any time at 604-261-7742 (if you receive voice mail, we will call back promptly). info@pacificholistic.com




Additionally I teach Intensive Reiki weekend classes - thorough hands-on-healing classes for anyone. The class details and descriptions and calendar of courses are at http://www.reflexologyreiki.com




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BE Wisely Proactive.
Stop guessing and have a proper, thorough analysis with sound advice.
Give us a call now and see if this is appropriate for you.


Merrie conveys information with anecdote and example and a few sarcastic jokes here and there and made my visit a lively experience. She is compassionate and patient. She was completely open and nonjudgmental as to my past poor choices and recent changes and acute stress. My long standing deficiencies on my vegan diet were laid out in front me – no guessing – nothing vague – just clear information. I recommend this to anyone who has been ill; anyone who has made severe diet changes; anyone who has been on serious meds for a long time.

Kirsten V.

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