Otto Warburg - oxygen / ozone and cancer cells

There are many folks who quote Otto Warburg in regards to his work with cancer cells - claiming that they must have an anaerobic internal environment – requiring fermentation / sugar to survive as opposed to a healthy cell which needs oxygenation.
So let’s look at the myths… he ‘only’ received one Nobel prize - for the discovery of an enzyme which he called iron oxidase. Brilliant work! There was NO nobel prize for cancer cells being flooded with oxygen. He was brilliant, but never produced research showing that cancer cells cannot live in an oxygenated environment – pinnochio made that one up and many others ran with it.... If, after all, it were that easy, we’d just go scuba-diving or sit in a hyperbaric chamber to resolve cancer challenges (neither work for cancer).

Cancer cells, like regular cells, actually need oxygen and sugars to survive.
However, the cancer cells’ response to ozone (including singlet oxygen) is a different matter. Healthy cells deal nicely with an influx of O. Cancer cells do not.

Medical grade O2 is zapped by a cold corona / cold plasma process (electricity which breaks down O2 into singlet oxygen molecules) and then these recombine and become O3 and even all the way through to O25.
These are ‘GOOD’ pro-oxidative molecules, that are always circulating in our bodies at any given time but not in amounts as great as when receiving ozone / oxygen therapies. These exagerated amounts of O3 to O25 stimulate interferons; stimulate Natural Killer cells; stimulate the white granular macrophage cells and much more.
These new oxygenated molecules (O3 etc) also react with the lipid peroxide on many cell surfaces and cause the O, O3, O4 etc, to enter through cell walls after reacting with the lipid cell membranes, and do a bit more cleanup!

These extra O’s permeate the cancer cell walls, too, as well as the neighbouring healthy cell walls – it’s an equal opportunity barrier! Cancer cells don’t have the enzymes within them to break down the extra peroxide intrusion. Instead the cancer cell swells; it bursts; it dies and some of the O’s re-emerge and re-permeate into the next nearest surrounding cells, some of which may be cancer cells - very efficient.

Peroxide, for example, is one common source of oxygen for detoxing… and if used smartly and very, very causiously (often used in drinking water - one drop at a time) then this is a verrrry slow but tricky way to create gentle detoxification and healing (for example, some naturopaths have suggested one food grade drop in a glass of water, then two drops, then three, per day). Yet oral ingestion is not always the best route (via the stomach and intestines). In this method the re-oxygenation benefits may be overshadowed by the ability of the extra ozone / oxygen to elmiinate bacteria that may be beneficial (with tasks such as repairing gums, throat tissue, stomach lining, small intestinal tissue, etc)

Ozone / oxygen injections into a tumor, for example, is a unique and tricky procedure and useful when one has a surface cancer. This is not an allowable practice in North America (and sadly not taught in North American medical or naturopathic schools!). Pity.
In Europe one would seek out a very well versed, experienced  physician who knows how to inject the tumour itself without hitting ANY blood vessels – a procedure requiring extreme skill. This is not an acceptable procedure in ANY North American mainstream cancer clinic. Pity.
Invasive therapies should be performed only by top-notch medical professionals. Buyer Beware!


I feel like a new woman again! That is for sure. I went and purchased all the things you suggested and am taking them diligently. Merrie, keep doing what you are doing 'cause you do it so well and you are so valuable and needed in this world!

Carolyn T

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