Movie Night

Time for pop-corn, putting up your feet and turning away from tuning into alphabet soup TV stations...

“AUTISM YESTERDAY” Autism is Reversible - a 30-minute documentary film that chronicles an emerging truth with five familirs and what many parents are discovering: Autism is a reversible condition through a process known as "biomedical intervention" - heart-wrenching stories of despair, hope, and recovery.


H3O2 - EZWater - Miracle healing water! An Interview with Steve Sedlmayr by Kerry Cassidy / Project Camelot - deuterium depleted - Divinia water


The Ownership of Smithfield  and the brands Cook’s, Eckrich, Farmer John, Curly’s, Gwaltney, Nathan’s, Farmland, John Morrell, Margherita, Kretschmar, Carando, Armour, Healthy Ones and dozens more, that have a large percentage interest in brands around the world. New ownership is explained by PBS NewsHour. Pork is grown and processed in the USA but 100% owned by Mainland China (WH Group) - one third of North America's pork is foreign contolled. AND this 15 billion $ company encompasses one of the largest overseas owners of American farmland, too. So which American president went hog-wild and allowed this?

BOUGHT - Is your Family’s Health being Traded for Profit?
The Lobby & Big Pharma behind the vaccine industy - F*R”E”E Viewing:  - part one.

VACCINE NATION and Dr. Sherri Tenpenny - explains! What the CDC documents say about vaccines:

River Blue: Can Fashion Save the Planet
How Dirty Are Your Blue Jeans?
"Rivers are our planet's arteries; they're lifelines in the truest sense - so what happens when a river dies?"  THIS IS A MUST SEE!

Hanging Out with the wonderful Wim Hof - three introductory mini classes
1 - the power of breathing -
2 - the power of cold therapy -
3 - the power of intention / mind -

THE POWER OF YOUR INTENTIONS - a few more thoughts on Dr Emoto’s work - The Rice Experiment; changing EVERYTHING! at Truthstream Media's Channel on Youtube.

UNDER AN IONIZED SKY – Elana Freeland's thorough research on the recreation of our atmosphere and environment  - morgellens, HAARP, chemtrails, full dominance of our planet with nono-practicles and electro-magnetic targeting, 

The Minds of Men by Aaron and Melissa Dykes at Truthstream Media's Channel at

The Artificial Intelligence Channel offers Elon Musk's discussion and concerns about artificial intelligence and his hopes for symbiosis with AI, his Neuralink, his prospects for complete renewable energy production, space-based internet and new types of government on Mars.

Merrie Bakker

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This is where research money should go! My longstanding dysbiosis – leaky gut syndrome, which was shown to me on Merrie’s microscope and was not found on my trips to my doctor and others. Two months and I’m my old self. And a few bonuses – more energy and better skin. I’ve made sure the rest of my family was given a “look-see”, too.

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