Health Canada’s pharmaceutical agendas for us!

How do we safeguard ourselves from government interference in our health?

I hear so many people talking about their anti-depressants as if it is normal to get to a stage in life that they are “needed”, natural and a staple and without much thought as forbeing unnatural and for how long?
A whole year? A whole decade?
Anti-depressant meds are a life-saver for many people when one’s world crumbles; when getting out of bed takes too much effort and getting to work is impossible. If continuing on with life is a chore, too difficult, then anti-depressant meds may be just right to turn things around. They may be the life-savers for these sort of emergencies.

But they were not initially created as a blanket panacea - to be a constant companion in people’s lives. As an emotional first aid, yes!. That many GP’s and psychiatrists assume that these meds are just fine as a normal adjunct to living - for life - baffles me.

Their knowledge as to "curing” depression may not go too far beyond upping the dosage, changing the brands and medicating the side-effects.
What are the root issues - the underlying speedbumps or challenges?
What are the accompanying dietary deficiencies? What are the chemical imbalances? What medications are already interfering with nutrient absorption?

Brilliant scientists, determined people, medical experts and grateful patients - have shown that there is a much safer, healthier process to wellness - that a more natural 'healing' method exists.
We had a wonderful article on this at The Healing Journal back in 2006 - Dr. Hoffer’s orthomolecular work - described in detail.
I’ve copied it in, here further below.
At the time that article was written, Health Canada was (and still is)
trying to annihilate a company in Alberta called TRUEHOPE that was
selling a supplement formulation very similar to what Dr Hoffer and other Ortho Molecular specialists had been successfully using and quietly recommending - for years - and with GRAND AND
PROFOUND results.

Health Canada never let up it's destructive campaign. TrueHope persevered against all odds – the company had saved many lives and they knew their rights and emptied their pockets...

There was a lot of fear that shivered through the mental health community when Truehope was temporarilly forced to shutdown. The users knew the efficasy of their TrueHope supplement products and none wanted to revert to their harsher, chemical psychiatric cocktail of meds of their past.
Health Canada’s approach was to just keep up the law suits till the company ran out of money. That didn’t happen.
Scientific research reports on TrueHope supplementation and their scientifically studied results are a good read at and more - below the article about Dr Hoffer.
Many people could be off their harsh chemical psychiatric meds and could be thriving on TrueHope supplements or Ortho Molecular type  supplementation choices that have virtually no side effects and toxicity, nor leaves the user in a zombie-esque state.
Obscuring these wonderful supplements is already a major disservice to all of us and the efforts to remove access to them altogether takes the cake... a government not protecting us at all - Health Protectorate?
And it not just mental health related supplementation – it’s all supplementation that is getting this horrid twisted treatment. Canada, after all, needs to align with the international Codex laws, which is stealthfully powered by the drug companies via all governments who have signed on to the WHO ... They’re almost there - the deceit is almost complete.
And if you’re looking to stay bright and happy - with pro-activeness and prevention - then this article may be for you: Molybdenum, Lithium OROTATE and Manganese - Prospecting and Mining for Good Mental Health - at
Gift Certificates - can be a useful gift with long term rewards or merely a gentle nudge in a new direction for results.
Sometimes the perfect gift is hard to find - or just plain too expensive. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an option that’s both easy and affordable?
Clients who have had a live blood analysis know how educational and eye-opening a session can be. It takes the worry and the guessing out of a whole host of health issues and decisions. (If you’re new to this, see the list of issues and conditions LBA sheds light on at


Dr. Abram Hoffer -
Schizophrenia, Depression, Emotional Imbalance & Orthomolecular Medicine

Just as was customary at the previous conferences of the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine, Dr. Abram Hoffer was the last speaker and the most honored and prominent specialist to address the audience of mainly medical practitioners.
Dr. Abram Hoffer and Dr. Humphry F Osmond were the first physicians to reverse mental illness (and other diseases) with orthomolecular medicine more than 50 years ago, at a time when they were both considered mavericks in medicine and their research was ignored - by government and peers.
Some years ago, Dr. Hoffer announced that beginning January 1st of 2006, he would no longer be a psychiatrist and medical doctor and would use his PhD. to identify his "Dr.".
“I am now a nutritionist. I have experienced a terrible and prolonged antagonism from the medical establishment. I am writing a book called "The Chronic Ethically Sick Medical-Industrial Complex"

A famous pathologist, Dr. Virchow, declared, “No disease was ever caused by a deficiency of anything.” He believed that only infections caused disease. His view was a major factor and stumbling block in
preventing new concepts that included insights into smart use of
By 1930 the concept of vitamins were well established and over the following ten years major discoveries were made about how to synthesize these vitamins in order to bypass nature and make lots of $$.

This first paradigms of vitamin use enshrined the beliefs that vitamins were needed in very small amounts and were required merely to prevent these “deficiency” diseases from occurring. It is called the vitamins-as-prevention paradigm.
These earlier recognized deficiency diseases included beriberi, pellagra, scurvy, rickets and xerophthalmia and they were prevented by making sure foods contained enough of the vitamins thiamin (B-1), niacin (B-3), ascorbic acid (vitamin C), and some vitamin D and vitamin A. It followed, back then, that these nutrients were never needed for any other conditions and never in amounts more than would be normally present in our food.
By 1950 this paradigm was as well established as The Ten Commandments written in stone. One result was that the medical profession fell for the hypothesis that anyone eating a good diet would never need to take any extra vitamins. This is STILL an article of faith in the healing professions.
And this is especially the holy grail that formed the ludicrous Recommended Daily Allowances, pushed and enforced by many governments worldwide.
So Dr. Hoffer asked: “What would you call starvation?”

“In the 1800’s, negative changes to our diets started with the removing of nutrients from flour to make it white and give it shelf-life while giving the rest of the nutrients to the peasants and animals. This was the beginning of losing the B vitamin content in our most basic food supply. There was a major pandemic from 1850 to 1942 during which one third of patients admitted to mental hospitals in the southeastern USA suffered from pellegra. The were ill due to a heavy diet of corn and salt pork. Dr. Joseph Goldberger, discovered that pellagra was caused by a deficiency of food which did not provide vitamin B-3. Through this discovery, he prevented more mental disease than the whole profession of psychiatry ever has. As a result of his findings the United States government made the brilliant decision to mandate the addition of niacinamide to the white flour that they had allowed to be removed prior."

Dr. Hoffer, in his talk, referred back to cases he had worked with in the 1950’s, when it was a life sentence to be admitted to a mental institution. “In 1950, we had 50 different psychoses and now the DSM-IV (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fourth Edition) has over 300 listed. Psychiatry does not look for causes now. This is not done today. In modern psychiatry, each diagnostic term is merely a description and has little value in directing treatment."
In 1952, as the Director of Psychiatric Research for Saskatchewan, Dr. Hoffer had a patient with catatonic schizophrenia who had been given electric shock treatment and was in an insulin coma, could not swallow and was dying. This patient was given niacin and vitamin C using a stomach tube. The next day, he sat up and was able to drink the solution! One month later he was normal and went home. This was the first mentally ill person Dr. Hoffer was aware of, who had been given mega doses of vitamins.

In the 1960s, Dr. Hoffer had suggested giving niacin to a 12 year old schizophrenic boy, who had been declared permanently and hopelessly mentally ill. His father, a physician, acting on information from Dr Hoffer, obtained niacin in 500 milligram tablets. But his son’s psychiatrist refused to give it to him, telling him that the niacin would “fry his brain” and that “they” had tried it and it did not work. These statements were both fiction.
However, the boy was a sugar junkie and every day his father secretly fed him sandwiches of white bread, jam and niacin. That institutionalized young man became well, grew up and became a doctor himself and it was all due to niacin!

The oldest Canadian of 112 years, (not having been mentally ill in her later years), died recently. Dr. Hoffer treated her many years ago with niacin. And she, too, became completely well. (“With niacin,” he added, “there is also the need to add selenium and vitamin B6.”)

“At one time, one percent of the population was thought to have schizophrenia,” said Dr. Hoffer, “but the real figure is probably closer to two percent, as it is becoming more common. Why are we having so many people with schizophrenia today?"

Dr. Hoffer stated that 90 percent of schizophrenia patients who have been sick less than two years, can become normal with orthomolecular vitamin therapy. He suggested that adding more niacinamide to our food would in a few decades greatly reduce the incidence of schizophrenia, as it did for pellagra in 1942. All we have to do is what was done in 1942 in the U.S., which is to add niacinamide to flour at the cost of mere pennies. “Let’s drop the name schizophrenia. It is wrong. It has social stigma. It has no scientific merit. It does not indicate the cause and never indicates the correct treatment. It is really one of the forms of pellagra - call it pellagra.”


Recent Truehope Nutritional Support Research

Does EMPowerplus sound familiar? It is Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd’s revolutionary micro-nutrient treatment developed to address the symptoms of mental illnesses such as bipolar affective disorder, depression, schizophrenia, attention deficit disorder and other central nervous system disorders. This is also the company that Health Canada is bound and determined to thwart, take to court and discredit. Thousands of people with mental illnesses now depend on EMPowerplus to effectively control their symptoms, without significant side effects. To them EMPowerplus is a lifeline that is always on the edge of being removed from them.

Since 1996, a handful of scientific researchers and doctors in clinical practice have been studying the effects of EMPowerplus on mental disorders such as bipolar disorder. These studies were not funded by the company, Truehope. Although the sample sizes were small, the results have been very encouraging and significant.
In all of the published studies, more than 80 percent of the participants saw a major improvement in symptoms. By comparison, only a fraction of people who are prescribed psychiatric drugs show improvement.
Dr. Bonnie Kaplan, a respected behavioral research scientist and one of the principle researchers on several of the published studies says, “If substantiated in controlled trials, the normalization of the mentally ill via nutrient supplementation would be the most significant breakthrough in the field of mental illness since the beginning of time.”

Here follow some of the results:
A new scientific study led by researchers at New York University and the University of Calgary reveals long-term benefits of a broad-based micro-nutrient treatment for bipolar disorder (Clinical Medicine: Psychiatry, 2009, 4:3-16; April 1, 2009

Key Findings
• In a large sample of 358 adults with bipolar disorder, the effect size was large at 6 months (0.76, p < 0.001).
• For over half the sample, symptom improvement exceeded 50% at 3 and 6 months.
• One-third of the sample experienced very significant symptom reduction that exceeded 75%.
• The strongest predictors of improved mental health were (a) increasing micronutrient dose and (b)
decreasing psychiatric medications.

Study Aims
Because of the incomplete benefit from pharmaceuticals and from single nutrient interventions in treating mood symptoms, and the more promising results from multinutrient formulas, the authors investigated the long term benefits of a broad-based micronutrient formula.

Data Source
The data was obtained from individuals who purchased a micronutrient formula and provide self reported symptom data to the product developers. The database used was anonymous, using assigned identifier numbers.
The sample consisted of 682 adults who reported being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Within that group, 358 individuals reported the single diagnosis of bipolar disorder and provided symptom data for at least 6 months worth of analysis. Neither author was involved in any way with the data collection and could not bias the data in any way.

The analysis showed that not only was the use of the micronutrient formula linked to the outcome but the amount of formula taken (measured in capsules) was directly proportional to the outcome as well.
Individuals taking medications also experienced significant decreases in symptoms; however, the group with the higher medication index had the more moderate response, and while maintaining the improvement, did not improve like the other groups did.
The fact that symptom improvements were sustained or even increased at 6 months strongly suggests that the benefit cannot be attributed to a placebo effect.
Selecting for the single disorder makes the participants, and results,
comparable to those who are in typical pharmaceutical trials.

People searching for nutritional methods to manage their mood symptoms are likely to have had ineffective experience with medications, and perhaps be considered treatment resistant. While not representative of everyone with bipolar disorder it is possible that they are more difficult to treat, lending more weight to the clinical implications of these findings.
With the emergent evidence of the modest effect of pharmaceuticals and the growing evidence for the improving of mood symptoms using multinutrient formulas, this evidence provides a powerful case for further research with this type of

This brings to 6 the number of published articles demonstrating reproducibility and efficacy of the Truehope multi-nutrient formula.
Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd., 1-888-TRUEHOPE (1-888-878-3467), and

Health Canada Tried for a Physical Showdown in 2008

The Canada Border Services Agency paid a visit to the the 52nd Annual NorthWest Naturopathic Physicians Convention - a private professional event at th Hyatt Hotel in Vancouver, BC. They didn’t come by invitation.
The CBSA representative and a senior compliance officer were used by Burnaby’s branch of Health Canada’s Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate as their strong arm. They were somewhat over-dressed and came prepared for an attack - swat gear, gun, etc (no this is not fiction), while the convention participants (mainly naturopaths and members of the health industry) were standing around chatting during a break between speakers at their convention.
One has to seriously question the integrity, if not the IQ, of the superiors of these two poor individuals sent on their “justice” mission.

The inspectorate person reports to Dennis Shelly, BC, manager of Health Canada’s Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate. For the record, the Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate's stated mission is: “to help the people of Canada maintain and improve their health". The Health Products and Food Branch Inspectorate is committed to verifying complaints from consumers regarding the quality or safety of health products. The priority given to verifying such complaints is guided by the level of risk to public health.
So a meeting of naturopaths and health industry exhibitors must be a very dangerous and high risk event! Or is this a retaliation for failed and lost court cases again Strauss Herbs and TrueHope (both exhibitors in attendance at the convention) and the recent inception and very well received Natural Health Products Protection Association that has shown the potholes in the legal wrangling of Health Bills that should not have ever been passed. The armed intuders left empty handed and confused.

Clearly intimidation tactics were required for this incursion....! I feel so much safer now, not to mention how proud I am of how my tax dollars are being spent!
Will this eventually bring embarassment to Health Canada?
Worst of all.... the Naturopathic Association hosting the event and the local Association of Naturopaths DID NOTHING. They claimed the membership didn’t want a fuss - no media attention was necessary - no statements please - the public might not understand... and it would be bad for business.... but this was very bad for the future and democracy! The public has the ability to discern the truth!
I find this hypocritical - the public that naturopaths serve - their clients / their income / we, the public - are no fools that need protecting from the truth and reality.
Furthermore, some naturopaths see health food stores and their products as competitors to all the product they prefer to sell themselves. I’m sure the exhibitors would have welcomed a media fuss. The exhibitors pay a high fee to present their wares at these conventions and these fees help defray a lot of the convention’s costs. They are acutely aware of what Health Canada is trying to do to their industry and they have the most to loose from Health Canada’s legal and illegal actions and would benefit if the public was more aware of government shananigans and oppression.

I think the ND’s associations, their spokespeople, their newsletters, their advertisings, etc, are not helping the whole supplement industry’s clamp-down conundrum. Their quietness and acquiessence underlines my thinking.


Best qi,
Merrie Bakker B.Sc, M.Arch, CN


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