Buyer Beware - quickie HIV/Aids test kits. And the beginnings of HIV/AIDS research

A client came recently with her HIV/AIDS test thingy in hand that apparently showed she had a positive result. How could she have been exposed to the virus? A lot of concern and questions were put to rest with her blood analysis. Many conditions will generate a positive result from these online inexpensive do-it-yourself test kits such as multiple infections that are healing, pregnancy, recouperating from vaccines and malnurishment such as from cancer treatment and even the odd menopausal heat-wave....

There are many variables and even many more false results. Even in mainstream lab tests the viral Lyme disease tests come back incomplete - the Western Blot and Elisa! These test have not been standardized - even lab to lab and country to country. I often wonder how these virus' can be tested when there has never been successful isolation of the virus itself - the filtering aperture is not known. Much like the prion, the virus is understood through extrapolation only. Yet when you google the word, you'll get a billion unique looking round bits that look rather extra-galactic - none are from an unknown type of microscope's photography that can identify elements more intensely than the best electronic microscope but rather it's a great PhotoShop endeavor.

NO electron photograph of an isolated HIV particle has ever been published - no isolation; no vaccine; no Nobel Prize! But lots of medicine sales!

How it all started:

Unfunded present-day viewpoints:


This is where research money should go! My longstanding dysbiosis – leaky gut syndrome, which was shown to me on Merrie’s microscope and was not found on my trips to my doctor and others. Two months and I’m my old self. And a few bonuses – more energy and better skin. I’ve made sure the rest of my family was given a “look-see”, too.

Gertrude F.

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