A Tribute to Dr. Virginia C. Livingston

 Looking Back at How She Saw the Future


“We are at the same point today (1987) as we were when bone marrow transplants were unheard of, or scoffed at, 20 years ago. Now our lack of credibility in our work centres around immunotherapy, autogenus vaccines and the understanding of hCG (also known as the pregnancy hormone and officially known as the human chorionic gonadotropin molecule). We seem to be at that same point today.”

“I received a lot of grants from the American Cancer Society, the Reader’s Digest, and so on. In the early years, when I first started, people were not aware of what I was up to. I had a laboratory in Newark and things went along really well.

“Then I won an award of $750,000. People were sent out to look at the cancer clinics and the different laboratories doing research. They awarded us $750,000 each and I was in seventh heaven. And I thought: now we can really get going! I also had the unpleasant job of looking after all the dying cancer patients there, who were on chemotherapy. I wasn’t allowed to prescribe anything, I just watched them as they died. I could just try to keep them comfortable.

“The other half of the award that went to Sloan-Kettering was put into a cobalt machine and an investment to build a wing onto the hospital. I was so infuriated. After all the incredible work we had done together and the progress we had made. We had gone to Europe and met all the people there who were doing the same kind of work and we had formed an International Leukemia Society. My hard earned prize was taken over by the hospital for a machine!

“I encountered the people who were doing these machines when I was at a meeting in Dallas and we were all on the podium. They proclaimed that their goal was a megatron in every neighbourhood! And I was incensed and waved a test tube and argued that that was what we needed to treat the disease - immunologically. I was almost knocked down and was pushed off of the platform and that is when the hospital took over the research and I quit and moved away.

“Dr. Diller, who is now (1987) a famous professor, was invited to give a paper and she always kept on insisting that our work and research was important. The Mormons had heard that I had successfully treated people and then they started sending us patients and the next thing I knew I was treating a lot of people at my home and then that’s when I opened my clinic. We were never really recognized, in spite of our successes and the important people who worked with us.

“I’ve sometimes been asked if I have holes in my head. I just tell them that I have an open mind.”


The NCI (National Cancer Institute) study results that were organized to discredit Dr. Livingston’s life work were often contradictory, inconclusive and difficult to interpret. That could well be because the researchers weren’t sure what they were looking for - neither by method or focus. They eventually found that cancer bacteria were highly “camouflage-like” and had an uncanny ability to change shape and form and behave like what were deemed viruses - sometimes even being confused with them. Dr. Livingston as well as researchers in Europe knew that to be the very nature of pleomorphism - not a new concept there and part of an existing body of well researched, understood and documented knowledge but not understood (actually shunned to this day by Noth American orthodox medicine).

A means of providing evidence of the cancer bacterium by microscope in the established/orthodox research methods would lead to very little progress and a lot of confusion as this work can only be accomplished with unique microscopes and an understanding of pleomorphism (not of interest to the cancer establishment to this very day!). Livingston and colleagues had extensively performed studies with darkfield microscopy, live blood, fresh tissue cultures, etc.) This unique work was never referred to in orthodox medical literature. Only those tests that scrutinized her methods or disproved her findings were circulated.

Now,twenty-five years after her passing, it may very well be that Dr. Livingston will receive a glimmer of recognition as one of the first scientists to shed light on and provide a solution to the age old puzzle of how cancer cells escape attack by the immune system.

Dr. Livingston's research:

* Cancer bacteria can invade healthy cells when the immune system is weak. They can also secrete toxins which result in malignant growth.

* After cancer begins, bacteria act in concert with cancer cells, and in a way that is not fully understood, to help in the manufacturing of hCG

* hCG protects malignant tumors from immune-system attack in the same way it protects the growing fetus.

* Vaccines, which can attack hCG or the bacteria which help produce it, can make cancer cells vulnerable to the immune system. In this regard, the immune-system's ability to attack cancer cells increases.

* Any attempt to cure cancer with surgery, radiation or toxic chemicals such as chemotherapy, or even other newer strategies such as monoclonal antibodies, Interleukins, gene-insertion therapies, etc. will never fully cure cancer, unless the problem of HCG is addressed.

Dr. Livingston Graduated from New York University and Vassar College.
In 1947, discovered a mycobacteria-like organism in human cancer and fulfilled Koch's Postulates showing a cause and effect.
In 1949, was named chief of the Rutgers-Presbyterian Hospital Labaratory for Proliferative Diseases.
During 1950-1953, Dr. Livingston conducted extensive research on the Rous Sarcoma Virus (RSV) with Alexander-Jackson and Paul Little at Lederle Laboratories and found it to be similar to the bacterium she was studying in human cancer. This finding suggested that cancer bacteria could cross species lines (infect humans and animals similarly) and that humans might become infected via consumption of diseased poultry.
In 1956, isolated a bacterium in humans with Wilson's disease.
In 1956, worked at a clinic that was operating on an insurance plan which was so controversial that doctors who worked there were not allowed to join the medical association. She described her practice there as assembly-line medicine with 10 minutes allotted to each patient.
In 1965, isolated a mycobacterium in patients suffering from myocardial vascular disease. She also, began a clinical trial involving anti-bacterial vaccines made from the fluids of cancer patients.
In 1965-1968, received Fleet Foundation and Kerr Grants. She conducted research showing that the cancer microbe could cause malignant transformation in vitro and that antibiotics could halt this process in certain cases. Also isolated specific cancer-promoting substances secreted by bacterium.
In 1970, she named the cancer organism “Progenitor Cryptocides”, and presented her findings before the New York Academy of Sciences.
In 1971, she established the Livingston-Wheeler Clinic in San Diego and began treating cancer patients.
In 1974, she was the first researcher to establish that bacteria are capable of secreting the mammalian growth hormone hCG. Livingston maintained that hCG was a universal cancer marker, that anti-bacterial vaccines which could neutralize it could halt the progression of cancer, and that certain plant substances known as abcisins (found in certain seeds) could also block hCG.
In 1990, Dr. Virginia Livingston, MD, died. She was on a European tour and succumbed to heart failure. She was 84.


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