Clutter Clearing for a Healthy Home

Maintain the most peaceful space and nourishing home.

Everything in the universe is composed of constantly changing energy and vibration, including the spaces in which we live and work. These energies have a profound yet invisible influence on our ability to be happy, healthy, loving and abundant.
By cleaning, adjusting and clearing these spaces, we can transform our homes into spaces that are filled with love and positive energy. Here are clear and easy steps anyone can use to create a more nurturing, sacred space.

Our thoughts create a large part of our reality and set the tone for our emotions and the caliber of our feelings. What we think; what nuances our reactions; what massages our actions; what emotions well up or prevail; what we look at; what we sense, smell, hear and touch also contribute to our experience of our environment.
How we embrace these are constant activities that we are engaged in - consciously and not so consciously.

For every activity in your home there should be a designated specific area - for example - knitting may be done in the bedroom and living room but the balls of cotton and wool plastic tubs and containers are never part of the living room furniture or bedroom bedside furniture.
Similarly, magazines, books, cross-words and discount flyers and all sorts of reading may be read in the living room but that doesn’t mean that they have to be stored in unsightly bags / racks strapped to chairs (always advertised on TV as the latest in easiness, unless one is paraplegic and mobility is seriously impeded). In fact they do not belong in the loo...

There is no better place to begin to creatively exert some lovely positive influence over this process than at home - starting with when we cross the threshold - a place for new opportunities to support or shift personal patterns and conditions.
Your home - its contents and how you live in it reflects you - all about you - even your innermost state - and then, it in turn, reflecta back and affects you. Inviting, gracious, rich, flowing and open - or limiting, closed, messy, stuck and shut down?

Messy, cluttered spaces and distracting conditions create cluttered minds because what we see, is what our mind picks up and we are and feel what we think about. Only that which inspires and elevates should be visible.
This is the essence and power of clutter clearing, personal clearing, geomancy, energy dowsing and feng shui - philosophies that are over 3,000 years old - deep wisdom available to all of us.

The Basics First - Clutter Clearing and Assessing:
So you scan the scene and think OMG: piles of dishes, messy closets, stuff that might be useful one day without a function or place of its own, unsorted laundry, bits and pieces of implied value, stacks of old magazines and catalogues, bills, receipts and notes that need attending sooner than later - anything and all that is in the way of daily smooth functioning!

A very practical list of how to tackle each area and a good order to precede in:

1. all UPPER kitchen cupboards - toss old, chipped items (including containers that will re-accummulate quick enough) and fetch everything deposited everywhere else in your home that should be in just those cupboards

2. all LOWER kitchen cupboards - say goodbye to pots and pans that are dubious of quality (chipped, aluminum and teflonned as well as never used cleansers, scrubbers, plastic bags, wine bottles to be returned, squirt bottles for 'tomorrow', etc, that should be centrally stored - and not spread between bathrooms, kitchen, basement stairwell, laundry closet, and the back doorway pet cupboard) and fetch everything deposited everywhere else that should be in this one central place

3. main bathroom cupboards - fetch everything from everywhere else that should be stored in them - gather all specific bathroom cleaning supplies into the main bathroom rather than here, there, and in the kitchen. Make room for the towels in the bathroom storage rather than the bedroom; store the on-sale extra toilet paper stuffed into the bathroom closet, in the storage areas of the home, and instead make way for the towels, as an example

4. and the same for the secondary bathrooms

5. living room - edit the books, treasures and chachkas - keep what is very special and sacred to you that are in the bookcases and cabinets. Bills / newspapers, puzzles, etc; can be placed in the office / closet rather than on the coffee table. ALL unused electrical cords can be stored on in a specific utility room box or in a kitchen drawer - out of sight. Tired pillows and plants? and the same type of stuff should be fetched, tied up from everywhere else and placed into into one place - a hub for those precise items.

6. dining room (yup! it’s about eating and breaking bread together!) ...not the place for unopened mail, jackets, pet supplies or computers

7. the closets in main bedroom (one by one - with categories for different types of clothes - such as evening wear versus t-shirts and jeans in each specific closets)

8. closets - in hallway and secondary bedrooms - one by one

9. basement (maybe in two parts) - what is the long-term storage area?; what is utility space only?

10. balcony / patios / backyard storage or garden sheds - scrub the stains / make season ready

11. home office area and guest bedroom - all items gathered from all the other home spaces are here now - so hence this tends to be a miscellaneous type of room(s) with lots of loose ends and items abandoned here. Grouping files in the filing cabinets in home office; manuals; important receipts and warranties; bills to be paid and filed; paperwork related to taxes; banking / investment items and maybe best to break up into sections for several days&rsquo work; then stationery; widgets; software and computer paraphenalia and attachments.

12. front entry, mud room, pet areas, garbage container spot and recycle areas - you may have one of each unless you live in a mansion; stuff to be recycled needs to be kept in one spot near the exit - not in every room... that would just be an excuse to not really do any cleaning...

13. computer - email “in” and “draft” and subscriptions

14. computer - email “send" / "out” files

15. storage locker(s) or garage (maybe in 2 parts)

16. left over spaces, if you have any and the attic storage

Your list may be completely different - but start at your first priority and only that area - so when you clear the upper kitchen cupboards (in this example) and you bring some items from there to your storage locker-room (and only because it is very valuable), then that storage locker room (or where-ever) is off-limits for re-sorting something else already there. This is a nice rule that allows you to stay sane! So the bin for charity, where some of those top kitchen shelve items might be tossed don’t need resorting when you find something else to add to the bin, and so forth. This way items do not get shuffled around in a sneaky quest by the subconscious to not act upon clearing.

So, while focusing on the items in the upper kitchen cupboards: ask this question of everything in it:
“Does this item support me and my lifestyle and my perfect environment?”
If the answer is “yes”, then ask: “does this item have a distinct home?”
“Is it being used?”
If “no”? then ask “why not and why keep it”?

An example might be: do cloth grocery bags seem a good idea?” YES!
how many can I use? after all I have only two hands - THREE!
So: one small, one medium nd one large. Then three ratty ones are for the garbage bin and the other fifteen are off to the thrift store.
Another example might be: how many airplane carry-on bags support my lifestyle? hmmm... THREE - I will keep a small one, a large one, a rigid one and a soft zippered cloth suit bag. That means three go to the bin and seven go to the charity store.

If it is too tawdry for you, then dispose of it, as then it is too tawdry for charity.

Once you become a pro at setting aside a designated amount of daily focused time for this work, then tackle the paper work last - it has so many facets - it’s a bit like your graduate program!
Any task that messes with the overall clutter clearing, shouldn't be allowed to happen for very long.

Walking into your home can be an uplifting experience even though there are 5 specific piles of papers in the office area and even though there is a box of ancient tax returns that are needing to be tossed. This focused method works - its slick and keeps you on target and will not drive you crazy.

Clutter Clearing is your initial step to a divine, supportive, personal space. Once you have it, you will never relinquish it!


Your zestful being and powerful energy makes being in your presence a joy, an educational experience and laughter and fun!

Thank you for your generous heart and giving and sharing above and beyond what is anticipated or expected..... it is truly appreciated and heart felt.

Renate T

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