How to Choose a Live Blood Analyst

What should I look for when getting a live blood analysis? 

We might feel 'taken' if we read an article in a magazine or blog that is actually a camouflaged ad, placed strategically (because that’s the way a publisher makes an advertiser happy) a few pages further on from an ad.
We also might feel 'taken' when we spend good time and money getting advice that is slanted towards the practitioner’s bottom line – such as when that practitioner is practicing inside a health food store and has a quota to achieve or when the practitioner has an entire wall lined with supplements in their office that need to be moved! (Afterall, we don’t expect our GP to be holding court behind the counter of the local pharmacy, nor getting a cut of the profit realized from all of our prescriptions being filled, vaccinations given, etc, do we?)

When you are having your analysis done, you may want to know what to look for when your blood sample is taken. If that one drop isn’t perfect, then all the information that is gleaned from it, is not correct either.

Did the practitioner wash his/her hands within a minute or so of beginning.
Were YOUR hands NOT washed before the session (for example, if you asked to use the washroom, were you told not to wash your hands) as water and soap in the finger’s tissue greatly influences the content of the drop unless you wait at least 15 minutes!
Were you asked not to eat for three hours prior to the session – or did anyone care (such as at Health Shows and in health food stores where 'quickies' are performed, people come in at random and when you might just have had lunch, gone to the bathroom or used a hand cream sample further down the aisle).
And as to the meal about three hours prior to the session, was that a meal with an average amount of protein and fats/oils? This is SO vital, to give more clues in regards to the liver's and pancreas' digestion... Right after a meal your blood will look quite different than after three hours of no food but only water.
And if you are female and having your period, then there is an area in the dry, peripheral morphology that will provide false information! So one doesn't want to have analysis during those days (this is an important item of information that is not often asked).

Were the glass slides taken from a special slide container (not moved around prior to use or lying out in the open?
Was the slide cleaned at the last minute – or just sitting out? And then was this cleaning with a regular tissue such as Kleenex? Not so good!
The slide should come straight from the manufacturer's box and then be cleaned with a lint free tissue (such as camera-lens cleaning tissue used by the film industry that has been freshly removed from it’s envelope). If not, then the leftover fibers and “stuff” such as dust in the regular tissue will have you looking like you own some parasites and indescribable bugs and bits – very scary and very incorrect - but good for business.
Is the slide cleaned with gusto and verve and lots of rubbing? Not so good. This can put tension on the slide surface for a few seconds and that leaves a subtle current that will cause your red cells to stick together even when you are really healthy and they would have separated healthfully if done correctly.
Lots to keep your eye on.

A finger should be cleaned with rubbing alcohol or 120-proof vodka. The rubbing/cleansing of the finger should be done in the direction away from the tip. On the first rub, overall, the cooties are removed. But then it takes a few more passes to get the oils removed from the skin's surface and sub-surface, too. A new tissue removes / blots out a bit of the alcohol which is also unwelcome. Another tissue is advised to really blot out as much of the alcohol as possible. The alcoholic finger must then sit for at least a minute so that the very last of the alcohol evaporates off, because it must NOT become part of the drop and could make you look quite ill (or in need of ... you got it! more supplements)...

The stick or little prick should be done on the SIDE of the round mound of the finger tip – less nerve endings - less pain. Now comes the fascinating part – the depth of the stick has to be just right for the type of skin of the client – just the right amount of subtle pressure – as no pushing or squeezing can be employed – this takes practice... there's thick skin and thin skin. And the automatic pricker is not the friend of the practitioner.

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Imagine squeezing around to get the right amount of blood drop to form – clotting factors, fibren and white cells come rushing to the scene of the crime (to aid in healing) and then become part of the sample – again highly undesirable! So many platelets rushing to help with damage control and they all end up in the drop!

The forming drop has not only to be just the right size, it has to sit up on the finger for 30 to 40 seconds - very important. And as that drop forms and sits, a lot of centrifugal action takes place within it - very important! Then the glass slide is ever so lightly and quickly tipped onto the drop till 6 to 8 drops are touched down in a row in decreasing size. Now, with fibreless cleaning tissue, the skin is cleared and a bit more blood will come out on its own – not squeezing and this is carefully put onto the under-side of a slide cover and softly placed on another cleaned slide and ideally a second back-up is done as well – and swiftly – as if this takes more than 10 seconds, then the oxidation will also place limits on most aspects of the blood components and 'cloud' the information.

Beware of suggestions to make health changes that include buying supplements and products that are from multi-level companies – generally these are not the very best quality supplements and have high price points because of the many layers of commission that needs to be paid out. These may be okay in quality ...but for every multi-level supplement there is probably an as good or better straight forward version, over the counter, not requiring a financial commitment that goes well past the temporary need for it. Some of the unhealthiest people I have met are high up in MLM company sales' organisations - it's not the quality that they focus on!
A Live Blood Analysis session should not lead to memberships and commitments and resulting continued buying. Everyone wants the VERY best and wide-open choices. There is nothing wrong, of course, with supporting someone's business – but it doesn’t have to be with stealthfully introduced MLM sales

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Beware of suggestions that you know can be resolved with lifestyle changes, foods and improved eating. Beware of suggestions that are the same old politically correct suggestions that are made for everyone – such as drink 10 glasses of water a day, or take multi-vitamins, reduce your salt intake, become a vegan, become a virgin, sit in an infrared sauna, hang upside down, etc.

You are looking for very specific advice – not general health ideas that can be acquired through reading - that includes all of the underlying reasons for your VERY personal needs and imbalances.

It’s all good and well for people to say 'buyer beware' but when one doesn’t know of what to be 'aware', then there isn’t much empowerment for the person seeking serious health information. In my 22 years as a Live Blood Analyst, I've seen it all!

... to your health!

DISCLAIMER: As annoying as this is... this article is intended for informational purposes only and heaven forbid... and you know that I know that you know that I have to write this... nothing in this piece is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice... LIve Blood Analysis is not a diagnostic medical test; it is a 'screening' tool used to prompt the practitioner to ask the client pertinent questions about their health status in order to better acquire an wiser opinion as to possible underlying causes that may be contributing to health challenges.
If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call me.

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