Live Blood Analysis ~ Nutritional Microscopy in Vancouver, BC - an alternative to symptom guessing

See Yourself Up Close and Know What is Going On With Your Health Without Guessing

  • knowing what you can do to feel better and look better
  • knowing which supplements are uniquely indispensable for you
  • knowing how you can save money and still get optimum results
  • knowing which foods and lifestyle changes can seriously reclaim and expand your quest for health
  • looking at which supplements you already own are just taking up shelf space
  • being able to weed out useful information amongst the mountains of advice and advertising out there - health coaching that is just right for you
  • knowing which of your health conundrums are due to shock, conflict, emotional challenges or trauma
  • being healthy enough that you will not be effected by everyone else's bugs and sniffles









I'm glad you landed at this website and are looking for health improvements and solutions - you know from past experience that there is more to being healthy than just getting a prescription filled.
At this website I walk a fine line between giving you quality information so that you can have insights and make informed decisions in your quest for health and selling you on the benefits of a proper blood quality analysis with nutritional advice (without any supplement sales pressures) so that you no longer have to guess - the hit and miss approach.
Live Blood Analysis / nutritional health coaching is an invaluable, individualized tool to getting to the bottom of the challenges that stand in your way of acquiring awesome health.
Blood Analysis allows you to SEE yourself - in complete detail - from a wholistic point of view. This allows you to dramatically support your health and to understand what you need to do, your priorities and why.

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Make Live Blood Analysis Your First Choice, not your last resort.

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Lots of Live Blood Analysis pictures at the foot of this page and at the section "details"

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A quick, small, sterile finger prick with a lancet (like a diabetic's) provides a small drop which is placed on two slides. This is magnified 9000 times (via camera and video screen) for live and dry (OST) analysis. Together these two slides give enough information to make a very comprehensive picture of YOU.

We do guide your nutrition decisions and recommend where you can purchase what you might need. No products ~ no sales ~ no hidden commissions.

Monday - Saturday: flexible.
Cancellations: we request 48 hour notice by phone prior to your scheduled appointment. Less than 48 hours notice or "no-show" appointments will be charged 100% of the fee for the services booked.

The initial session takes between about 3 hours depending on your health challenges and knowledge - $150
Follow up sessions are quicker - $75
We also offer Gift Certificates - please see below
(fees subject to GST)
We accept cheques, cash and all credit cards (through the PayPal system). We send you the PayPal connection after we've spoken or emailed prior to the session.

Stop guessing and have a proper, thorough analysis with sound advice as well as nutritional coaching.
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Let's ELIMINATE fear and needless concern which comes from guessing at symptoms and then guessing at what they might mean.

Many common degenerative illnesses and challenges such as diabetes, thyroiditis, gout, unhappy liver or rashes, for example, can be directly linked to what we eat, drink, emotional shocks and lifestyle. (Our emotions, past shocks and conflicts can sometimes be a serious, specific factor all bundled up with other, more physical, type reasons and imbalances - or maybe it is something as simple as what is lacking in your food choices.
Tiredness, fatigue, obesity, continuous colds, just as examples, occur for reasons that are not always obvious - missing nutrients, e-smog, geopathic stresses frm the earth and man-made, pharmaceutical toxic residues, unknown chemicals from our environment, known allergies, focal infections, hormone imbalances, toxins, unexpected emotional shocks, unresolved conflicts, unwanted heavy metals and occassionally toxins and mal-absorption and mal-nutrition.
Sometimes, when a few key health issues are addressed, your "inner physician" will take care of the rest, naturally, on your quest for health.

Take a look and see:
what your red blood cells might look like 
what your white cells might be doing
what else is moving

Microscope LensesYou may wish to come for one Live Blood Analysis session OR you may wish to follow the steps detailed below for continued health coaching - individualized for each client and may include sessions of Ozone/Oxygen to support effective detox or - EFT - Emotional Freedon Techniques so that very specific issues - related to what needs healing priority - is minimized in severity or comoletely cleared up - where appropriate.


Merrie Bakker - Live Blood Analyst - Health Educator - Author - Teacher - Speaker - Editor - Hands-on-Healer - Reflexologist - Dowser - Reiki Master - Nutritional Coach - a life-long student of wholistic medicine and preventative health who believes with a passion that cellular disorganization can be prevented or reversed by ortho-molecular medicine, emotional healing work, environmental detoxification (many areas of concern) and nutritional and lifestyle rebalancing (many possibilities). Combined with vigilance, monitoring and team work, clients are encouraged to detox, rebuild, renourish, resolve and re-educate.

Her personal health journey has been evolving for the past 17 years, starting with live blood analysis, nutritional coaching and microscopy studies as a result of her own health challenges that were not resolved by standard Western medical care. When her late husband saw her intense enthusiasm for these new options and interesting doors that were opening, he bought her a unique, top-of-the-line microscope for live blood analysis. She has practiced microscopy ever since - darkfield, live and peripheral blood analysis.

Nurtitional Microscopy FAQ’s

What do you have to lose?
Is the first step the most challenging? Just call and ask what is on your mind or schedule an appointment. 
Merrie Bakker at 604-261-7742 and in Vancouver, BC (if you receive a voice message, we will call back promptly).We do not sell supplements or MLM products.

Gift Certificates 
These are available for any denomination and for any service (not redeemable for cash and are non-refundable). We can happily arrange gift certificates for your convenience: by phone, email, pick up and snail mail to you or your recipient. 







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Are these your challenges?

Lack of Energy or Exhaustion, Overweight, Foggy Thinking, High Blood Pressure, Out-of-Control Blood Sugar Levels, High Cholesterol, Damaged Immune System, Chronic Inflammation, Joint and Muscle Aches, Sporadic or Chronic Pain, Poor Circulation, Escalating and  unidentified Health Problems?

Then please read further at this website and enjoy the articles above and phone us and see if a live blood analysis session and nutrition coaching would be appropriate for you.

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